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Deluxe Hamster Cage Starter Kit

This Deluxe Hamster Cage Starter Kit has everything you need to set up your hamster or gerbils new home. Simple to assemble and with a deep scatter-less base to minimise mess, your pet will feel right at home and ready to play and explore in no time!

This Deluxe Starter Kit includes:

  • Two-storey home with ladders
  • House
  • Exercise wheel
  • Feeding dish
  • Water bottle
  • Plastic tube
  • Shavings

This set also comes with a free pet care sheet explaining how to look after, groom, feed and treat your pet. This means you can rest assured your hamster or gerbil is getting the best care possible.

Dimensions: 50 x 28 x 32cm high

BUY NOW: £24.99

Zoo Zone Small Animal Cage

This excellent Zoo Zone Small Animal Cage is suitable for dwarf rabbits and guinea pigs. It features a water bottle holder, flip-up grill which provides increased ventilation, locking clips to easily secure the top into place and an elevated hay guard to separate food from the waste while also establishing a natural feeding position. It also benefits from breakaway hinges and a compartment feeding dish.

From £30.99
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Harrisons Westminster Hamster Cage

This Harrisons Westminster Hamster Cage is really spacious and gives your small furry plenty of room to stretch out.

Spread across three tiers, the enclosure is fitted with all the usual suspects; there are a number of tubes for shifting between levels, a designated sleeping/ hiding quarters and an exercise wheel.

A great all-round home made of durable construction, the whole piece benefits from pretty bright colouring. A smart choice if youíre looking for a new cage for your pet, the Harrisons Westminster has all you need and more and itís also super easy to clean. Hassle-free assembly required.

Measures approximately L55 x W38 x H62cm.

FREE Standard UK Delivery!
BUY NOW: £39.99

Critter's Choice Small Animal Habitat Starter Kit - Jumbo

This Critter's Choice Small Animal Habitat Starter Kit has everything the budding small pet keeper will need for a successful set up.

This glass offers a hygienic and mess free habitat, that is easy to set up and keep. It comes with framed edges for added protection, 3 large clear internal shelves, a built in recess for a water bottle holder and a chew resistant, clip on mesh cover, that offers excellent ventilation for your pets.

  • Enriching and spacious habitat
  • Easy clean
  • Complete starter kit

The glass construction of this habitat means that it is easy to keep clean, and allows you a clear view of your pets coming and goings. This starter kit comes with everything you will need to get the habitat set up, and provide a quality home for your pets.

    Kit Includes:
  • Hamster food
  • Ceramic food dish
  • Water bottle and holder
  • Ladder
  • Chube
  • Aspen bedding

Your small pets will love exploring this quality habitat, just as much as you will enjoy watching and caring for them.

Dimensions: L70 x D40 x H50cm

FREE Standard UK Delivery!
BUY NOW: £99.99

Rosewood Pico Hamster Cage

Fun and funky, this high quality Rosewood Pico Hamster Cage not looks great but also is packed full of extra levels, ladders, a tunnel, a solid wheel and even a unique loft hide with easy, but secure, access.

  • No chewable, plastic clips 
  • Suitable for Syrian and dwarf hamsters and mice from 6-8 weeks of age


From £24.99
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Rosewood Eco Pico Hamster Cage

A fabulous and unique home for your hamster or mouse, the Rosewood Eco Pico is made from 99% sustainable and biodegradable bamboo fibre. Better still, from a practical and quality point of view, the bamboo resin used is much thicker and offers greatly superior resistance to gnawing than traditional plastic materials.

As well as multiple levels to explore, it also has an extra large deep base which makes your pet feel more secure and helps keep the litter in the cage. It also comes with a solid wheel, food dish and glass drop in water bottle. The two mezzanines are then connected by flexible, real wood bridges and ramps accentuating the natural feel.

  • Suitable for Syrian and dwarf hamsters and mice from 6-8 weeks of age

Dimensions: W58 x D40 x H31cm
Bar spacing: 4-8mm

BUY NOW: £36.99

Harrisons Mayfair Hamster Cage

Make sure your small furry has plenty of room to play in with this super spacious Harrisons Mayfair Hamster Cage.

Spread over three levels, the impressive enclosure features all the usual accessories such as tubes for shimmying between tiers, an exercise wheel; while the designated sleeping/ hiding quarters right at the peak gives your amigo a great vantage point to observe the immediate nearby area.

A great all-encompassing cage that is sure to trigger hoopla across the face of your pet. Requiring hassle-free assembly and easy to clean, this is a very smart choice if youíre looking for a brand new enclosure for your favourite small furry.

Measures approximately L54 x W38 x H64.5cm.

BUY NOW: £34.99

Rosewood Abode Dwarf Hamster and Mice Cage

This Rosewood Abode Dwarf Hamster and Mice Cage is a fabby little thing for your favourite amigo.

From £26.99
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Trixie Hamster Cage

A robustly made Trixie Hamster Cage is the ideal choice for keeping hamsters or mice. It incorporates a door at the top and the front for easy access and the black wired grid is made from powder coated metal. With 3 large platforms to choose from and 3 aired tunnel systems, your small furry will soon be having fun exploring!

You can make things more interesting by changing the platform levels around and placing the food bowl in a different area to see how long it takes your pet to work out where it is. Then there is that exercise wheel it really has to be fully investigated and charged around for hours!

The base of the cage is deep for species-appropriate digging and the cage also comes with two bowls that are made from robust plastic. Your small animal will love this cage and you will love watching all of the antics.

  • Suitable for hamsters and mice
  • Bottle not included

Dimensions: L62 x W46 x H36cm

BUY NOW: £35.99
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