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Bob Martin Spot on Dewormer For Cat & Kittens - 4 Tubes

Use Bob Martin Spot On Dewormer For Cats & Kittens over 1kg. To use simply add the solution on the back of your cat's neck and it will start working immediately to get rid of worms. The type of treatment means there won't be any cat fights as with other less friendly treatments. 100% effective and should be used every 3 months to ensure your cats are free from the common worms that can infect kittens/cats and also the dangerous repercussions from this infection. 4 Tube pack for a longer period of resistance.
BUY NOW: £8.99

Dorwest Organic Valerian Compound 30ml

An organically certified liquid supplement providing prompt relief to calm hyperactive and anxious cats and dogs. This product is ideal for occasions when fearful behaviour is a problem such as noise phobias, including fireworks and thunderstorms, visits to the vet, moving house and training sessions.

Cats in particular find the smell extremely attractive so that simply putting a few drops on their bedding, as an alternative to giving orally, is a useful aid to relaxation.

Can be given from 8 weeks of age but not recommended for pregnant or lactating females.

To administer simply add to the food or drop directly into the mouth, after which time effects should be noticeable within approx. 30 minutes.

Administration Guide: Small dogs & cats: ¼ of 5ml teaspoon. Medium dogs: ½ of 5ml teaspoon. Large dogs: one 5ml teaspoon daily or as and when required.

Caution should be taken when administering this product to exotic cats with low body fat as very occasionally hyperactivity has been induced by use of this product.

BUY NOW: £9.59

Grizzly Salmon Oil

Grizzly Salmon Oil is the supplement that dogs love. Derived from Wild Alaskan Salmon, simply add to your dog / cat’s food. It comes from the purest of sources with minimal contamination and as it is a natural product, it provides numerous benefits. These include balancing Omega 3/6 fatty acids, supporting general vitality, offering a shiny coat and improving fitness and energy levels. The pump dispenser makes administering the dose easy. Look after your pet in the best way you can and choose Grizzly Salmon Oil!

From £7.49
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Epiotic Ear Cleaner

Epiotic is an antiseptic, antifungal and ceruminolytic ear cleanser designed to remove crusts, dirt and scales and to dry the ear canal.

Available in 60 and 125ml sizes.

From £6.99
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Beaphar Malt Bits

Beaphar Malt Bits are ideal for offering as a well earned treat for your cat. With a crispy outer shell and filled with a delicious malt paste your cat will find these absolutely irresistible. The malt component also helps hairballs travel through your cats digestive system, to help prevent blockages and promoting your cats health. 75 treats
BUY NOW: £0.99

Bob Martin Spot On Dewormer For Cat & Kittens - 2 Tubes

Use Bob Martin Spot On Dewormer For Cats & Kittens over 1kg. To use simply add the solution on the back of your cat's neck and it will start working immediately to get rid of worms. The type of treatment means there won't be any cat fights as with other less friendly treatments. 100% effective and should be used every 3 months to ensure your cats are free from the common worms that can infect kittens/cats and also the dangerous repercussions from this infection. 2 Tube pack
BUY NOW: £5.99

Super Solvitax Pure Cod Liver Oil - 450ml

Super Solvitax Pure Cod liver Oil is a wonderful supply of vitamins A, D and E. This means that your animal will benefit from strong bones, teeth and keep a good skin. A great energy giving supplement to ensure your pet stays healthy. Suitable for dogs, cats, budgerigars, canaries, parrots, other birds and a variety of other pets. 450ml size
  • Puppies at the start of weaning - a few drops increasing gradually to a 5ml teaspoon per 500g of food

  • Adult Small Breeds up to 5kg – half to one 5ml teaspoon

  • Adult Large Breeds - one 5ml teaspoon
  • BUY NOW: £5.99

    Coatex Medicated Shampoo 500ml

    Coatex Medicated Shampoo is a universal shampoo, which may be used for common dermatological conditions, such as dermatitis, poor coat condition and flaky or greasy skin. The shampoo's comprehensive formulation provides the required active ingredients necessary to ensure safe, fast and effective results. Contains chloroxylenol, salicylic acid and sodium thiosulphate to give outstanding skin cleansing. Coatex provides an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal action, which is ideal for removing scales and crusts. Gentle enough for routine use.
    BUY NOW: £16.49

    Beaphar Hairball Paste 2 in 1 100g

    Beaphar Hairball Paste 2 in 1 can help with the painful problem of hairballs! The malt stripe works to prevent the formation of hairballs in the cats stomach and the light brown stripe contains BIO-MAS to help ensure hair flows smoothly through the cats intestine. All in all helps ensure improved digestion, a healthy immune system and a decrease of harmful bacteria. 100g
    BUY NOW: £3.99

    Beaphar Vit Bits

    A treat that is crammed full of vitamins, Beaphars Vit Bits provide your cat with vitamins without them even knowing. Feed as a reward for good behaviour and be safe in the knowledge that you are providing a nutritious snack. With the crispy outer shell these are bound to be a hit! 75 treats
    BUY NOW: £0.99

    Dorwest Herbs Cod Liver Oil Capsules Pk 200

    Cod Liver Oil is a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamins A & D which are essential for the absorption of calcium to maintain strong health bones in cats and dogs. This valuable oil also helps maintain mobile and supple joints and assists in supporting healthy circulation. This fish oil also provides energy that is slowly released to give extra stamina, so is a useful addition to the diet of working dogs

    Can be given from 8 weeks of age and used during pregnancy and lactation.

    Administration Guide: 1 capsule per 10kg bodyweight daily.

    Additional Information: Not recommended to be given at the same time as Wheatgerm Oil as the benefits of both oils may be reduced. However they can be given on alternate days to provide a range of benefits.

