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Soft Protection Salon Brush, Double Sided

The Soft Protection Salon Brush Doubled Side is a professional, high quality grooming brush for your pet. This functional, round-head, dual purpose brush has an ergonomic hand and thumb grip, allowing you comfort and ease whilst grooming your pet. Regular grooming should not only be an enjoyable experience for your pet but also yourself. Brushing your dog regularly distributes natural oils, leaving a shiny healthy coat. The stainless steel pin side breaks up the coat removing loose hair and debris and the bristle side gives that finishing touch to the coat. Suitable for short, medium and long coats.

From £3.99
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Good Girl Cat Slicker Brush

Ideal for cats with longer coats, this Good Girl Cat Slicker Brush is designed to brush out tangles and does so, very effectively.

Loose hair can become uncomfortable after a while and you can help prevent this with regular brushing with a slicker. You will also be helping stimulate the coat's natural oils that can lead to a healthy and enhanced appearance.

Keep your feline friend looking immaculate with a bit of TLC. Some cats really enjoy brushing and it can be a good way to spend some time bonding with your cat. The brush has been designed to allow comfortable usage with a soft touch handle.

Design may differ from image shown.

BUY NOW: £1.75

Nail Clipper

The Nail Clipper is a good quality, professional nail clipper that is easy to use and cuts cleanly and quickly. It is ideal for all nail sizes and features a comfortable rubber grip and a safety catch.

Manufactured from stainless steel for sharpness and durability, it is an excellent product at a good price. Be kind to your four-legged friend and prevent problems with mobility due to overgrown nails and keep their claws under control.

Dimensions: approx. L18.5 x W7.2 x D1.7cm

BUY NOW: £4.99

Double-Sided Massage Glove

Massage your pet with this Double-Sided Massage Glove and stroke away the dirt and hair at the same time. It not only cleans the coat by removing loose hairs but also massages your four-legged friend. Your pet will just love it and you will love how easy it is to use.

Made of durable soft, viscous rubber, you can use it as a bath brush for a thorough cleansing when bathing your pet too. It is great for stimulating the skin and will help to maintain a shiny, healthy coat.

  • Fits either hand

    Dimensions: L23.5 x W14.7 x D4cm

    BUY NOW: £3.99

    Ancol Ergo Cat Brush

    Use this Ergo Cat Brush to pamper your feline friend. Cats generally like to have their fur stroked and brushed and this is a great way to spend some quality time together whilst making your cat look beautiful and ready to impress. The well designed brush has been designed for a great ergonomic experience and the funky design means you are dealing with only the best. There are a few grooming tips on the back to inform how to use the brush to maximum potential, treat your cat to an especially useful new brush.
    BUY NOW: £3.49

    Mikki Rotating Contour Undercoat Rake Double Tooth

    The Mikki rotating double tooth rake is an easy way to help diffuse matts and tangles as well as in the removal of the fluffy undercoat, leaving a healthy topcoat. The ergonomically designed handle ensure comfort and control for the user. The flexible spring mounted pins curve to the contour of your dog's body and the double tooth design effectively removes dead hairs from the undercoat.
    BUY NOW: £7.99

    Easy2Clean Pet Grooming Brush

    With quick-flip fur removal, this Easy2Clean Grooming Brush means no more messing around poking away between bristles trying to remove fur!

    Available in Small and Large sizes.

    From £3.99
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    Johnsons Diamond Eyes

    The Johnson's Diamond Eyes is a unique tear stain remover and facial cleanser.

    The liquid safely cleans beneath and around the eyes, while also helping to prevent tear stains, leaving their faces looking cute and fresh. Suitable for dogs, cats and small animals.

    Please note; This product may cause irritation if contact is made with the eye itself.

    From £2.49
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    Mikki Dual Comb For Fine and Medium Coats

    Use a Mikki Dual Comb for Fine/Medium coats a few minutes each day to keep your petís coat shiny and knot free. Use the coarse teeth first to ease any tangles or dirt from the coat then use the fine comb to remove the loose hair.

    Features :

  • Comfortable soft grip handle.
  • Stainless steel teeth are moulded into the comb for maximum durability.
  • Plastic greatly reduces static problems.
    BUY NOW: £5.99

    JML Purrfect Arch Cat Grooming Post

    Help your cat groom itself and prevent cat hair from covering everything with the Purrfect Arch Cat Grooming Post. This self-groomer helps your cat prevent fur balls while maintain a beautiful and soft coat.

    • Removes loose fun and cuts down on shedding and fur balls
    • Durable but safe bristles
    • Hardwearing and stable base
    • Perfect for cat massages

    This smart kitty self-grooming toy not only helps to prevent your cat from shedding all over the furniture and your clothes, but also gives your car a wonderful massage as it rubs up against it.

    The bristles remove loose hair from both your catís over and undercoat, and helps to keep your catís coat beautiful and sleek.

    In between massages, your cat will love the base which is perfect for scratching and flexing its claws on. For even more fun, this massage stationís base has a hollow where you can hide catnip or simply spray the entire device with catnip scent for a truly luxurious cat pampering! Talk about a catís life!

    • Overall: Dia30 x H36cm
    • Arch: W14 x H28

    Spoil the cats with their very own pamper station in the home with the Purrfect Arch Cat Grooming Post.

