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Coachies Puppy Training Treats

For years, people have been using Coachies to reward their dogs for good performance during training.

Available in a choice of flavours and pack sizes.

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Coachies Adult Training Treats

Coachies are a great way to reward your dog during training as the semi-moist heart shaped treats are highly palatable and do not break up in your pocket.

Available in a choice of flavours and pack sizes.

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Coachies Treat Bag Black

The Coachies Treat Bag is rain proof and dog proof! This treat bag is ideal for all reward-based training and can be attached to any belt or pocket. The bag has a drawstring to keep treats fresh and is made from washable fabric. Including clicker pouch, the Coachies Treat Bag can also be used as a holder for your mobile phone and/or keys, this bag is sure to be a practical addition to your daily walks! With belt hook and ring hook attachments. Black.
BUY NOW: £4.99

Pet Corrector

Snakes, insects and birds such as geese use the hiss sound to drive off predators, and our domesticated pets have the same sensitivity to this sound.

The Pet Corrector emits an inert gas (like fresh air), which mimics this hiss sound to interrupt undesirable behaviour. Situations in which the Pet Corrector can be used will of course vary, though key uses can include unwanted barking, jumping up, stealing food, place avoidance and aggression.

Free training guide included.

From £5.99
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iQuties Snack Attacks Treat Ball

With cute paw and bone shape motifs, the iQuties Snack Attacks is a great, high quality treat ball that can make your dog’s mealtimes more fun.

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Rosewood Dog Flyball Set

Brilliant fun for your dog! This Rosewood Dog Flyball Set will soon have your canine friend leaping in the air to catch the tennis ball. When your dog jumps onto the anti-slip pad at the front, the trigger mechanism is activated to eject the tennis ball from the single hole at the top. It will hone your dog's co-ordination skills and keep him exercised at the same time.

It is also a great starter platform for Flyball training which is a fast, fun and exciting event held at Crufts. Is your dog a likely contender? Find out with this set; if nothing else, your dog will have a great time!

Please click here to view our Dog Agility Range for more great ideas.

BUY NOW: £19.99

Coachies Lick Treat - Chicken

This Coachies Lick Treat is a brilliant, lickable version of the well known and loved Coachies Training Treats just shake it, open it, lick it! When your dog licks it, the rollerball releases the 100% natural flavour of either chicken or bacon for a delicious low calorie treat. Dogs love the great flavour and, at only one calorie per 8 licks, it is the perfect guilt-free reward.

Ideal for use in reward based training as not only is the bottle conveniently sized to keep in your pocket, it cannot be smelled once sealed and avoids you having a pocket full of broken up, smelly treats!

Coachies Lick Treat is perfect for training dogs to walk to heel and is a great visual aid for recall training and luring, and is also perfect to smear onto objects for target work. It is comfortable to hold for dog owners and with 500 licks per bottle, it is great value for money.

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • 1 calorie per 8 licks
  • 500 licks per bottle

Quantity: 50ml

BUY NOW: £2.99

Clix Multi Purpose Whistle

The CLIX Multi-Purpose Whistle is a good all-round whistle for both the pet dog owner and professional trainer.

Made from tough steel, yet a lightweight design, providing a clear whistle tone. Includes free training guide.

  • High frequency sounds are more attention grabbing than a human voice.
  • Commands can be delivered over a much greater distance.
  • Easier to standardise commands between handlers.
  • Recommended by Dr Roger Mugford and other leading trainers.

BUY NOW: £2.99

Kyjen Kibble Drop Dog Game

This great Kibble Drop Dog Game is a treat dispensing toy that has been designed to encourage your dog explore and solve problems by scent. Treats are dropped into the top of the toy and fall randomly into one of the four chambers covered by flaps. Your canine friend must smell the treat, determine the correct chamber and lift the flap to retrieve it. Scent holes on the chambers assist with your pet’s search for reward and encourage exploration instincts! The aim is to challenge and entertain your dog in the same way developmental toys do for children.

Most dogs instinctively enjoy the challenge of hunting and seeking out the hidden food in a puzzle toy. It will keep your pet healthy, happy and engaged! It is also an excellent way to slow down dogs� rapid consumption at meal times!

  • Anti-slip pad
  • Non toxic
  • Dish washer safe
  • Includes instructions and tips

    Dimensions: 22 x 22 x 10.5 high

    Please note: this toy is not indestructible, all play must be supervised. Replace toy once worn

    BUY NOW: £8.99

    Lishinu Hand-Free Retractable Dog Lead

    This fabulous Lishinu Dog Lead is the worlds smartest, coolest and most enjoyable, auto-retractable and hands-free dog lead! Small, strong and extremely effective, you have the option of using it in your hand or on your wrist, with 3 metres of lead at your disposal. It is perfect for joggers, hikers and walkers, or anyone who wants both hands free when out and about with their dog.

    This lead lets you set the maximum length to anything between 50 and 300 centimetres, letting your dog roam free within that range until you pull back your arm quickly to auto-lock - no buttons required! Also, should you need to keep your pet on a short leash through crowded areas, its collar provides a handle-like extension to grab onto.

