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Johnsons Hamster and Guinea Pig Vitamin Drops 100ml

Johnson's Hamster and Guinea Pig Vitamin Drops are an essential daily supplement.

Working to promote and maintain good health and key resistance to ailments, this is a solid all round supplement for your tiny pets. Suitable for hamsters, guinea pugs and other small animals.

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Vetzyme Ear Drops & Cleanser for Pets - 18ml

All too often your pet may have problems with a build up of ear wax that can lead to bacterial complications. Vetzyme Ear drops and Cleanser for pets will help prevent these types of problem. It can be used to cleanse and disinfect insect bites, small cuts and grazes around the outer ear also. Suitable for Dogs, Cats and Small Pets. Always follow instructions.
BUY NOW: £3.49

Beaphar Fly Free

Beaphar Fly Free is suitable for treating fly strike which is a particularly nasty condition that can affect rabbits with damp or dirty fur. Fly-Free can prevent this from happening, and one application can last for up to one week.

Beaphar Fly Free will also kill fleas, ticks and lice

Please note that this product contains Permethrin, which can be fatal to cats.

To prevent cats becoming accidentally exposed to the product you MUST keep treated animals away from cats for 72 hours after the treatment. It is important that cats do not groom the site of application on another animal which has been treated with this product. Seek veterinary advice immediately if this does happen.

BUY NOW: £3.99

Beaphar Anti Ringworm Spray for Small Animals 50ml

Beaphar Anti-fungal spray for small animals contains miconazole, and is authorised for sale in the UK under the Small Animal Exemption Scheme. For topical application, the product is for use against fungal skin infections, which are characterised in small mammals by hair loss, skin thickening and discolouration, leaving rough, itchy patches. Infections such as ringworm are highly contagious, and can easily be transmitted to owners.

Great care should be taken when treating an infected animal, which should be isolated from others. Also for this reason, gloves should be worn when handling and during treatment.

  • Contains: Miconazole 10 mg/ml

    Quantity : 1 x 50ml spray

    Please note that this product was formerly known as Beaphar Anti Fungal Spray for Small Animals 50ml

    BUY NOW: £7.49

    Recovery Liquid Feed for Small Herbivores 10 x 20g Sachets

    Recovery liquid feed for small herbivores is designed to be a complete food for animals that are sick or recuperating. During illness, animals that are reluctant to eat food can still receive all the essential nutrients they require with this product. The levels of protein, carbohydrates and fibre are elevated above that of a regular diet to expedite recovery and each sachet provides the average 2.5kg rabbit with one full days' feed, which can be given in small amounts at regular intervals throughout the day.

    Certain herbivores, in particular rabbits can have an extremely sensitive gut when ill and this can lead to secondary problems. Lack of appetite and not feeding regularly can lead to gut stasis, so it is vital to provide these sick animals with an alternative source of nutrition with high fibre levels to prevent irreversible damage. This product also rehydrates the patient.

    Product specifications at a glance:

    • Rehydratable as a liquid feed suitable for syringe feeding
    • Now comes with feeding syringe!
    • Just add warm water and mix into an easy to feed paste
    • High fibre 19%
    • With fructo-oligo-saccharides (FOS) to help promote a healthy digestive system
    • Highly palatable
    • No added sugar
    • No artificial colourants
    • Boxed 10 x 20g sachets

    Feeding Guidelines:

    Recovery is suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchilla, degus and other small herbivores that require a high fibre diet. Mix one sachet (20g) of Recovery with 90ml of warm water per kg of bodyweight per day. Feed small amounts at regular intervals throughout the day. Guinea Pigs and Degus will require vitamin C supplementation.


    1. Mix the sachet with 90ml of warm water and mix thoroughly to achieve an even suspension
    2. Draw a manageable amount into the syringe
    3. Place the animal on your lap with its head facing away from your body
    4. Place nozzle of the syringe into the side of the mouth and gently squeeze a small amount at a time to the back of the mouth
    5. Allow the animal to swallow between mouthfuls. Gently rubbing the throat will encourage this, and you will get used to the amount that your animal will take in each mouthful
    6. Continue feeding until a sufficient amount has been eaten - this may only be small to begin with. Gradually increase the daily feed as the animal gains strength
    BUY NOW: £17.99

    Beaphar Fly Guard 3 Month

    Beaphar Fly Guard gives protection against fly strike for 3 months.

    This is a particularly nasty condition that can affect rabbits or guinea pigs with damp or dirty fur. Green Bottles lay their eggs in the fur, where they hatch into larvae and migrate down into the skin. Following their moult the larvae then start to eat their way into the body tissue. Not only does this cause distress and discomfort to the rabbit, it can also cause blood-poisoning, which can in some cases be fatal.

    Beaphar Fly Guard is a Veterinary preparation that contains an insect growth regulator to give protection against fly strike for up to 3 months. One bottle will treat up to 5 rabbits.

  • Contains Ivermectin (parasiticide) 0.05 mg/ml

    BUY NOW: £7.99

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