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The best of the rest featuring Rosewood, Fantazia as well as PetPlanet own brand.

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Zoo Zone Small Animal Cage

This excellent Zoo Zone Small Animal Cage is suitable for dwarf rabbits and guinea pigs. It features a water bottle holder, flip-up grill which provides increased ventilation, locking clips to easily secure the top into place and an elevated hay guard to separate food from the waste while also establishing a natural feeding position. It also benefits from breakaway hinges and a compartment feeding dish.

From £30.99
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Kerbl Small Animal Containment Pen

The Kerbl Small Animal Pen is the perfect way to let your pet get more space to run around at the same time keeping it safe.

This easy to assemble pen is made up of eight multi coloured pieces and is expandable with more Kerbl enclosures, making it very customisable.  

-          Easy to mount
-          8 pieces per 34 x 23 cm
-          Painted
-          Extendable with more enclosures

This is a great place to put your pet when you’re cleaning its cage or for times when you want to let it have more space to play or explore.

Suitable for hamsters, dwarf hamsters and also gerbils and mice.

Dimensions: W34 x H23 cm
Weight: 1.6kg
Latice Spacing: 10mm

Customer Note: The accessories in the main image are for illustrative purposes only, and are not included with the pen. 



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Rosewood Pico Hamster Cage

Fun and funky, this high quality Rosewood Pico Hamster Cage not looks great but also is packed full of extra levels, ladders, a tunnel, a solid wheel and even a unique loft hide with easy, but secure, access.

  • No chewable, plastic clips 
  • Suitable for Syrian and dwarf hamsters and mice from 6-8 weeks of age


From £24.99
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Critter''s Choice Small Animal Habitat Starter Kit - Jumbo

This Critter's Choice Small Animal Habitat Starter Kit has everything the budding small pet keeper will need for a successful set up.

This glass offers a hygienic and mess free habitat, that is easy to set up and keep. It comes with framed edges for added protection, 3 large clear internal shelves, a built in recess for a water bottle holder and a chew resistant, clip on mesh cover, that offers excellent ventilation for your pets.

  • Enriching and spacious habitat
  • Easy clean
  • Complete starter kit

The glass construction of this habitat means that it is easy to keep clean, and allows you a clear view of your pets coming and goings. This starter kit comes with everything you will need to get the habitat set up, and provide a quality home for your pets.

    Kit Includes:
  • Hamster food
  • Ceramic food dish
  • Water bottle and holder
  • Ladder
  • Chube
  • Aspen bedding

Your small pets will love exploring this quality habitat, just as much as you will enjoy watching and caring for them.

Dimensions: L70 x D40 x H50cm

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Lazy Bones Wire Rodent Cage Range

Perfect for a most small animals, the Lazy Bones Wire Rodent Cage is a spacious cage with plenty of space for small animals to explore and play in.

A fun home for your small animals, this cage has plenty of space for a wide variety of activities such as creating nests, exploring its cage or simply snoozing!

This range of cages feature a variety of options when it comes to levels for your small animal to live in, as well as an additional mini platform level at the top of the cage that is perfect for more adventurous pets. Each level is connected via wide ramps for easy and comfortable access.

With a sturdy design that is still easy to assemble, this cage is sure to become a happy place for your small animals!

Suitable for rats, ferrets, chinchillas, chipmunks and other rodents.

From £24.99
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Rosewood Eco Pico Hamster Cage

A fabulous and unique home for your hamster or mouse, the Rosewood Eco Pico is made from 99% sustainable and biodegradable bamboo fibre. Better still, from a practical and quality point of view, the bamboo resin used is much thicker and offers greatly superior resistance to gnawing than traditional plastic materials.

As well as multiple levels to explore, it also has an extra large deep base which makes your pet feel more secure and helps keep the litter in the cage. It also comes with a solid wheel, food dish and glass drop in water bottle. The two mezzanines are then connected by flexible, real wood bridges and ramps accentuating the natural feel.

