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Ancol Small Bite Softweave Collar & Lead Set 8-12in

Designed especially for puppies and small dogs, this Ancol Small Bite Softweave Collar and Lead Set is not only practical but also comfortable for your pet. It is a lovely matching collar set that is gentle on your puppy, or small dog, and feels great to touch. The D ring and buckle add the finishing touch to this stylish set.

Soft and fully adjustable, this quality, strong collar and lead set is a perfect choice for your pupís first collar and ideal for small dog breeds too.

Size 0-1 Adjustable Collar: from 20 to 30cm
Lead length: 1m

BUY NOW: £5.49

Ancol Rope Slip Lead

Use this Rope Slip Lead when you want quick control of your dog on walks. It is designed for collarless dogs, all you need to do is slip the loop over your dogs head and adjust the ring and keeper to ensure the lead is safely on and comfortable. As the rope is weatherproof and resistant to dirt, it means that it can be quickly and easily cleaned and will always remain in the best condition. The soft material is kind to the walkerís hands and the lead can be easily concealed in a pocket in a few seconds so you donít need to be bothered with carrying when your pal is roaming.

From £5.99
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Rok Straps Stretch Dog Leash

No more jolts for you or your dog with this quality Rok Straps Dog Leash! This ultimate stretch leash takes all the jolting out of walking with your canine friend. It features a non-stretch handle and traffic leader at the base for tight control situations. One part of the leash is made from elastic bungee material whilst the other part is nylon braiding; this means that the leash takes the shock and not you!  Unlike re-coil leads, the progressive tension of the Rok Straps Leash signals your pet to stop with minimum recoil and without the jolt. It keeps you in control – instantly

From £13.99
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Envy Henna Lead

Stylize walkies with this Envy Henna Lead. Based upon the beautiful henna tattoos, your dog will very pretty and be up there with the very latest in the world of doggy fashion! The Envy range of leads offer a distinct style, a robust quality and allow your four legged friend to make a bold fashion statement. The leadís snap firmly secures to the collar and you will find the hand hold comfortable to grip with the soft padding. Alongside their characteristic pretty style, there is a branded silver plaque that further distinguishes this lead. Matches the Envy collar ranges of collars and harnesses.

What design describes your dog?! One thing is to be sure, you will receive some enviable glances from your neighbours!

From £6.24
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Tracking lead

100% cotton canvas web lead, with double crossed box type stitching and die-cast chrome plated snap bolt. Suitable for use in all situations on land or water where control is needed. Mildew resistant.

From £7.99
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Outward Hound Hands-Free Leash

Hands-free walking or jogging with your dog! Having to handle a leash can make a chore out of a great run, walk, or hike with your four-legged friend. The Outward Hound Hands-Free Leash provides you with the perfect solution. It comprises an adjustable, lightweight, waist pack and leash.

The neoprene belt features two pockets with reverse coil zippers for carrying essentials such as keys, mobile or cash and the handy attached mesh pouch collapses and stores inside its own pocket, making it ideal for carrying water bottle or treats. Please see the extra images.

The non-slip, elastic waistband contours to your body to provide greater comfort and there are dual D-rings for right and left side leash attachment. It comes complete with a 6 foot woven leash that you can also store in one of the pockets for when you allow your pet off the leash.

Perfect for joggers, hikers and walkers, or anyone who wants both hands free when out and about with their dog.

Dimensions: approx L69 x W10cm
Belt fits waist sizes: 80-120cm
Load capacity from leash hook to hook: up to 130kg
Load capacity from D-ring to the belt: up to 47.7kg

BUY NOW: £12.99

Ancol Nylon Training Lead

This Nylon Training Lead is fully adjustable with a ring that enables you to change the length of the lead to suit different training practices. The nylon will withstand the toughest of weather conditions and is easily wipeable. Known for its strength and its resistance to chewing and biting, this lead will endure session after session. Get the most out of your training with this quality product. Please note black supplied.

From £5.99
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Ancol Padded Dog Lead

This Ancol Padded Dog Lead is a major benefit when exercising your dog as the neoprene padding acts as a cosseting cushion in the palm of your hand.

From £6.99
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Ancol Nylon Tracking Line

This longer length Nylon Tracking Line is useful for training your dog in a wide open space. It is ideal for sport and is used by police forces nationally. Designed from the most durable synthetic nylon with a high strength quotient and you will find that it is extremely easy to use. Keep control yet allow your friend freedom to roam.

From £11.99
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Sporn Double Dog Coupler

Walk and control two dogs of the same or different size at the same time with the Sporn Double Dog Coupler!

This coupler allows the owner safer, closer control on the street and a more free and wide range during park walks. This fully adjustable coupler can be customised to walk dogs close together or farther apart with equal or unequal leash lengths. Easily operated adjustable clasp and a chrome swivel clip attaches to dog's collar to prevent tangling.

