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Frontline Spot On Cat

Frontline Spot On Cat is useful for the treatment and prevention of infestations of fleas, ticks and biting lice on cats and provides protection against ticks for up to 1 month and 5 weeks protection against fleas. Please note that Frontline Spot On Cat will not prevent fleas or ticks attaching themselves to your cat but they will be killed in the first 24-48 hours. It can be used on kittens from 8 weeks of age providing that they weigh at least 1kg. Administration is achieved using a pre-measured pipette directly onto the catís skin. Cats should be weighed accurately before administration. Only for use on cats and kittens do not administer to any other animal. Frontline Spot On Cat can safely be used in breeding, pregnant and lactating queens. For effective flea treatment it is essential to treat all animals in the household and all pet living areas and bedding. As fleas are an intermediary host to Tapeworm it is important to treat your pet for worms at the same time as fleas.

Doseage 1 pipette of 0.5ml per cat, please refer to the data sheet for further details.

View Data Sheet

Please seek veterinary advice if your cat weighs 6.6kg and over

From £12.49
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Petkin Pet Wipes Pack of 100

Petkin Pet Wipes provide a convenient way for you to keep your pet clean and healthy every day with no water or rinsing required. Each wipe is moistened with a gentle cleansing formula that helps maintain a clean and healthy pet coat while restoring skin moisture and softness. You can use them daily for quick cleanings, controlling pet odours and wiping dirty paws and you can also use additional wipes as necessary, especially on larger pets.

Veterinary approved, these wipes can play a key role in maintaining a clean pet; a great alternative if bathing is too much of a hassle. Containing aloe and vitamin E, for a healthy skin and coat, they can be used to clean your petís face, ears, body and eye area.

  • Deodorises and conditions
  • Will not remove spot flea treatments
  • Safe for use on petís face
  • Safe for use on pets that lick or teethe

    BUY NOW: £4.79

    Feliway Diffuser and Refill

    Feliway is a safe solution of feline facial pheromone, which mimics the cat's natural pheromones, creating a state of comfort and calm.

    From £15.49
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    Epiotic Ear Cleaner

    Epiotic is an antiseptic, antifungal and ceruminolytic ear cleanser designed to remove crusts, dirt and scales and to dry the ear canal.

    Available in 60 and 125ml sizes.

    From £6.99
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    Johnsons Clean n Safe Stain and Odour Remover Spray 500ml

    Take care of those unfortunate accidents with the Johnsonís Clean n Safe Stain and Odour Remover Spray.

    A biological pet stain and odour remover made with natural enzymes (that speed up the process), suitable for use on carpets, rugs, upholstery, fabrics both in home and car.

    BUY NOW: £3.49

    Petkin Tushie Wipes Pack of 100

    These Tushie Wipes are great for taking optimal care of your pet's bottom.

    Working to clean and deodorise, these wipes have extra cleansing strength so they can tackle mess and odours. Veterinary approved, this is a great accessory for looking after your pet and for making sure no nasty germs are introduced into your home.

    Suitable for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.

    BUY NOW: £4.99

    Barkshire Puppy Pad Holder / Kitty Litter Tracking Tray

    This well designed, non-skid Barkshire Puppy Pad Holder can be used with or without training pads, or you could also use it as a Kitty Litter Tracking Tray to reduce cat litter tracking. Easy to assemble, it is made from a high quality resin composite material that is not only tough and resilient but also soft and comfortable for your puppy or cat to stand on.

    For puppy training purposes, the tray has a super large capacity of more than 1500ml so urine will not spill out and patented inducer particles in the grill attract your puppy to it, thus increasing the chances of training success. When nature calls you do not want the outcome to be spread around your house! The Puppy Pad Holder holds the training pad down securely in place so that your pup cannot run off with it. Just snap the top over the training pad onto the bottom section, or, better still, do not use pads at all!

    It is an excellent product that can also be used as a Kitty Litter Tracking Tray placed in front of a cat tray. It will protect floors and reduce litter tracking throughout your home as the grill in the tray will aid in pulling the cat litter from your petís paws. Your feline friend will also love the soft, comfortable grill.

    Best of all, it has been treated with Ag+ which is an anti-germ technology providing superior antimicrobial performance that kills stain and odour-causing bacteria. It features non-skid pads on the bottom four corners to protect your floors or carpets and it is easy to clean.

    Dimensions: approx. L48.5 x W37cm
    Training pad size: approx. L45 x W33cm (not included)

    BUY NOW: £6.99

    Hungry Pet Scoop n Clip

    A simple design helps solve 2 tasks when feeding your pet. A measured 1 cup scoop in an oval shape on one end, and on the other end a hand fitting clip designed to help seal dry dog food bags. A fun product for an otherwise dull task. Available in assorted colours.

