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Aquarium Heaters

An aquarist keeping tropical fish requires a thermostat heater to achieve an exact temperature and to ensure it is maintained for a healthy, happy fish tank. A range of internal heaters are available, in a variety of sizes, from the leading manufacturers such as Rena, Fluval and Interpet.

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Fluval Edge Digital Thermometer

It is always useful to be able to monitor the temperature of your aquarium and this Fluval Edge Digital Thermometer that attaches to the outside of the glass will instantly tell you what the temperature is. Ideal for use with the Fluval Edge set of aquariums.
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Marina Submersible Pre-Set Aquarium Heater

The powerful Marina Submersible Pre-Set Aquarium Heater provides reliable heating for fresh or saltwater aquariums.

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Aquael Comfort Zone Gold Heater 50W

With increased accuracy and product life, this Aquael Comfort Zone Gold Heater is a glass aquarium heater with a thermostat whose contacts are covered with a layer of gold.

Conventional glass heaters for aquariums basically consist of a thermostat, thermostat contacts, and a heating coil. The thermostat controls the water temperature in the tank and, when necessary, switches the heating coil on or off by connecting or disconnecting the contacts. Thermostat contacts constitute the weakest link of this system. Although their operation is electronically assisted, metal oxidation gradually causes their surface to corrode. Corrosion shortens the useful life of the heater and decreases the precision of their operation.

  • Each unit is computer tested for accuracy
  • Can be used in fresh or salt water aquariums
  • Ceramic radiator
  • Stepless temperature regulation
In this Comfort Zone Gold Heater the problem has been eliminated thanks to the electrodeposited coating of thermostat contacts with a layer of gold. Being one of the least reactive metals, gold is resistant to oxidation. This solution significantly extends the useful life of this heater and maintains precision, giving you fault free operation and keeping your fish safe.

Wattage: 50W

Length: 27.3cm

Recommended size of aquarium: 15-55L

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Marina Submersible Pre-Set Aquarium Mini Heater

Small yet powerful, the 25 Watt Marina Submersible Pre-Set Mini Aquarium Heater provides reliable heating for fresh or saltwater aquariums.

From £12.99
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Interpet Deltatherm Heater

Interpet's Deltatherm Heater features extra thickened safety glass, a click-control for temperature adjustment and a plastic endcap for added safety.

From £12.49
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Fluval Edge 25w Heater

If you want to upgrade your Fluval Edge Aquarium to a tropical tank, this Fluval Edge 25w Heater is what you need. It is preset to 26 degrees Celsius for easy installation and is perfectly safe and durable.

Please note that the Edge heater will maintain the water temperature within 2-3C of the ambient room temperature. If the room is very cold it may appear that the heater is not working, it is, but may not be able to reach the desired temperature within the tank, (particularly if the light is on).

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Marina 10W Compact Heater

The Marina 10W Compact Heater is a submersible heater for smaller indoor aquariums.

The exterior of this heater is made from a tough polymer, making it far tougher than traditional glass heaters. It will not crack or break, and will shut off automatically when not submersed in water.

  • Pre-set temperature
  • LED running light
  • Unbreakable

This small heater is ideal for nano tanks up to 10 litres, and is designed to reach and maintain a constant, pre-set, temperature of 26 degrees, 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

Suitable for fresh and marine tanks

Power: 10 watt

BUY NOW: £12.99

biOrb 50W Intelligent Heater with Powerpod

Heat your aquarium with the low voltage biOrb 50W Intelligent Heater with Powerpod. Made of polycarbonate materials, this heater is much safer option than a standard high voltage, glass heater.

As you probably know, you can still buy aquarium heaters that run directly off mains voltage. Thats 240 volts in water. Shocked? It certainly doesnt meet our safety standards. That's why we turned to solid state technology. The result is an aquarium heater which runs off just 12 volts. It's a simple fact, if you reduce the voltage you reduce the risk.

  • Suitable for all biOrbs and similar sized home aquariums
  • 50 watt digital aquarium heater
  • 12 volt solid state technology
  • Accurate to 0.5C makes it more economical
  • Adjusts water temperature 3000 time a minute
  • Safe non shatter polycarbonate construction
  • Clear power cable
  • Automatic safety cut off when out of water

It couldnt be easier to use. Simply plug-in and drop-in. The heater is permanently set to 24.5C. A built-in sensor checks and adjusts the water temperature 3000 times a minute and is accurate to 0.5C.Accuracy means its more economical. The Intelligent Heater uses less electricity than a traditional aquarium heater. Typically, it costs just pence per day to run.

It's a tough little thing. Traditional aquarium heaters are made from glass. The Intelligent Heater is made from polycarbonate which is much stronger. This means you can safely place the heater within your decor without fear of damaging it. Small, but mighty. The Intelligent Heater is suitable for all of the biOrb range and similar sized home aquariums.

You can also plug your biOrb light, pump and heater into the Power Pod for neater cables.

Cable length: 250cm

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