Manufactured from durable nylon fabric. Available in two sizes (Small or Large) to cater for all breeds.

From £5.99
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Ancol Small Bite Paw & Bone Collar & Lead Set 8-12in

Designed especially for puppies and small dogs, this Ancol Small Bite Dog Collar and Lead Set is not only practical but also attractive with its paw and bone design.

It is a lovely matching collar and lead set made from soft nylon and has safety reflective stitching which makes it ideal for the low light times of day.

Soft and fully adjustable with a quick release clip, this quality, strong collar and lead set is a perfect choice for your pup's first collar and ideal for small dog breeds too.

Size 0-1 Adjustable Collar: from 20 to 30cm

  • Collar and lead width: 1.2cm
  • Lead length: 1m
BUY NOW: £6.99

Canny Adult Dog Lead Adult 25mm

This Canny Adult Dog Lead is a high quality lead, that will make walks for both you, and your dog, a pleasurable and comfortable affair.

Made from quality polypropylene, this lead comes with a padded handle, to protect and cosset your hand, as well as a padded grip on the lead itself to indicate the optimum position for your hand when walking your dog using a Canny collar.

  • Padded handle
  • Chromed snap clip

Keeping boisterous pets under control can be a stressful situation, but using quality equipment can reduce the stress, both for yourself and your canine companion. Using this Canny lead will increase your confidence and control, making your daily walk more relaxing and fun.

Dimensions: W2.5 x L120cm

BUY NOW: £9.49

Clix Long Line 10m

The Clix Long Line is specifically designed to aid training with confidence! This Long Line will aid recall training, combining security with freedom and is also an ideal tool to show controlled socialisation for puppies and young dogs.

Manufactured from soft padded webbing, the Long Line is now only available in one length of 10m, in black only

BUY NOW: £9.99

Tracking Round Braided Lead 10m

The Tracking Round Braided Lead is a purpose-designed rope for using for optimal training and learning commands at a distance. It is also adequate for tracking and other times when it is suitable to give a lot of freedom whilst out walking. Your dog is still being controlled, but they can feel a greater sense of independence.

The rope is made from round braided nylon that is strong and durable and it simply affixes to your dogs collar quickly and easily with a clipper. Please note: if your dog has a tendency to lunge, it is advisable to wear gloves to prevent any hand injury.

Dimensions: L10m x 5mm diameter

BUY NOW: £4.99

Ancol Nylon Softweave Lead 1m

Designed for maximum comfort, this Nylon Softweave Lead is made from an extra soft textured nylon which means that it is comfortable for you and your dog. It matches the Nylon Softweave Collars that Pet Planet sell but looks really appealing when attached to any collar.

With its durability and the fact that it is weatherproof, there is really no reason not to purchase one. Stand out from the crowd of dog walkers with one of these lightweight dog leads!

Length: approx. 1m
Thickness: 1cm

BUY NOW: £3.49

ROK Straps Reflective Dog Coupler Small

This ROK Straps Reflective Coupler allows you to walk and control two dogs of the same or different size at the same time.

This coupler has reflective material woven into the outer material, which will allow your dogs to be seen better in low light conditions.


From £12.99
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Ancol Vintage Polka Dog Lead 1m

A stylish Ancol Vintage Polka Dog Lead will set your dog apart from the rest!

From £5.29
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Happy Pet Little Rascals Puppy Collar & Lead Set 9-14in

A great starter set for your pup! The Little Rascals Collar & Lead Set is soft and adjustable to accommodate your growing puppy, and is also ideal for small dog breeds. It is a lovely matching collar and lead set that is not only practical but also comfortable for your pet.

This is a strong, quality set that is gentle on your puppy, and the D ring and buckle add that stylish, finishing touch. It is a great choice for your pup or small dog that comes at a great price.

Adjustable collar: from 22.5 to 36cm diameter
Lead: L103cm

BUY NOW: £6.49

My Dog Clip

Are you fed up with your dog lead cutting into your hand? My Dog Clip will sort that out no problem! It is also great for when you need to tie your dog up, having to unclip your dog then pass the lead through a railing, back through the lead and clip up again.

My Dog Clip has a comfortable foam handle and a sprung lever that allows you to clip the lead to a railing or round a post. This is also a great item for any dog walkers who may need to walk more than one dog at a time.

  • Easy to secure
  • Use it just when you are out for a walk
  • Use it to walk two or more dogs
  • Use it everywhere

Dimensions: L19.5 x W10 x D2.5cm

BUY NOW: £1.99

Ferplast Ergocomfort Lead G20/120

Ferplast Ergocomfort is the lead, collar and harness range for walking your dog in total comfort and safety. Easy and quick to fit thanks to an innovative opening and closing system, the Ergocomfort lead's soft padding ensures high comfort and avoids abrasion, and ensures that you can keep a firm, safe, and comfortable grip on your dog. Measures approx 20mm x 120cm (1" x 48").
BUY NOW: £9.99
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