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Catsan Hygiene Litter

The revolutionary new hygiene litter. Non Clumping Litter.

Available in 10 and 20 litre sizes.

From £5.59
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Catsan Hygiene Litter 5Lt Clumping

The revolutionary new hygiene litter. White granules have been specially developed to start work immediately, neutralising before odour can develop. This is a clumping cat litter.
BUY NOW: £5.99

CATSAN Smart Pack 2 x 4Lt

The Catsan Smart Pack offers a new approach to cat litter. Simply place 1 of the extra absorbent, micro-fleece liners under the Catsan Hygiene Litter. The liners will absorb the excess liquid. The pack contains 2 liners and 4 litres of Catsan Hygiene Litter
BUY NOW: £6.99

Catsan 10Lt Sensitive Naturelle

This cat litter is made from softwood granules, which is totally natural and completely biodegradable. It works by absorbing before odours can develop and the low natural pH of the softwood helps to prevent bacteria. Catsan Natural Wood has low dust and is fragrance free for the most sensitive of noses.
BUY NOW: £5.99
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