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Juwel T8 Day-Lite Fluorescent Bulb

The Juwel Day-Lite bulb gives the optimum lighting for your aquarium. The colours of your plants and animals will really stand out under the light spectrum that the Day-Lite fluorescent bulb produces.

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Aquael/Szuts Light Mod 24w T5

This Aquael/Szuts Light Mod Is a suitable replacement part for Brillux, Aqua4Home, Aqua4Start and Econoline.

This is a well made, moulded light unit which comes with a T5 24W fluorescent bulb, balast and switch. The bulb has a high light output, due to the gases used, which results in not only a bright light, but also a long operating life.

  • Low energy light unit
  • Bulb: Fluorescent T5
  • Lamp length: 580mm
  • Diameter: 16mm
  • Cap: G5 bipin
  • Electronic ballast
  • Long 2m cable
  • Colour temperature: 6500(k)
  • Nominal wattage: 24W
  • Nominal average life: 20000(h)
  • As part of your regular maintenance routing, bulbs should be replaced every 8 - 12 months for optimal performance.

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    Hagen T8 Aqua Glo Fluorescent Bulb

    The Aqua-Glo T8 fluorescent bulb is an excellent option to use either by itself, or combined with a Power-Glo and/or Life-Glo bulbs.

    The Aqua-Glo bulb generates an ideal light that will enhance the colour of your fish, whilst also delivering a strong photosynthetic light that will stimulate growth in your plants.



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    Juwel T5 High-Lite Light Unit

    The Juwel High-Lite Multilux Light Unit gives you the brightest lighting solution for your aquarium.

    High-Lite refers to the new light technology by Juwel Aquarium.  It combines the existing tube lengths of the T8 with the new bright T5 technology.  The light units run with unique tubes from Juwel which fit the full length of the aquarium for maximum illumination.


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    Aquael Leddy 6W Tube

    The Aquael Leddy Tube is a new power-saving lighting module for aquariums. It consumes up to 65% less power than Ecolight modules. This LED light combines high usability with ease of installation and versatility of use. This module consists of a technologically advanced 6 Watt light-emitting diode encased in a rounded glass tube, welded to the power cord.

    • Consumes 65% less power
    • Light Weight
    • Technologically Advanced

    The colour temperature of the light emitted by the LED is 6500 K. Thanks to its low weight, just 124g without the electrical cord, the Leddy Tube can be easily fitted into compatible aquarium lamps and lids. The European IPX8 airtightness standard ensures that tube the modules can be safely used in aquarium conditions.

    Dimensions: Lx28cm

    Compatible with the Aquael Leddy 60 Aquarium.

    BUY NOW: £16.99

    Aquael Reef Master LED Module

    This LED Module replaces the original Led unit in the hood of your Reef Master tank

    The LED light on the Reef Master hood provides night light for your fish and corals, and also lets you see into their world when the main lights go off. The LED moon light lets your fish behave naturally, rather than going from full day light straight to a dark tank, and therefore reduces stress on a delicate eco system.

    BUY NOW: £17.99

    Arcadia Ultra Violet Ultraclear UVC Lamp 18 Watt

    The Arcadia Ultra Violet Ultraclear UVC Lamp eliminates suspended algae in ponds to give crystal clear pond water. It is also suitable for aquarium clarifiers and sterilizers. This compact lamp will remain effective for 12 months. (unlike lower cost lamps) 18 Watt 215mm / 8.5
    BUY NOW: £10.99

    Juwel High Lite Colour 54w 1200mm T5

    This light highlights red and blue colouring in your tank. Ideal for freshwater and for best results use in combination with a Juwel 'Day' light. Use a 1200mm / 54W light in a 150cm light unit that requires T5 technology. For the Rio 400 and Vision 450 aquariums
    BUY NOW: £6.63

    Juwel High-Lite Nature 54w 1047mm T5

    A popular choice in the Juwel range. This light is warm and natural, enhances natural colours and stimulates plant growth. Ideal for freshwater aquariums. Use a 'nature and a day' in combination for best results. Use a 1047/ 54W tube in a 120cm light unit that requires T5 technology. For use in the Rio 240, Rio 300 & Vision 260
    BUY NOW: £12.76

    Juwel T5 High-Lite Nature Florescent Bulb

    The Juwel T5 Hi-Lite Nature Florescent Bulb creates a warm and natural light. The special light spectrum of the Hi-Lite Nature promotes plant photosynthesis, whilst highlighting the green colours in your aquarium. It also combines the existing tube lengths of the T8 with the new bright T5 technology.

    • Warm, natural light
    • Natural colour effect with 4100 Kelvin
    • Promotes the growth of tall-growing plants
    • Tube technology: T5
    • Size: 45W, 895mm
    • Energy rating: A
    T5 technology only operates with modern electronic ballasts ensuring the highest electrical efficiency. Compatible with Rio 180 and Trigon 350 aquariums.
    BUY NOW: £17.95

    Sylvania Aquastar T8 Bulb

    The Sylvania Aquastar Fluorescent T8 Bulb replicates the tropical light spectrum, and helps to promote the growth of corals and aquatic plants through heightened levels in the red and blue spectrum.


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