    From £3.99
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    Petwear Wash Bag Large 58x75cm

    The Petwear Wash-Bag prevents damage to your washing machine from loose pet hair. Suitable for washing pet coats and clothing, pet bedding, blankets, fleeces, duvet covers, throws, pet towels, soft toys, tugs, collars and harnesses. Acting as a filtration system for your washing machine, it works by retaining all pet hair inside the bag during the wash cycle, whilst allowing a free flow of water through the bag to clean your items. After washing, any trapped pet hair can be easily shaken out of the bag, ready for re-use (the bag, not the hair!). Using the wash-bag leaves your washing machine completely clean and free from hair, and it also prevents buckle damage when washing items such as collars and harnesses. Very user friendly, with a zip front closure and useful hanging loop, the wash-bag is even handy for storing away your pet laundry until ready for washing. Available in various colours, please let us choose. Large, measures 58x75cm (23"x29.5").
    BUY NOW: £9.99

    Simple Solution Cat Litter Odour Eliminator Spray 290ml

    Your litter tray doesn't have to smell so nasty you know, keep it fresh with the Simple Solution Litter Odour Eliminator.

    The pro-bacteria and enzyme formula digests odour-causing residue to totally eliminate execrable litter box odours. This bottle is 100% dust free and can deliver more than 60 treatments.

    Just spray 10 to 15 times over the litter lightly, then respray. Reapply as needed and change litter when necessary.

    Don't believe us? Check out the reviews below

    BUY NOW: £4.99

    Indorex Household Flea Spray 500ml

    The fleas you see on your pet are normally the tip of the iceberg. Most of a fleas life is not spent on your pet but on the areas that your pet commonly visits, ie carpets, bedding, rugs etc. If you suspect fleas the only sure way of getting rid of the problem is to treat each animal in the household and any soft furnishings that they have come into contact with. Indorex Household Flea Spray is recommended by vets as being one of the most effective household flea sprays available. A 5 second burst of Indorex spary will treat approximately 1 square meter. Care should be taken to treat all carpets and rugs, skirting boards and tiles, paying particular attention to any cracks and crevises. After spraying it is recommended that the room is closed up for half an hour and then ventilated for a further half hour. Indorex Household Spray will interupt the life cycle of the flea but you may see residual adult fleas appearing due to the chemicals being unable to kill of the pupa stage. An application of Indorex Household Spray will be active in your home for up to 1 year. This product is fatal to fish, crustacians and bees and must not be applied directly to your pet. In order to be effective it will be necessary to treat any animals in the household for fleas and as fleas act as an intermediary host to tapeworm and effective worming treatment is also recommended.
    BUY NOW: £14.49

    Simple Solution Stain & Odour Remover Cat Spray

    Formulated especially to combat all those tough feline odours and stains.

    From £5.49
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    Petkin Jumbo Ear Wipes Pack of 80

    These Jumbo Ear Wipes are great for keeping your pet in optimum health and is a handy accessory to keep around the home.

    Both an ear cleanser and deodorizer in one, they also help to soothe itching and are great for throwing in the back of the car ahead of days out, holidays or general outdoorsy activities with your dog.

    Veterinary approved, this is an excellent all-round helper.

    Suitable for dogs and cats.

    BUY NOW: £3.49

    Beaphar Cat Spot-On - 12 week treatment

    Beaphar Cat Spot-On is an effective 12 week flea control program for cats or kittens over 12 weeks old. Fleas can cause irritation and make your cat scratch and they can also carry tapeworm and disease. This is a simple and convenient way to repel fleas quickly and effectively, with each application lasting up to four weeks.

    Beaphar Cat Spot-On should be used as part of an effective flea control programme. Fleas will often infest your pet's basket bedding and regular resting areas including carpets and soft furnishing.

    Quantity: 3 treatments

    BUY NOW: £3.99

    Litter Kwitter Cat Toilet Training System

    The Litter Kwitter is a complete system that trains your cat to use your toilet! You can train your cat in three easy steps and say goodbye to the litter tray forever. This award-winning Litter Kwitter system has been developed with vets, animal behaviourists and cat breeders to create three colour coded stages to train your cat naturally. It teaches your cat how to balance on the toilet, how to aim correctly into the toilet and finally, how to go without the need for litter.

