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biOrb Airstone

The air stone at the base of the aquarium breaks up the flow of air into a mass of bubbles. After a time this can be become blocked by calcification, especially in hard water areas, reducing the flow of air into the aquarium. Replacing the air stone every few months will keep your aquarium bubbling away nicely.
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Hagen Silicone Airline Tubing 10ft 1123

Standard aquarium airline tubing diameter (5mm), which is designed to retain its shape and remain kink resistant for long periods and not to harden. 3 metres (10ft) in length.
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biOrb Air Pump

This Air Pump is suitable for all BiOrb aquariums, and is an essential part of your aquarium's filtration.

It comes with a cable and 2 pin plug to connect to your existing biOrb transformer. It sits on 4 rubber feet, which are designed to cut out intrusive noise that air pumps can generate.

The air pump provides the aeration that powers the filter system and assists with oxygen diffusion in the aquarium. It is essential that the air pump is left running permanently and it is recommended that a spare be kept for emergencies.

  • Low voltage air pump
  • Rubber feet
  • Fits any biOrb aquarium

Pump Dimensions: approx. L7 x W4 x D5cm

Please note: If your BiOrb came without a transformer, you will need to purchase one to use with this item.

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Interpet Airvolution AV Air Pumps

The Interpet Airvolution AV Air Pumps are specially designed to power an undergravel filter, an airwall or airstone or ornaments.

Please select the correct pump for your aquarium from the list below:

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Tetra Air Pump APS100

Tetra Air pumps are uniquely designed very powerful and extremely quiet. Available in a range of sizes they are suitable for increasing oxygen levels, running air-driven ornaments, and operating undergravel filters. Tetra Application Guidance: Place the air pump outside the aquarium, away from areas where it may get splashed. Attach a length of standard airline to the outlet, and run this into the aquarium. Attach the airline to an air stone, or to an air-powered ornament. It is important to install a check-valve in the airline to prevent water being drawn into the pump. Use the flow-control valve that comes with each APS pump to control the amount of air produced. Always read the instructions carefully before use.
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