  • Suitable for Syrian and dwarf hamsters and mice from 6-8 weeks of age

Dimensions: W58 x D40 x H31cm
Bar spacing: 4-8mm

BUY NOW: £36.99

Hamster Cage

Give your hamster a safe place to sleep and relax with a new Hamster Cage. With its bright colours and plenty of accessories, this will be the perfect place for your hamster to explore and make its own!


  • Bright modern colours
  • Comes with accessories
  • Extra deep base to prevent mess

This is an ideal new home for your hamster. The extra deep base not only makes your hamster to feel more secure and safe in its case, but also helps to prevent your hamster from kicking or knocking its bedding or saw dust out of its cage and making a mess.

Featuring secure clips and two carry handles on top of the cage, this cage is perfect for occasional moving around.

This cage comes with a hamster wheel, hamster hide away, slide and bowl – everything that your little hamster needs for a happy new home!

From £19.98
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Rosewood Abode Dwarf Hamster and Mice Cage

This Rosewood Abode Dwarf Hamster and Mice Cage is a fabby little thing for your favourite amigo.

From £23.99
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Kerbl Gabbia Small Animal Cage

The Kerbl Gabbia Small Animal Cage is an exciting three level wood and plastic living environment for your hamster or small pet. This cage has the look and feel of a woodland adventure complete with a wooden hut and hanging bridge made of tiny logs. Your pet will make themselves at home and get plenty of exercise too!

The environment is made up of three levels, the plastic base ground level and two additional levels that your pet can access using two wooden ramps. An intricate wooden hanging bridge also connects the second and third levels. A pet sized wooden hut is located on the top level, the perfect place for your pal to take a quick nap and catch some Zs.

 - Three total levels
 - Two wooden ramps
 - Wooden hanging bridge
 - Wooden hut
 - Two water / food feeders
 - Highly customisable
 - Fun adventure theme

Strong, sturdy and at a great price, your hamster has many areas to fully investigate before running inside the wooden hut. Easy to clean and assemble and featuring an extra high tray for spatter-free digging missions, it has all you need for a happy pet.

Suitable for hamsters, dwarf hamsters and also gerbils and mice.

Dimensions: W100 x D53 x H40cm
Weight: 6.8kg
Latice Spacing: 10mm

Click here for Hamster information.




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Habitrail Ovo Lock Connectors - Pack of 3

Extra lock connectors for Habitrail Ovo that are also compatible with all Habitrail systems. The elaborate world of Habitrail Ovo consists of a variety of main habitats, add-ons, trails, and chewable mazes that are easy to assemble thanks to the lock connectors that allow easy, safe and secure connections.

This replacement pack contains 3 genuine OVO lock connectors exclusive to Habitrail in assorted colours.

Unfortunately, we cannot allow a choice of colour on this product.

BUY NOW: £2.99

Trixie Hamster Cage

A robustly made Trixie Hamster Cage is the ideal choice for keeping hamsters or mice. It incorporates a door at the top and the front for easy access and the black wired grid is made from powder coated metal. With 3 large platforms to choose from and 3 aired tunnel systems, your small furry will soon be having fun exploring!

You can make things more interesting by changing the platform levels around and placing the food bowl in a different area to see how long it takes your pet to work out where it is. Then there is that exercise wheel it really has to be fully investigated and charged around for hours!

The base of the cage is deep for species-appropriate digging and the cage also comes with two bowls that are made from robust plastic. Your small animal will love this cage and you will love watching all of the antics.

  • Suitable for hamsters and mice
  • Bottle not included

Dimensions: L62 x W46 x H36cm

BUY NOW: £29.99

Clear n Fun Hamster Cage

Your little hammy will love their Clear n Fun Hamster Cage. With its protective transparent shell, your furry friend is kept safe, but you can also enjoy watching them. The kit comes complete with a rodent wheel for exercise, food and water bottle and an elevated platform. The cage opens up by the mesh top or the entire lid. The colour combination looks striking why not go for this modern looking option? Dimensions 58x38x25cm
BUY NOW: £28.99

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