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We sell a vast range of Dog Travel Accessories such as Bowls , Travel Bags and Backpacks and Travel Beds. We also have a range of Airline Approved Carriers so you can take your cat or dog with you when you travel by air.


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Pet Sleep Pillow

Enhance your dog's sleep comfort with a curved design Pet Sleep Pillow. It has been anatomically shaped for your dog to choose its own ideal head and neck position. A really versatile pillow that has many uses such as long journeys in a car or within a crate, or for use as a bolster to create warmth for smaller dogs. It is even ideal for newly weaned puppies requiring a soothing comforter to mimic the warmth of other puppies that may be missed.

A supremely, comfortable, warm and soft pillow made from high quality fibres that is also washable. Your four-legged friend will really appreciate one of these in his or her bed; it is also ideal for dog beds with no sides for support.

Dimensions vary slightly depending upon the character:
Giraffe: approx. L40 x W17 x H16.5cm
Doggy: approx. L50 x W17 x H16cm
Chihuahua, Dachshund & Poodle: approx. L40 x W20 x H15cm

BUY NOW: £3.49

Easy Folding Pet Crate by PetPlanet

This Petplanet Easy Folding Pet Crate is perfect for keeping your furry friend safe and secure when you are on the move.

Please click on the links below for further information and dimensions.

From £16.99
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Portable Pet Water Bottles

Perfect for all dogs, this Portable Pet Water Bottle is a convenient water dispenser consisting of a bowl and water bottle for your pet on the move.


From £1.99
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Car Seat Cover by PetPlanet

This Car Seat Cover by PetPlanet is a terrific rear seat cover that spans the entire back seat and also prevents your pet from falling into the footwell. Perfect for protecting your upholstery from mud, dirt and hair! Manufactured from strong, waterproof 600D Oxford fabric, this cover is easy to clean and washable and features a handy middle zip to separate it in case you have an extra passenger. It is designed to fit any car with four headrests, or you could just use two headrests and place it in your boot area.

Ideal for pets that are trained to sit or lie down and not for pets that jump around or try to get into the front of the car.

  • Easy to install and remove

    Dimensions: L147 x W145cm

    Available in two colours, dark green or navy blue. Please choose below:

    BUY NOW: £14.99

    Stainless Steel Coup Cup & Hooks

    A stainless steel bowl, which can be used for either food or water. It comes complete with a hook on holder, ensuring no spillage in your puppy's new cage. Being stainless steel you can be guaranteed that the bowl will always be easy to clean.

    Still not convinced? Take a look at some of our customer reveiws below.

    From £2.49
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    Barkshire Dog Carrier Airline Approved - Grey/White

    This Barkshire Dog Carrier (Airline Approved) is strong, sturdy and durable to meet your pet’s travelling requirements. Manufactured from heavy duty plastic, it features metal air vents to promote a healthy air flow and a safety door as well as a water/food bowl.

    From £10.99
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    Stainless Steel Coup Cup and Bolt

    The ideal way to keep food and water secure in your puppys new cage. Suitable for puppies and smaller breeds of dogs.

    From £2.49
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    Car Hammock Seat by PetPlanet

    The Car Hammock Seat by PetPlanet is a brilliant rear car seat cover for your pet! Manufactured from strong, water resistant 600D Oxford fabric, this cover is easy to clean and washable and is designed to fit any car with four headrests; or you can just attach it to the two rear headrests for a rear seat cover only. You could also use it to cover your boot area. Ideal for keeping your car clean and free from mud and dirt.

    Please be aware that it does not suspend your pet in the air, nor is it a pet trap or harness. It is perfect for pets that are trained to sit or lie down and not for pets that jump around or try to get into the front of the car.

  • Easy to install and remove

    Dimensions: L125 x W120cm

    BUY NOW: £14.99

    3-in-1 Budget Pet Stroller and Carrier by PetPlanet

    This excellent 3-in-1 Budget Pet Stroller and Carrier by PetPlanet can be pulled along behind you, used as a backpack carrier, or used as a mobile home for your four-legged friend on overnight stays. You can also put any personal items into either of the two zipped side panels.

    Now both you and your pet can travel in comfort as well as style. Made from quality, waterproof 600D Oxford fabric with a steel frame, it is ideal for taking your small companion with you everywhere you go and its mesh window design ensures good ventilation and visibility.

    There is a safety leash inside that snaps onto your pet’s collar to prevent any escape bids and the zipped front panels handily roll either up or down for easy access. It is particularly beneficial to small dogs that are recovering from an injury or unable to walk far.

    For short trips you can pop your pet in the backpack carrier with its comfy padded straps, whilst for longer trips, just attach the carrier to the trolley stand, and roll it along behind you, allowing your pet to view the surroundings as you walk.

  • Suitable for pets weighing up to 8kg
  • Please see the extra image showing where to place the metal rod for extra support

    Dimensions: W35 x D27 x H49cm
    With handle extended: H99cm

    Please note: when using as a trolley, please ensure that you undo the shoulder straps and re-attach them around the trolley handle bars to keep them up off the ground and away from the wheels.

