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Nano Aquariums

Nano Aquariums have become very popular in the last few years and will grace any room of your home with Marine and freshwater options.

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Fluval Chi Aquarium 19 Litre

Bring the energy and harmony of a Fluval Chi Aquarium to your home or office. This modern tank allows ones self expression and infuses itself into everything creating a harmonious environment. It comes complete with safe low voltage lighting and power filtration.

Features include:

  • Centre filter / Light cube with switch, equipped with foam and filter pad
  • 12 LED lights with low voltage transformer and manual read light switch
  • 1 plug for filter and light system
  • In-tank decorative plant basket (plants & pebbles not included)

The flowing water encourages thought, reflection and relaxation as the sound of the gentle trickling fills the room. You will find the set up and maintenance on this aquarium easy, leaving you to enjoy the therapeutic effects!

Dimensions: W25.4 x D31.25 x H25.4cm

Water quality and water changes are of utmost importance for the livelihood of your fish, please ensure your pet has enough space for living and exercising by taking a look at Pet Planets important Fish Tank Sizing advice.

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  • Click here for advice on keeping fish. This is the BVAs Animal Welfare Foundation guide to Ornamental Fish Keeping.

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    Marina Betta Kit 7L

    This Marina Betta Kit is a great way to get into keeping these beautiful and elegant fish

    This aquarium is based around a 7 litre plastic tank, which comes with everything you will need to successfully keep these stunning fish. With their vibrant colours and long flowing fins, the beauty of the Betta brings tranquillity and serenity to any environment. Growing to around 6cm, Siamese Fighting Fish thrive in small areas and the Marina Betta Kit is the perfect housing to show off their splendour.

    • 7 Litre clear plastic aquarium
    • Marina i25 internal filter
    • Submersible, compact 10W heater
    • Decorative reversible background

    This compact, and well thought-out tank, comes with a hinged hood to make maintenance tasks easy, and it has moulded cut-outs to allow the wiring from the filter and heater to neatly exit the back of the tank.

    It’s size means that it takes up very little space, and will fit on desks and work surfaces. Sitting on its 4 curved feet, this aquarium will bring a tranquil, calming element to your everyday life.

    Dimensions: L33 x D34.5 x H21.5

    Capacity: 7 Litres

    Customer note: Please be aware that Betta’s, or Siamese fighting fish, are solitary fish and should only be kept as single specimens.

    Please click here for Marina Guarantee.

    Water quality and water changes are of utmost importance for the livelihood of your fish, please ensure your fish has enough space by taking a look at PetPlanet's important Fish Tank Sizing advice. Click here to view

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