    BUY NOW: £10.49

    Johnsons Hairball Remedy

    The Johnson's Hairball Remedy is a tasty paste that eliminates hairballs in cats and kittens.

    Malt-flavouring, the liquid works to prevent hairballs through the intestines of all cats and kittens. Periodic use should aid the prevention of further similar problems. 50 grams.

    BUY NOW: £2.49

    Johnsons Evening Primrose Oil Capsules Pack of 60

    These Johnson's Evening Primrose Oil Capsules have lots of health benefits for your pets.

    A natural dietary supplement and conditioner, they not only promote a healthy coat and skin but also help to soothe dry skin, scurf and annoying irritations.

    Suitable for both dogs and cats.

    BUY NOW: £3.49

    Liquivite Cat 395g

    Liquivite is a canned liquid food made from chicken, liver, beef, eggs and skim milk. During recovery from illness, injury or surgery Liquivite is smooth enough for syringe-feeding when appetite is absent, and easily consumed as appetite returns during convalescence. Importantly, Liquivite also helps replace fluid when dehydration has occurred, or is a risk. Essential vitamins and minerals are incorporated, at levels suitable for cats under stress conditions. Liquivite contains fish oil, supplying the Omega 3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, which boost the immune system and are anti-inflammatory. A pre-biotic is added, which feeds the beneficial bacteria in the gut. Rosemary, a natural anti-oxidant, is also included. Liquivite also has valuable non-veterinary uses. For kittens Liquivite is suitable as their first non-milk food, during the transition to solids. It also appeals to older cats, perhaps no longer able to eat solid foods as easily. Feeding Directions: Amounts to feed reflect Liquivite's higher moisture content and its role in re-hydrating as well as feeding the sick cat. For cats, introduce at 100g per kg of bodyweight; increase by 50% as appetite returns. These directions are given on the labels. As Liquivite is made from meats, eggs and skim milk in suspension, with no cereals, shake can well before opening to mix contents thoroughly. This recipe can result in some colour and consistency variation, but does not affect the quality of the product. Once opened, use within 24 hours. Refrigerate any unused food, returning it to room temperature before feeding. Ingredients: Chicken, Liver, Beef, Dried Whole Egg, Skim Milk Powder, Fish Oil, Vitamin and Mineral Supplement, Fructo-oligosaccharide, Yeast, Rosemary extract/mixed tocopherol blend. 205 kcal per 395g can.
    BUY NOW: £2.49

    Zylkene for Cats & Dogs

    Zylkene is a natural product, proven to help manage stress in cats and dogs. 

     It is palatable and easy to give - open the capsule and mix the powder with food or give with a treat. The capsule can also be given whole. Zylkene is hypoallergenic, preservative free and lactose free.

    From £15.99
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    Mark & Chappell Arthriti-UM Plus 60 Tablets

    A delicious blend of Glucosamine Sulphate, Chondroitin Sulphate, Green Lipped Mussel (Perna Canaliculata), Vitamins, Minerals and Trace Elements. Arthriti-UM Plus Tablets are a unique concentrated source of natural active ingredients. This high energy dietary supplement provides all the essential ingredients for the maintenance of healthy bones and supple joints.
    BUY NOW: £8.69

    Vetzyme Ear Drops & Cleanser for Pets - 18ml

    All too often your pet may have problems with a build up of ear wax that can lead to bacterial complications. Vetzyme Ear drops and Cleanser for pets will help prevent these types of problem. It can be used to cleanse and disinfect insect bites, small cuts and grazes around the outer ear also. Suitable for Dogs, Cats and Small Pets. Always follow instructions.
    BUY NOW: £3.49

    Johnsons Calcium Tablets

    The Johnson's Calcium Tablets are invaluable for growing and lactating pets.

    Made with phosphorous and vitamin D, these tablets are good for buliding strong bones and teeth. Chocolate flavoured, they are suitable for cats, dogs, kittens and puppies. Each pack contains 40 calcium tablets.

    BUY NOW: £1.69

    Seraquin 2g 60 Chewable Tablets

    Seraquin is a joint supplement, specially formulated to help maintain healthy joint and tendon function in dogs and cats. It can be used on its own, or in tandem with prescription arthritis treatments, where necessary. Seraquin contains high quality ingredients and is available in a palatable tablet form. This is a naturally derived nutritional supplement. Seraquin contains a unique combination of 3 compounds.

  • Glucosamine Hydrochloride, provides aminosugars known to promote the manufacture of cartilidgeand synovial fluid
  • Chondroitin provides building blocks for the synthesis of glucosaminoglycans.
  • Curcumin a potent natural antioxidantwhich reduces the damaging effects of oxidative stress
  • Dosage - One per day per 10 Kg body weight; reduce as you see the beneficial effects after 4-6 weeks. If your dog is under 10Kg use the Seraquin for Cats & small dogs.

    BUY NOW: £28.99

    Beaphar Top 10 Vitamins Cat 180 tablets

    Beaphar Top 10 Vitamins for Cats are shrimp flavoured vitamin/mineral treats that promote vitality and physical condition. These whey-based tablets contain trace elements and Vitamins A, D3, E, B1, B2, B6 and B12, along with Pantothenic Acid and Nicotinamide. Other inclusions are Biotin for a healthy skin and coat, Taurine for food digestion, vision and heart function, Iodine for proper thyroid function, nerve and skeletal development and Manganese for normal development and to combat the effects of aging. There is added Carnitine for muscle development and function, this is of particular value to growing kittens. Give 1 tablet per 2.5kg of bodyweight per day.

    For cats aged 6 weeks and older. Can be used in pregnant and lactating animals.

    BUY NOW: £3.99
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