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Gravels and substrates come in a range of styles. From natural to coloured substrates, there is something to meet all individual styles.

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Pettex Aquatic Roman Gravel 2kg

These days it is necessary to keep up with the times - don't get left behind with out-dated gravel!  This attractive Pettex Aquatic Roman Gravel is made from silica aggregates so it will not change the pH of the water and its composition leads to greater anaerobic activity. With its smaller gravel size, it is ideal for planting in either coldwater, tropical or saltwater aquariums.


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Decorative Aquarium Stones Riverbed

Why should you restrict your fish tank to smaller stones? These larger pebbles can be spread out over your fish tank's base or piled high to really bring your fish tank to life. They are available in 3 colours to suit your fish's taste! and arrive in a net carrying bag. Each stone is approximately 5-7cm (2-2.75") See 52072 & 52074 for variants
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