    BUY NOW: £18.99

    Kong Cat Zoom Groom

    Ideal for removing old and dead hairs from your cat, this Kong Zoom Groom is an excellent grooming brush. It removes loose hair like a magnet and effectively reduces hair balls whilst at the same time is stimulates capillaries and natural oil production for a healthy skin and coat.

  • Easy to use
  • Gentle with no sharp bristles
    BUY NOW: £4.99

    CarPET Pet Hair Remover

    Remove pet hairs quickly and easily with this amazing CarPET Pet Hair Remover! It is instantly effective at lifting and removing even the trickiest pet hairs, fluff or fuzz. You simply brush over the surface affected to lift, gather and remove the hairs. No more searching for sellotape or your vacuum!

    Manufactured from a plastic inner tube with an outer rubber coating, this CarPET Pet Hair Remover is both durable and washable. It is a brilliant product designed for use on furniture, clothes, carpets and even car upholstery. Small and lightweight, it is ideal to take with you when on your travels with your pet.

    • Hygienic
    • No odour or stickiness

    Dimensions: L12 x W4 x D4cm

    BUY NOW: £4.49

    Johnsons Tea Tree Shampoo

    Treat your dog like a king with the Johnsonís Tea Tree Shampoo.

    From £2.39
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    Mikki Cat Brush Small Soft Grip

    An ergonomically designed brush with soft bristles and a soft grip handle, made specially to reduce any excessive brushing force.

    The short soft bristles remove loose hairs. This product is effective on cats and short coat dogs.

    BUY NOW: £3.99

    Bob Martin Ear & Eye Wipes

    These Bob Martin Ear & Eye Wipes are effortless to use, and contain a mild cleansing lotion to make sure your pet's eyes and ears are kept healthy and clean.

    With neutral pH these wipes can be used around your petís eyes and ears keeping them clean and well cared for. Just like humans, dogs can get weepy eyes, or suffer from a range of germs that cause redness and discomfort. These wipes can be used to clean up these effects, and make them more comfortable.

    • For sensitive areas
    • Pack of 30 wipes
    • Use as required

    Use one of these wipes as required to clean up your cat or dog, relieving their discomfort, and once you have done this dispose of the wipe to remove the germs and help clear up any unwanted conditions.

    BUY NOW: £1.99

    Mikki Nail Clipper for Small Pets

    Perfect for novice groomers, this Mikki Nail Clipper for Small Pets is great for precision cutting of long claws. Now you can easily keep your petís nails trim and tidy!

    The nail clipper features an easy scissor action that turns trimming your pet's nails into a simple task. The precision cutting blades trim the nail in one smooth action and there is also a finger rest for extra control.

  • Ideal for smaller pets

    Closed dimensions: approx. L15 x W7.5 x D0.6cm

    BUY NOW: £5.49

    Soft Protection Salon Brush, Porcupine Large

    The Soft Protection Salon Porcupine Brush Large is a professional, high quality grooming brush for your pet.

    This functional, square-head brush has an ergonomic hand and thumb grip, allowing you comfort and ease whilst grooming your pet. Regular grooming should not only be an enjoyable experience for your pet but also yourself.

    Brushing your dog regularly distributes natural oils, leaving a shiny healthy coat. The porcupine design incorporates two bristle textures. The hard bristles reduce tangles and matts from the undercoat and the soft bristles remove loose hairs.

  • Suitable for double/thick/untidy coats

    Approximate size: head of brush: W12 x H10cm
    Full length of brush: 23cm

    BUY NOW: £4.49

    Wahl Pet Pocket Pro Trimmer

    The Wahl Pet Pocket Pro Trimmer is an easy to use, highly practical, battery operated tool for basic trimming of your pet. Designed to comfortably sit in your hand, it has been made compact in size to enable it to be more easily concealed, which is particularly helpful when dealing with nervous animals. Complete with a rubberised finish for improved grip, it is the perfect product to reach those hard to reach areas.

    The small blade, measuring just 22mm, is ideal for use around the sensitive areas of the face and ears, and is ideal for trimming hair from the paws and legs. Achieve a salon finish for your pampered pooch!

    • Self sharpening steel blades

    2 x Close Trim Attachment Combs
    1 x Blade Guard
    1 x Cleaning Brush
    1 x Clipper Oil
    1 x AA battery

    Directions: As with any pet grooming product, always take care when in use. Discard if damaged, or worn, or if parts become separated - as injury could result.

    BUY NOW: £9.99

    Johnsons Ear Drops

    These Johnson's Ear Drops are suitable for both cats and dogs and are great for killing mites and erradicating wax.

    Containing pyrethrum which has natural insecticidal properties and repels nasty bugs, the drops also soothe irritation and assist the healing process. Suitable for dog, cats, puppies and kittens over 12 weeks. 15 ml.

    BUY NOW: £2.99

    Johnsons Puppy and Kitten Shampoo

    The Johnsonís Puppy and Kitten Shampoo is an animal toiletry that wonít irritate your petís skin.

    Created for those with mild and sensitive skin, this shampoo works to beautify their coat leaving it clean and fresh smelling (for a couple of minutes anyway). Suitable for all breeds.

    From £1.99
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