    Autolock Mechanism: because of this your dog cannot develop the speed or power to pull an adult. The sound that it makes can also be used to train your dog to stop pulling.
    Safety Release: in case of danger the safety pull provides an effective way to free yourself from the lead.
    High Density Cord: specially made to ensure maximum strength tested up to 30kg.
    Adjustable Wrist Belt: will fit all sizes of wrists and allows hand-free use whilst completely releasing any tension from your hand or wrist to ensure maximum control and freedom of movement.
    Soft Padding: beneath the wrist belt provides comfort for you and protects against bruising.

    Dimensions: 7.5 cm diameter
    Maximum Cord length: 3m
    Maximum dog weight: 30kg

    BUY NOW: £17.49

    Clix Recall Long Line - 10m

    The Clix Recall Long Line allows the dog to be seemingly free and yet remain under control, combining security with freedom.

    Manufactured from soft padded webbing, this is an essential tool for recall training and ideal for controlled socialisation of puppies and aggressive dogs.

    Length: 10m

    Colour: Black

    BUY NOW: £9.99

    Dog Training Toy by PetPlanet

    Stimulate and entertain your dog with this Dog Training Toy by PetPlanet.

    This ingenious toy will help to train your dog, lifting boredom, and providing them with a treat for their efforts. You will need to show your canine friend at first how the toy works, but they will pick up how to play with it quickly, giving them the necessary challenge to improve their problem solving skills.

    • Stimulates and enhances problem solving
    • Easy clean plastic construction
    • Non-slip feet

    Your dog will paw the bone shaped handle at the top, and when the unit spins round it will reveal drawers in the base that can be filled with healthy treats to reward them. This is a fantastic way to spend quality time with your dog, enhancing the experience for both of you.

    Dimensions: H4 x 27.5cm Diameter

    Please note: this toy is not indestructible. Please supervise play and replace when worn.

    BUY NOW: £6.99

    Clix Professional Whistle

    The Clix Professional Whistle is engineered in high quality steel and produces a loud, clear whistle.

    Key Benefits:

    • High frequency sounds are more attention grabbing than a human voice.
    • Commands can be delivered over a much greater distance.
    • Easier to standardise commands between handlers.
    • Recommended by Dr Roger Mugford and other leading trainers.

    Includes: Whistle, lanyard, protective cover and training guide.

    Customer Note: The protective cover must be removed to reveal the mouthpiece before you can use the whistle. Hold either side of the middle of the whistle and pull apart, this can be stiff for the first couple of uses, the mouthpiece will be revealed and the whistle is ready for use.

    BUY NOW: £4.99

    King Kong

    The extra tough Kong for power chewers, the King Kong claims to be the World's strongest rubber toy and is used worldwide by police and military dogs as well as competitive trainers. This extra tough version is available only in the larger sizes and shares the same hollow centre as the regular Kong so that treats and snacks can be inserted as a boredom breaker.

    From £7.49
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    Trixie Hip Belt, Nylon, 62-125cm

    The Hip Belt, Nylon from Trixie is made of durable nylon fabric and includes a lateral D-ring for fixing leads, bunches of keys etc. Also has an adjustable belt with a waist of 24” – 50”, perfect for all body sizes. Ideal for training purposes as it provides pockets for training accessories including treats, whistles etc. This bum bag also comes with a compartment for a mobile phone and velcro fastenings and zips for easy access whilst walking. Available in a stylish black and grey colour, this Hip Belt will be a practical addition to your daily walks!
    BUY NOW: £5.99

    Ancol Bungee Shock Absorber for Dogs

    The Ancol Bungee Shock Absorber for Dogs is a single shock absorber lead attachment designed to take some strain when out walking your dog. With the revolutionary use of bungee material which stretches when your dog pulls whilst on a lead, this attachment will absorb the shock and impact if they suddenly take off after another dog / animal. Also reduces strain on your wrist, elbow and shoulder joints.

    Suitable for medium-large dogs.

    Length approximately 40cm (when relaxed).

    BUY NOW: £3.79

    Mikki Clikka Puppy Training Device

    This Mikki Clikka is a puppy/dog training device that produces a positive sound to allow your puppy or dog to associate it with a reward. Your pet needs to know when he or she is doing something right – you just press the red button to allow your puppy or dog to associate the clicking sound with a dog treat for his or her efforts.

    You can also use this effectively with a Mikki Target Stick and Mikki Treat Bag - both sold separately by PetPlanet

    BUY NOW: £2.49

    Walkezee Dog Harness

    The Walkezee Dog Harness makes walking easy and is suitable for all breeds of dog. This brilliant dog harness has been specially designed to reduce pulling and simplify training by controlling your dog from the front of the body.  By attaching a lead on either side of the moving chest strap, you are able to steer the dog and apply pressure at the same time.  Once the dog stops pulling, you relax the hand to take off the pressure and your dog learns that when he stops pulling, there is no pressure on his body.

    From £6.49
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    Coachies Natural Adult Training Treats

    Low in calorie and great tasting, these Natural Coachies Training Treats have it all.

    Available in 75g and 200g pack sizes.

    From £0.99
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    Clix Two Tone Whistle Small

    The Clix Two Tone Whistle is suitable for all your dog training needs.

    The whistle will emit two distinctly different tones that you can choose between. Being lightweight, durable and coming complete with a lanyard to keep the whistle close to hand, this is an indispensable accessory.

    Dimensions: W8.5 x D2.5 x H16.5cm

    BUY NOW: £3.49
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