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Pampuss Wood Cat Litter

Pampuss Wood Cat Litter keeps your litter tray fresh and clean. It is a great natural product from a sustainable source and consists of highly absorbent, pine fresh wood pellets.

Available in 2 sizes, 15 litres or 30 litres. Please click on links below:

From £5.99
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Cleanpaws Super Clumping Cat Litter

Cleanpaws Super Clumping Cat Litter is a high quality, 100% natural, super-clumping, fine grained cat litter that lasts 4 times longer than regular cat litter.

Available 5kg and 15kg sizes.

From £4.19
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Pettex Silica Pellets 3.8Lt

This product's superior absorbency neutralises liquid and solid waste odours while leaving no messy clumps or saturated clay. Tracking is reduced as the beads rarely get caught in paws, and the product is completely safe for the environment as well as your cat as these pellets are unscented, non-toxic and chemically and biologically inert. Consumption is low - one bag, one cat, one month!

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BUY NOW: £3.24

Pettex Premium Grey Cat Litter 20kg

Pettex Premium Grey Cat Litter benefits from a unique sieving system and boosts excellent clumping powers.

An original formula which helps create a more economical dust free cat litter, the natural volcanic minerals have sufficient odour control to clamp down on those horrific smells. If that wasn't enough, the damp patches in the litter form distinguishing clumps that can be easily dispensed with no trouble at all.

BUY NOW: £7.99

Pettex Paper Litter 30lt

With effective moisture and odour control, this 100% recycled paper litter is dust-free and does not stick to the tray. It has the added advantage of being lightweight, and therefore easy to carry and to use when filling the tray. Soft on your catís paws, this litter is also non-toxic and is fully biodegradable. 30 litres by volume.

Please note: this product is 100% recycled, therefore we cannot guarantee every bag will be exactly the same with regards to density. As this is a recycled product, the raw material paper source will not always be the same. It will have some changes in colour from time to time and, dependent on the characteristics of the paper, the ďgranuleĒ size/shape might also change.

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BUY NOW: £10.99

Pettex Antibacterial Lightweight Cat Litter 10kg

Pettex Antibacterial Lightweight Cat Litter is 100% natural.

This cat litter has an antibacterial action eliminating urine odour, is lightweight and dust-free. Produced from a natural mineral, this litter has superior absorption with no urine clumps to scoop.

This litter is approximately 10kg / 20lt.

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BUY NOW: £8.99

Pettex Silica Cat Litter 7.6lt

Pettex Silica Cat Litter is a revolutionary product containing chunk style crystals which, after absorbing liquid, remain dry to the touch as well as neutralising odours! It is also less messy than conventional cat litters as it results in virtually no tracking.

  • Eliminates urine odour
  • No urine clumps to scoop
  • Non toxic and biodegradable
  • BUY NOW: £10.49

    Ekopet Lightweight Non clumping Micropore Cat litter 10lt

    Ekopet Lightweight Non clumping Micropore Cat litter 10lt is a superlight non-clumping hygienic cat litter.

    Each granule contains thousands of fast acting micropores which quickly absorbs liquid like a sponge instantly trapping any unpleasant odours. Because EkoPet hygienic cat litter instantly locks in all liquid this controls bacteria more effectively than conventional lightweight litters, ensuring any cat's well-being and contentment.

    • 10L bag
    • Micropore odour control
    • Inhibits bacteria
    • Super absorbent

    Itís a clean lightweight cat litter, during production itís autoclaved in high pressure steam, so itís sanitary and very hygienic. Additionally it has a special additive with antibacterial action to reduce the unpleasant odour of catís waste.

    Size: 10L

    BUY NOW: £4.99

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