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Supreme Keep It Clean Cleaner, Deodorant, Disinfectant 500ml

Supreme Keep It Clean Cleaner, Deodorant, Disinfectant 500ml is the ultimate cleaner, deodorant and disinfectant for pets environments. It is an advanced product that can be used in several ways to ensure that pet environments stay hygienically clean.

CLEANING – Can be used on hutches, cages, bedding, carpets and any housing areas.

DEODORISING – Safe to use on animals bedding and any accessories.

DISINFECTANT – Proven to assist in the prevention of bacterial infections such as Canine Distemper, Viral Haemorrhagic Disease and Myxomatosis. Also reduces the risks associated with Flystrike.

Keep It Clean is safe for use on all animals bedding.

BUY NOW: £2.89

Petbrands Puppy Training Pads 58x58cm Box of 100 + 5 FREE

House Training made simple! These Petbrands Puppy Training Pads are specially scented to attract your pup to use them. They are extremely absorbent and not only lock away moisture but also odour. They are really convenient and hygienic and you even get 5 FREE pads!

Petbrands Puppy Training Pads provide a designated toilet area for puppies as well as for indoor, confined or ill pets and are ideal for making it much easier to house train your puppy. You could also use them in pet crates or carriers when travelling with your canine friend. PetPlanet also sell a training pad holder which will keep the pad securely in one place.

Dimensions: L58 x W58cm

BUY NOW: £19.99

Petkin Pet Wipes Pack of 100

Petkin Pet Wipes provide a convenient way for you to keep your pet clean and healthy every day with no water or rinsing required. Each wipe is moistened with a gentle cleansing formula that helps maintain a clean and healthy pet coat while restoring skin moisture and softness. You can use them daily for quick cleanings, controlling pet odours and wiping dirty paws and you can also use additional wipes as necessary, especially on larger pets.

Veterinary approved, these wipes can play a key role in maintaining a clean pet; a great alternative if bathing is too much of a hassle. Containing aloe and vitamin E, for a healthy skin and coat, they can be used to clean your pet’s face, ears, body and eye area.

  • Deodorises and conditions
  • Will not remove spot flea treatments
  • Safe for use on pet’s face
  • Safe for use on pets that lick or teethe

    BUY NOW: £5.99

    Simple Solution Stain & Odour Remover 750ml

    More than just an ordinary deodoriser, Simple Solution Stain & Odour Remover completely eliminates all organic stains and odours. Ideal for urine, vomit, faeces, blood, dirt, grass, red wine, juice, coffee, tea, baby formula and more.

    Simple Solution works the first time, every time because it combines advanced cleansers with beneficial bacteria and enzymes. This combination provides a powerful punch yet is safe to use on carpets, upholstery, pet bedding, clothing, tile, concrete, brick and any other water-safe surface.

    Better yet, all the ingredients in Stain & Odour Remover are non-toxic and are harmless to pets and people.

    Don't just take our word for it, check out some of our customer reviews below

    BUY NOW: £5.49

    Petkin Tushie Wipes Pack of 100

    These Tushie Wipes are great for taking optimal care of your pet's bottom.

    Working to clean and deodorise, these wipes have extra cleansing strength so they can tackle mess and odours. Veterinary approved, this is a great accessory for looking after your pet and for making sure no nasty germs are introduced into your home.

    Suitable for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.

    BUY NOW: £4.99

    Turtle Mat Dirt Trapper for Smooth Floors

    Turtle Mats have been Britain’s best-selling washable cotton dirt-trapping mats for over 15 years. They are manufactured by one of the world’s largest and most environmentally conscious textile groups. The group has achieved carbon negative status and is at the forefront of initiatives to reduce waste and cut water usage. Turtle Mats provide ideal protection for hard floors saving the householder time and money as they reduce the need for cleaning.

    From £19.99
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    Dog Rocks

    Help prevent burn patches on your lawn from when your dog urinates on it with these brilliant, safe to use, Dog Rocks! This is a 100% natural and proven product that contains all natural minerals straight from the earth. Dog Rocks are a naturally occurring paramagnetic igneous rock that will not harm your dock or affect the urine ph level whatsoever.

    They increase the properties of Boron, Barium, Manganese and Strontium while decreasing Tin levels in your dog’s water. Simply mix the contents of the packet with the water in your dog’s bowl and your lawn will start looking greener and fresher in no time at all. If you have more than one water bowl, you will need another whole pack of Dog Rocks, each water supply should have one entire pack of Dog Rocks in it.

    Do not worry if your dog and cat share the same water bowl as Dog Rocks can safely be used by cats but, unfortunately, there are no benefits to the cat urine and it makes no difference to the smell! Dog Rocks are not uniform size and differ from pack to pack in content because they are entirely natural but the weight of each pack is the same and, therefore, the efficacy is consistent.

    • Lasts for approximately 2 months
    • No chemicals - all natural minerals
    • Laboratory tested
    • Safe for your dog or cat

    Weight: 200g

    Your pack will be accompanied by an instruction leaflet and diary reminder sticker.

    Please note: Dog Rocks will help prevent nasty burn patches but cannot revive dead grass.

    BUY NOW: £8.99

    Simple Solution Puppy Training Pads

    Puppy Training Pads are excellent for housebreaking your new puppy and providing an eliminative area for indoor, confined or ill pets. Also great to use in pet carriers and crates as well as in cars, hotels, boats and more.

    From £6.39
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    Quilted Puppy Training Pads

    These maximum absorbency Quilted Puppy Training Pads have sealed edges and a 100% leak-proof backing to provide you with all day worry-free protection from accidents.

