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Yesterdays News Cat Litter

Yesterday’s News brand litter utilizes recycled newspaper to create distinctive pellets your cat will readily accept. The unscented litter is virtually dust-free, with no small particles to track around the house. Yesterday’s News litter absorbes up to 300% more moisture than standard clay litters, for highly effective odour control. All in all, Yesterday’s News is an intelligent choice for your cat, your family and the environment!

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Nature's Calling Cat Litter

How many times have you tried a cat litter, only to be disappointed when it does not live up to expectations? Nature’s Calling will change all that!

This super absorbent Nature's Calling Cat Litter is not only incredibly effective at absorbing ammonia and neutralising odour, but also clumps quickly on contact - making the removal of those unwanted lumps a breeze. All of which means there is less waste, so even the smallest pack of Nature’s Calling could last up to 30 days before the whole litter tray needs changing.


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