    BUY NOW: £19.99

    Universal Seat Belt Restraint

    Keep your dog just where you want them with this Universal Seat Belt Restraint. Designed with a variety of fixings it should fit into your seatbelt holder with no trouble, then the clip attaches to your dogs harness, keeping your four legged friend safe and secure. Length of belt approx 30cm (12")
    BUY NOW: £3.49

    Dog Booster Car Seat

    This fabulous Dog Booster Car Seat allows your canine friend to safely see out of your car window in comfort. It easily attaches to most car seats and the nylon strap adjusts to fit around the car headrest and seat. There is also a belt slit to allow you to make it more secure.  It even features an internal, adjustable tether to attach to your dog's collar or harness for added security.

    From £15.99
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    Front Pet Carrier by PetPlanet

    This comfy Front Pet Carrier by PetPlanet allows you to keep an eye on your pet whilst walking about. It features padded shoulders and back straps to provide comfort for you and padded inner and bottom panels to provide comfort for your pet. There is a short lead that clips onto your pet’s collar to prevent any escapes and there is also a drawstring to keep your pet snug. Manufactured from durable and sturdy 600 denier nylon, the sides are ventilated with nylon mesh and there are small pockets in the front to hold your essentials.

  • Safe and snug
  • Well ventilated
  • Great pet visibility
  • Suitable for small animals weighing up to 5kg

    Dimensions: 27 x 19 x 31cm high

    Available in black, red or blue. Please choose below:

    BUY NOW: £11.99

    Danish Design Waterproof Duvet - Thick

    Fed up washing your pet's bedding? This extra thick duvet will give your best friend pleasant dreams night after night with no need to wash!

    From £20.99
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    Road Refresher Travel Bowl

    The Road Refresher non-spill pet travel bowl encourages tidy drinking as it limits the amount of water your dog can pick up at any one time. The clever design will also keep long ears and beards out of the water and it reduces your pet's slobber by 90%!

    From £7.99
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    Ancol Car Harness

    This Ancol Car Harness is strong, lightweight and features a padded chest to make it comfortable to wear. It also helps to prevent your dog from distracting you while you drive.

    A great in-car accessory that is well worth the investment.

    Available in a range of sizes to suit most breeds.

    From £9.99
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    Collapsible Cat Carrier by PetPlanet

    This Collapsible Cat Carrier from PetPlanet provides your feline friend with convenience and comfort, as well as feelings of protection and security when travelling.

    When not in use, simply fold it down into a convenient carry case, made up from the top and bottom parts of the carrier! The carrier provides great ventilation with access via a zipable door and a removable roof.

    A new take on the traditional carrier that looks modern and provides modern benefits. Made from EVA plastic and Oxford fabric.

    Dimensions: approx. W46 x D37 x H31cm
    Capacity: 6.8kg

    BUY NOW: £19.99

    Heavy Duty Dog Ground Anchor Stake

    Keep your dog safe outside with this Heavy Duty Dog Ground Anchor Stake.

    This simple heavy duty metal accessory just screws down into any lawn, or suitable area, where your dog can enjoy the outdoors without getting to roam free.

    Just use the triangular handle to position this anchor in far enough that your dog cannot pull free, then clip their lead, or lanyard, to the lead ring to allow them outdoors, but on your terms.

    Custom note: If using on warm days, please ensure your pet has access to shade and clean drinking water.

    BUY NOW: £1.49

    Collapsible Silicone Bowl by PetPlanet

    Need a pet bowl designed for on-the go people and pets? The Collapsible Silicone Bowl by PetPlanet is the perfect solution to all travelling pet needs thanks to its compact design and portability.


    • Portable and compact design
    • Space for clip
    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    • Perfect travel bowl

    Is your pet hungry and thirsty while on the move? Don’t worry! Now you can quickly pop out a bowl wherever you are thanks to this Collapsible Silicon Bowl.

    Simply pop this bowl into your car, bag, or clip to your pet’s leash for no hassle food and water times wherever and whenever you want.

    From £2.99
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    Sanicat Beauticat 30lt

    The Sanicat Beauticat Cat Litter is up to five times more absorbent than other cat litters.

    Made out of recycled sawdust which is compressed into wood pellets, the litter is super absorbent, biodegradable and even has a pine fresh fragrance.

    • Wood pellets
    • Pine fresh fragrance
    • Very absorbent
    • 100% natural

    A great all-round choice that will help keep their toilet corner cleaner and fresher for longer.

    Size: 30 Litres

    Please note: Sanicat Beauticat has replaced Sophisticat Beauticat.

    BUY NOW: £10.99

    Barkshire Elevated Pet Cots

    Keep your four-legged friend safely off the ground, comfortable and free from draughts with this sturdy Barkshire Elevated Pet Cot.  Featuring a durable steel frame with strong Teslin mesh, it is easily wiped clean and provides your pet with a supportive sleeping and resting area that allows air to flow freely below.

    From £15.99
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