    From £11.99
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    Beaphar Extra Long Lasting Household Flea Spray 300ml

    The giant in the flea protection market. Beaphar Extra Long Lasting Household Flea Spray gives 6 months of protection against adult and larval fleas, as well as cockroaches, ants, silverfish and crickets. Containing a rapid knockdown insecticide and insect growth regulator, you can be sure that this will definitely do the job.300ml
    BUY NOW: £5.89

    Dont Pee Here Spray 500ml

    Part of having a pet dog or cat is teaching them where it is acceptable, or not, to go. This Don't Pee Here Spray is a 100% pet friendly way of keeping your pets away from peeing in a certain area.

    Containing a natural, strong mustard smell this non staining spray can be used around the house to convince pets to go to the loo elsewhere. The initial smell disappears in a few seconds to leave a long lasting action, saving you from cleaning up unwanted mess, and helping to train your pet.

    • Easy to use trigger spray
    • Use indoors
    • Non staining formula
    • 500ml
    BUY NOW: £6.99

    Petkin Jumbo Eye Wipes Pack of 80

    These Jumbo Eye Wipes are soft and gentle and can cleanse sensitive areas of your pet's body.

    Great for wiping away dirt and tear stains, these wipes even help to prevent possible eye infection.

    Veterinary approved, this is a great all-round accessory to keep around the house and to take with you on days out, holidays or general adventures with your pet.

    Suitable for dogs and cats.

    BUY NOW: £3.99

    Beaphar Carpet Flea Spray 400ml

    Beaphar’s Carpet Flea Spray is a trigger spray for use wherever pets have access throughout your home. It contains natural Margosa extract, Lavandin oil and pyrethrum extract. This combination of natural insecticides and flea repellents provides a safe, effective way to kill and repel fleas from pet bedding, carpets and soft furnishings without harming you or your pet.

    Margosa Extract 0.12% w/w
    Pyrethrum 0.125% w/w
    Lavandin Oil 0.6% w/w

    Volume: 400ml

    BUY NOW: £3.74

    Simple Solution Stain & Odour Remover 500ml

    More than just an ordinary deodoriser, Simple Solution Stain and Odour Remover is ideal for urine, vomit, faeces and completely eliminates odours to discourage your pet from repeat marking. In fact, Simple Solution works the first time, every time! Guaranteed!

    That's because Simple Solution combines advanced Pro-Bacteria™ and enzymes. This combination provides a powerful punch yet is safe to use on carpets, upholstery, pet bedding, clothing and any other water-safe surface.

    Better yet, all the ingredients in Stain and Odour Remover are non-toxic and are safe for use around children and pets (when used as directed).

    500ml bottle

    BUY NOW: £3.99

    Johnsons House Training Pads

    These Johnson’s House Training Pads are ideal for toilet training in the home.

    Suitable for puppies and dogs of all ages, these pads are made with a super absorbent gel that works to lock in any moisture and bad odours, keeping your floors and carpets clean. What’s more, the leak proof material dries in around 30 seconds, so your pet won’t find themselves wandering out with soggy paws.

    From £4.69
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    Urine Off Dog 500ml

    Urine-Off is a revolutionary new product that tackles, and beats, urine stains and odours. Unlike other urine removal products, which seal in and mask the odour, the enzymes in Urine-Off are specifically developed and combined to “eat” the uric acid crystals that cause lingering urine odours, crystals which are left behind by some other products. It does the job so well that even long-neglected problem areas with a high concentration of urine residue are quickly and easily taken care of, to the point that even your pet won’t be able to smell the urine, breaking unwanted behaviour patterns. 500ml trigger spray.
    BUY NOW: £9.99

    Simple Solution Disposable Nappies

    Simple Solution Disposable Diapers help to eliminate your dog’s unfortunate ‘accidents’ around the home. Ideal for females in season, untrained puppies, dogs with a tendency to get over-excited and incontinent dogs, these no-leak fit comfortable, disposable nappies feature Velcro tabs that can be repositioned and won’t stick to your dog’s fur, and a tail hole so that you don’t miss out on seeing how happy your pooch is in his new nappy! Please note: To ensure a proper fit for the anatomy of your male dog, choose the next largest size.

    From £4.49
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    Petkin Jumbo Ear Wipes Pack of 80

    These Jumbo Ear Wipes are great for keeping your pet in optimum health and is a handy accessory to keep around the home.

    Both an ear cleanser and deodorizer in one, they also help to soothe itching and are great for throwing in the back of the car ahead of days out, holidays or general outdoorsy activities with your dog.

    Veterinary approved, this is an excellent all-round helper.

    Suitable for dogs and cats.

    BUY NOW: £3.49

    Shaws Repel All Trigger Spray 300ml

    This Shaws Repel All Trigger Spray has been specially created to keep your dog or cat off your furniture, carpet or any other specific location that you dont want your pet to damage.

    Just spray your designated location and your cat or dog will find the smell naturally unpleasant and be dissuaded from visiting the area. It is not an unpleasant small to humans and is an ideal training aid for puppies as the spray can be used to distinguish prohibited zones, the formula is harmless to furniture, fabrics and pets when used correctly.

    Please see bottle for further instructions.


    BUY NOW: £4.49

    Urine Finder UV Light

    Can smell it but not see it? This Urine Finder UV light is the answer! It is really frustrating when your pet urinates in the house and you look everywhere but cannot locate the source. This Urine Finder UV black light is an inexpensive way of detecting any urine stain as old stains will show up as yellow and new stains will show up as green. Then all you need to do is clean the area!

    You will want to begin your search in complete darkness as this allows the stains to stand out much brighter and make them easier to locate. It also might be handy to mark any soiled areas with an outline of white chalk or masking tape so that you can easily find them later on.

  • Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included)
  • Includes handy wrist strap

    Dimensions: approx. 4cm diameter x L16.5cm

    BUY NOW: £12.99
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