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Dog Toilet Training

A range of products to help with toilet training for puppies or older, incontinent dogs.

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20 Pack Training Pads for Puppies

Puppies always need a hand when they are starting out with their house training, and these Training Pads for puppies are just the thing to help them on their way.

These handy pads are designed to save your floors from little accidents while your puppy gets used to the idea of not going whilst indoors. Each pad has a multi-layered construction which is highly absorbent, and is up to dealing with the largest accidents. The pads also have an odour eliminating function, which means your house will fresh and clean smelling.

  • 20 pads per pack
  • Plastic backed for protection
  • Pad size: L60 x w40cm

These pads are far superior to using newspaper, ensuring your dog gets vital support during their training, and helping your home remain clean and odour free.

BUY NOW: £2.99

Petbrands Puppy Training Pads 58x58cm Box of 100 + 5 FREE

House Training made simple! These Petbrands Puppy Training Pads are specially scented to attract your pup to use them. They are extremely absorbent and not only lock away moisture but also odour. They are really convenient and hygienic and you even get 5 FREE pads!

Petbrands Puppy Training Pads provide a designated toilet area for puppies as well as for indoor, confined or ill pets and are ideal for making it much easier to house train your puppy. You could also use them in pet crates or carriers when travelling with your canine friend. PetPlanet also sell a training pad holder which will keep the pad securely in one place.

Dimensions: L58 x W58cm

BUY NOW: £19.99

Simple Solution Puppy Training Aid - 235ml

Simple Solution Housebreaking Aid for Puppies is a scientifically formulated attractant.

Using this product will help train a puppy to urinate in the appropriate area. It is made for both outdoor and indoor use. For inside dogs, simply spray the product on newspaper or a puppy training Pad to attract the animal to the spot.

Still not sure? See what some of our customers had to say about the Simple Solution Puppy Training Aid below

BUY NOW: £3.99

Simple Solution Puppy Training Pads

Puppy Training Pads are excellent for housebreaking your new puppy and providing an eliminative area for indoor, confined or ill pets. Also great to use in pet carriers and crates as well as in cars, hotels, boats and more.

From £6.39
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Barkshire Puppy Pad Holder / Kitty Litter Tracking Tray

This well designed, non-skid Barkshire Puppy Pad Holder can be used with or without training pads, or you could also use it as a Kitty Litter Tracking Tray to reduce cat litter tracking. Easy to assemble, it is made from a high quality resin composite material that is not only tough and resilient but also soft and comfortable for your puppy or cat to stand on.

For puppy training purposes, the tray has a super large capacity of more than 1500ml so urine will not spill out and patented inducer particles in the grill attract your puppy to it, thus increasing the chances of training success. When nature calls you do not want the outcome to be spread around your house! The Puppy Pad Holder holds the training pad down securely in place so that your pup cannot run off with it. Just snap the top over the training pad onto the bottom section, or, better still, do not use pads at all!

It is an excellent product that can also be used as a Kitty Litter Tracking Tray placed in front of a cat tray. It will protect floors and reduce litter tracking throughout your home as the grill in the tray will aid in pulling the cat litter from your petís paws. Your feline friend will also love the soft, comfortable grill.

Best of all, it has been treated with Ag+ which is an anti-germ technology providing superior antimicrobial performance that kills stain and odour-causing bacteria. It features non-skid pads on the bottom four corners to protect your floors or carpets and it is easy to clean.

Dimensions: approx. L48.5 x W37cm
Training pad size: approx. L45 x W33cm (not included)

BUY NOW: £6.99

Iris Neat N Dry Floor Protection & Training Pads 90 x 60cm

The Iris Neat N Dry Floor Protection and Training Pads is sized for training puppies or aiding aging dogs of all sizes and ages. The polymer gel technology traps liquid fast and draws moisture to keep the surface dry.

Forget soggy, smelly newspapers and wet paw prints tracked through the house. Now there's a truly innovative way to train your puppy or dog. Neat n Dry, the first super-absorbent, trackless, odor-blocking, floor protection pad. These training pads also have a leak-proof, sealed plastic backing to contain messes.

  • Protect your floor
  • Potty-train your pet
  • Assist aging or all-day indoor dogs
  • Turns liquid into gel immediately
  • Sized for all dogs and puppies


Also ideal for dogs left inside all day or for ailing or aged pets. Neat N Dry features a 5-layer quilted protection for super absorbency and instantly absorbs up to a quart of liquid and turns into a gel for easy, efficient disposal.

