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Cat Toys by PetPlanet

You'll find below a selection of our own brand Cat Toys which are not only ridiculously fun but also represent terrific value for money.

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Kitty Boink Cat Toy

Make your cat go wild with a Kitty Boink cat toy! This clever, flexible tube toy can be tucked in at the ends to make a rolling toy for your furry friend or you can simply compress it in your hand, then release to make it shoot across the room.

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Plush Cat Tunnel by PetPlanet

This plush cat tunnel is so cosy and comfortable, you will undoubtedly find your feline friend curled up in a ball in the middle of it. The idea is your cat can use it for play or cosy time.

It features a hanging toy at one end that will keep your cat interested all the more as he / she claws and pounces reaching for it.

The tunnel can be folded into a compact cylinder when not in use. With its lovely texture, two-tone appearance and manoeuvrability, this toy will become a favourite for years to come!

Dimensions: approx. 27cm diameter x L50cm

Please note: this is only rigid at the ends.

BUY NOW: £7.49

Circle Cat Scratching Board by PetPlanet

This Circle Cat Scratching Board by PetPlanet provides the ideal place for your kitty to scratch and claw away at. Scratching is instinctive for cats and provides them with the opportunity to rid themselves of the dead outer layer of their claws. It also enables them to flex their joints.

It comes with a small packet of catnip as an added inducement to entice your feline friend to use it and is great for scratching as the heavy duty corrugated cardboard design is durable, making it perfect for clawing away at, thus preventing any claws from breaking or being ripped out. It will keep your kitty amused for ages, which, hopefully, means no more scratching your furniture. Better still, the inner circle scratch pad can handily be flipped over to get twice the use!

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Durable
  • Recyclable

    Dimensions: 40cm diameter x D6cm

    Please note: this toy is not indestructible. Replace toy once worn.

    BUY NOW: £6.49

    Cat Scratch 'n' Rest Bowl by PetPlanet

    Interesting, fun and unusual, this Cat Scratch 'n' Rest Bowl by PetPlanet is a fabulous cat scratcher for your cat or kitten to furiously scratch away at and also rest on. Have you ever noticed how cats love cardboard boxes? Well, this product is made from eco-friendly, corrugated cardboard and is very durable, as your cat's claws will only ever penetrate the surface of the thick cardboard layer. The corrugated cardboard forms a bowl for kitty to snuggle into, or sit on, as well as attack, and it comes with that great stuff that drives cats batty Ė catnip!

    Your cat will love this scratching bowl with its fun, bold, colourful heart graphics and little platform that raises it slightly off the floor. This is a great scratcher that is perfect for keeping your petís claws in tip top condition. It will appeal to your catís sense of touch allowing your furry pal to carry out the natural instinct to scratch, to prevent claws from breaking or being ripped out. Now, hopefully, scratching your furniture will be a thing of the past!

  • Non-toxic
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Robust
  • Recyclable

    Overall Dimensions: 36cm diameter x H6cm
    Inner dimensions: 34cm diameter x H3cm

    Please note this product is not indestructible, all play should be supervised. Replace toy once worn.

    BUY NOW: £7.99

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