    Red Stage: trains your cat to go into the bathroom whenever they need to go, and to hop up onto the toilet to do it. The special white seat starts on the floor next to the toilet with the red training disc full of litter just like their regular litter tray. This trains your cat to go into the bathroom when they need to go. Later, the whole device is placed on the toilet rim so your cat learns to hop up to go. They remain at the stage until it becomes second nature to them.
    Amber Stage: uses the amber training disc which has a small hole in the centre surrounded by a reservoir of litter. Your cat treads on the litter while learning to balance over the hole. The location of the hole means your cat will move their front paws onto the seat whilst positioning their rear over the opening. Your cat will experience going into the water for the first time.
    Green Stage: uses the disc with the large hole. Your cat learns to go directly into the toilet while balancing all four paws on the seat with their rear over the hole. The quantity of litter you use is reduced until finally there is none at all. Your cat will not need litter any longer and you can enjoy the benefits of a litter-free home.

    • Special white seat fits most standard toilets
    • Includes step-by-step training DVD

    During toilet training cats are likely to progress at different paces depending on their differing natures. Cats like things their own way - they do stuff when they like, how they like and at their own pace. This is why we love them it is their independent streak. This system has reusable training discs for cats that do not learn in an orderly fashion and you can redo each stage as many times as it takes and retrain cats that move houses etc.

    No tools are required to fit the Litter Kwitter and it can be fitted and removed in 5 seconds, if you need to share the toilet. You can also fit it to a longer toilet, it will create a small gap at the back but this will not affect training.

    Fits toilet width: 25-38cm

    Please note: In the interest of hygiene this product is non-returnable. This does not affect your statutory rights.

    BUY NOW: £29.99

    PetSafe Wee Care Pet Toilet Cleanser 475ml

    Eliminate odours and soiling from pet carriers and indoor or outdoor toileting areas with this fabulous PetSafe Wee Care Pet Toilet Cleanser! The safe, non-toxic enzyme cleanser gets to the source of organic stains and odours and leaves no by-products behind which could attract dirt and bacteria.

    It is also ideal for use with the PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Pet Toilet to clean the artificial grass as it will dissolve the organic matter quickly and easily. This biodegradable cleanser will not harm or discolour fabrics or irritate sensitive skin, eyes or noses.

    Perfect for use on:

    • Pet Carriers
    • Artificial grass
    • Indoor/outdoor toileting areas
    • PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Pet Toilets

    Quantity: 475ml

    BUY NOW: £10.99

    Vetkem Acclaim Household Flea Spray 500ml

    Kill fleas and flea larvae with Acclaimís Household Flea Spray Ė protect your house for 12 months! Acclaim is veterinarians' number one choice of house spray and is now licensed to kill house dust mites. Containing S-methoprene and permethrin it will kill fleas and flea larvae and will remain active for an amazing 12 months against flea egg development. It is also effective against ants, cockroaches, ticks and spiders.

    Against adult fleas it is effective for 6 weeks. One can is sufficient to treat a surface area of 140 square meters (1200 square feet). In order to be effective it is vital that Acclaim is used in all areas that your pet has access to.

  • Continuous protection for 12 months
  • One can covers house and car
  • Breaks the flea life cycle
  • Kills house mites

    Please note that the date on the base of the can is the manufacturing date not the use by date. This product is harmful to aquatics.

    BUY NOW: £15.49

    Homeopet Leaks No More

    Homeopet Leaks No More is a homeopathic remedy designed to naturally help the body tighten up affected muscles to stop unwanted urinary leakage, leaving your pet and house clean and dry. Manufactured from the purest, natural ingredients, Homeopet Leaks No More is safe and gentle and helps reduce incontinence in your pet caused by old age, post spaying or neutering. This fast acting liquid formulated in an organic solution is non-sedating with no known side affects and is administered orally. Alternatively drop into food or drink. Full dosage instructions included. 15ml droplet bottle.
    BUY NOW: £7.99

    Sticky Paws On A Roll 10 metres

    Over 32 feet of product in the same crack-n-peel application as Sticky Paws for Furniture! Stop cats from scratching furniture, furnishings, stereos etc - just peel and strip away from backing sheet and put in place on area to be protected. Sticky Paws adhesives are transparent, non-toxic, and water soluble; especially formulated so no sticky residue will be left on your furniture when it is removed, and the built-in serrated knife-edge trims the Sticky Paws product to any length for those hard to protect areas. 10mtr roll (32.8ft) Not suitable for leather furniture or furniture that has been treated with an anti-stain covering.
    BUY NOW: £11.99

    Sticky Paws For Furniture

    Stop cats from scratching furniture, furnishings, stereos etc - just peel and strip away from backing sheet and put in place on area to be protected. Sticky Paws adhesive strips are transparent, non-toxic, and water soluble; especially formulated so no sticky residue will be left on your furniture when it is removed. 24 strips per pack. Not suitable for leather furniture or furniture that has been treated with an anti-stain covering.
    BUY NOW: £7.99
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