Unfolded Pad Dimensions: W90 x D60cm

From £3.49
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Quilted Puppy Training Pads

These maximum absorbency Quilted Puppy Training Pads have sealed edges and a 100% leak-proof backing to provide you with all day worry-free protection from accidents.

From £10.99
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UGODOG Indoor Dog Litter Tray

House training your dog can be a messy business. Little surprises waiting for you when you wake in the morning or having to pick up wet or soiled newspaper (when they hit the target!) and then dispose of it. UGODOG is made from high quality, sturdy plastic and is an innovative and environmentally friendly indoor dog potty and house training system. It will not only keep your dog's paws dry, but will keep your house dry, just the way you and your pet prefer it! It provides all of the benefits of a dog litter box without any of the mess.

It is designed to make clean-up simple, easy and mess-free without burdening the environment. It has a solid base that will support any dog, regardless of breed or size. There are two removable fitted grates on the top. The square openings of the grates are specifically sized so that even the smallest dogs and puppies do not get their paws trapped. The grates allow for your pet's paws to remain dry as the urine passes through the cubed openings and on to the base below where the dog pee pad absorbs the urine and odour, or you could use newspaper if you prefer to.

The grates also allow any pooh to settle on top making clean-up easy and mess-free. Simply lift the grate with the pooh on it and drop the pooh in a recycled waste bag and throw away. UGODOG uses two smaller grates rather than one large one to make cleanup of the grates easier and more convenient. Simply wipe off with a wet paper towel every evening.

Although UGODOG is an indoor dog litter tray, it is certainly not meant to be a replacement for dog walking. Instead, UGODOG can be used in addition to your dog's bathroom trips, or to train a puppy.

Dimensions: approx. L67 x W47.5 x H2.5cm

BUY NOW: £32.99

Ancol Poop Torch Biodegradable Waste Bags Pack of 60

Biodegradable Waste Bags for the Poop Torch.

Made from durable materials, these bags are lightweight and easy to tear. Quick and convenient for easy disposal.

Please note: bag colours may vary from image shown.

BUY NOW: £1.99

Barkshire Indoor Dog Toilet

The Barkshire Indoor Dog Toilet will assist you house training your dog and stop you waking up to any little surprises.

From £8.99
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Simple Solution Nappy Liner Pads - 22 Pads

Simple Solution Nappy Liner Pads are self-adhesive pads that provide additional protection for excitable urination, bitches in season and puppies who are not yet house trained. For the smaller sized Nappy Pants cut pads as needed to fit. Not suitable for large size or above. Dispose of these pads in the bin. Do not flush them down the toilet. Please note these pads are recommended for 'Light Absorbency' only. Not suitable for incontinence.
BUY NOW: £3.29

Puppy Training Pads 60x60cm

Make house training your puppy simple and easy with these scented Puppy Training Pads that are specially designed to attract your pet. They are super absorbent and lock in moisture and odour.

From £3.99
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PetSafe Wee Care Pet Toilet Cleanser 475ml

Eliminate odours and soiling from pet carriers and indoor or outdoor toileting areas with this fabulous PetSafe Wee Care Pet Toilet Cleanser! The safe, non-toxic enzyme cleanser gets to the source of organic stains and odours and leaves no by-products behind which could attract dirt and bacteria.

It is also ideal for use with the PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Pet Toilet to clean the artificial grass as it will dissolve the organic matter quickly and easily. This biodegradable cleanser will not harm or discolour fabrics or irritate sensitive skin, eyes or noses.

Perfect for use on:

  • Pet Carriers
  • Artificial grass
  • Indoor/outdoor toileting areas
  • PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Pet Toilets

Quantity: 475ml

BUY NOW: £10.99

Bonnington Toilet Training Tray for Dogs

Great for training your puppy, this Bonnington Toilet Training Tray for Dogs is just perfect for puppies or small dogs. It is a draining system for urine that resembles a patch of grass and will contain your pupís waste in one area. A brilliant product that is simple, hygienic and convenient, the urine seeps through the patch of synthetic grass into the tray below for easy disposal and cleaning and any solids can be easily scooped from the surface.

