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API Water Conditioners

Research, experience and dedication to science are what makes API the first choice for aquarium owners. API has been helping people take good care of ornamental fish for over 40 years. Their research and development scientists have advanced the care of fish with all natural medications, stable bacteria for biological filtration, one-bottle test kits, consumer-friendly dosing caps and much more.

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API Tap Water Conditioner

Use this tap water conditioner to remove Chlorine, neutralise Chloramines and detoxify heavy metals. Better to be safe than sorry with this treatment, that can be used in either freshwater or saltwater. 5ml will treat 378 litres of water, so this product will go on and on giving. The result being that you can rest assured that no harmful chemicals are reaching your fish. This treatment is perfectly safe for aquarium life.

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API Goldfish Aquarium Cleaner 118ml

API Goldfish Aquarium Cleaner naturally reduces sludge build-up. It helps keep gravel clean and maintains a safe, healthy environment for your goldfish. Dose weekly – add 2.5ml for every 5l or I capful for every 15 L.
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API Stress Coat

This Stress Coat ' Fish and Tap Water Conditioner' has so many benefits With the healing power of aloe vera as an ingredient, stress coat has been scientifically proved to reduce stress in your fish by 40%. Safe to use with protein skimmer without causing foaming. It will remove the potentially dangerous Chlorine, Chloramines and Ammonia from tap water and at the same time enhance slime coat. I am sure you'll agree that this product is worth the investment.

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Api Festive Fishkeeper Gift Set

Give your fish a Christmas treat this year with this Api Festive Fishkeeper Gift Set which has everything you need to keep them healthy over the holiday period.

This great gift pack comes with 4 products that will look after your underwater friends, and keep them fed if you are away for any time:

API Stress Coat Plus – 118ml

  • Makes tap water safe.
  • Removes chlorine and chloramines.
  • Detoxifies heavy metals.
  • The healing power of aloe vera.
  • Proven to reduce fish stress.
  • Replaces slime coat.

API Stress Zyme Plus – 118ml

  • Keeps aquarium clean.
  • Contains live bacteria to consume sludge.
  • Reduces aquarium maintenance.
  • Improves bio filter.
  • Adds beneficial bacteria for a healthy aquarium.
  • All natural.

Aquarian Holiday Feeding Block

  • Ideal for goldfish, tropical and marine.
  • Slowly releases fish food.

Floating Christmas Seahorse

  • It’s not all serious stuff – fun aquarium ornament.
  • Non-toxic.

This great collection of gifts will help you to keep you fish happy and contented over the Christmas period, and they all come in a very festive presentation pouch.

BUY NOW: £13.99

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