This handy tray will assist you to house train your young puppy and stop you waking up to any little surprises! Training dogs can be a very messy business but this artificial grass dog toilet will help put an end to all of that. Once your pup begins to use it properly and realise that it is not a toy, you can start to move it closer to the door until eventually, he or she gets the idea to go into the garden to eliminate.

This is also a great help when you have an older canine friend who may not be able to make it outside in time. Young or old, this training tray will be a help to all dogs and puppies, as well as ensuring your house stays clean and mess free.

  • Easy to clean artificial grass
  • Appealing to dogs as it feels like real grass

Dimensions: L34 x W47 x H6cm

BUY NOW: £8.99

Simple Solution Nappy Pants Medium

Simple Solution Nappy Pants are the perfect answer for pets experiencing excitable urination, pets with incontinence, female pets in season and puppies not yet quite housebroken. Each garment is lined with a soft plaid flannel fabric for comfort as well as an absorbent mesh liner for protection from leakage. For light seasonal flow or minor excitable urination the garments may be used alone. For heavy seasonal flow or more serious cases or urination, simply attach a Simple Solution Nappy Liner Pad to product's built-in mesh liner. Medium for dogs of 15 to 35 lbs, waist measurement 45-63cm.

Please note: to ensure a proper fit for the anatomy of your male dog, choose the next largest size.

BUY NOW: £11.39

Johnsons House Training Pads

These Johnsonís House Training Pads are ideal for toilet training in the home.

Suitable for puppies and dogs of all ages, these pads are made with a super absorbent gel that works to lock in any moisture and bad odours, keeping your floors and carpets clean. Whatís more, the leak proof material dries in around 30 seconds, so your pet wonít find themselves wandering out with soggy paws.

From £4.69
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Petsafe Skip to My Loo Attractant & Toilet Training Aid 125ml

Petsafe Skip to My Loo is perfect for training your pet to use the PetSafe Portable Pet Toilet, puppy pee pads or to use a designated area in your garden. Its unique naturally formulated enzyme technology mimics animal urine which acts as an attractant.

  • Easy to use liquid applicator
  • Eco friendly
  • Non-toxic
  • Biodegradable

Quantity : 125ml

BUY NOW: £7.99

Training Pad Holder by PetPlanet

No more messy pads ripped to shreds or left lying about by your playful puppy! Now you can stop your pup dragging training pads around your house with this Training Pad Holder that holds training pads firmly in place.

It is the ideal solution when housebreaking your puppy and is especially useful on wood or laminate floors where your excited four-legged friend could slide or slip on the training pad and has an anti-slip underside. It comprises two parts, a bottom tray with a non-slip backing and a top grid cover that clips onto the tray over the pad to keep it in place.

  • Easy to clean

    Dimensions: W54 x D44 x H4cm
    Pad size: approx 46 x 37cm

    BUY NOW: £6.99

    PetSafe Pee-Pod Urine Disposal Kit

    This PetSafe Pee-Pod Urine Disposal Kit fits all sizes of PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Toilets. The Pee-Pod is a biodegradable collection tray that fits inside the catchment area of the Pet Loo. When urine comes into contact with the Wee Sponge Powder in the tray, it rapidly absorbs the urine and turns it into a solidified gel, thereby trapping any airborne odours.

    The Wee Sponge Powder is scientifically formulated using patented technology to create a product that uses natural materials to give supernatural results. Together, the Wee Sponge Powder and Pee-Pods allow The Pet Loo's collection tray to hold at least 100 times it weight in liquid.

    The box contains:
    7 x PetSafe Pee-Pod Collection Trays
    1x 200g PetSafe Wee Sponge Urine Absorption Powder
    1 x Scoop for the Wee Sponge Powder

    BUY NOW: £26.99

    PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Toilet

    This Petsafe Pet Loo Portable Toilet will contain your dog’s waste in one designated area and will ensure your peace of mind on those extended stays out of the home. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, take your dog to the office, or simply want to leave those toilet training headaches behind, it is a    hygienic, convenient, simple, and environmentally friendly way to allow your pet the freedom to do his business  without relying on you for an opportunity.

    The Pet Loo is a draining system for urine that resembles a patch of grass. The heavy-duty frame includes a Slanted Tray, soak-through Synthetic Grass, and a Collection Bin. The urine seeps through the Synthetic Grass, runs down the Slanted Tray, and collects in the removable Collection Bin. The Collection Bin slides out for easy disposal and cleaning, and solids can be easily scooped from the Synthetic Grass.


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