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Here you will find our range of Health, Hygiene and Grooming Products. At PetPlanet we provide everything from Grooming Gloves to Rabbit Creams, Lotions, Supplements and Remedies.


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Supreme Keep It Clean Cleaner, Deodorant, Disinfectant 500ml

Supreme Keep It Clean Cleaner, Deodorant, Disinfectant 500ml is the ultimate cleaner, deodorant and disinfectant for pets environments. It is an advanced product that can be used in several ways to ensure that pet environments stay hygienically clean.

CLEANING – Can be used on hutches, cages, bedding, carpets and any housing areas.

DEODORISING – Safe to use on animals bedding and any accessories.

DISINFECTANT – Proven to assist in the prevention of bacterial infections such as Canine Distemper, Viral Haemorrhagic Disease and Myxomatosis. Also reduces the risks associated with Flystrike.

Keep It Clean is safe for use on all animals bedding.

BUY NOW: £2.89

Nail Clipper

The Nail Clipper is a good quality, professional nail clipper that is easy to use and cuts cleanly and quickly. It is ideal for all nail sizes and features a comfortable rubber grip and a safety catch.

Manufactured from stainless steel for sharpness and durability, it is an excellent product at a good price. Be kind to your four-legged friend and prevent problems with mobility due to overgrown nails and keep their claws under control.

Dimensions: approx. L18.5 x W7.2 x D1.7cm

BUY NOW: £4.99

Easy2Clean Pet Grooming Brush

With quick-flip fur removal, this Easy2Clean Grooming Brush means no more messing around poking away between bristles trying to remove fur!

Available in Small and Large sizes.

From £3.99
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Ancol Ergo Cat Brush

Use this Ergo Cat Brush to pamper your feline friend. Cats generally like to have their fur stroked and brushed and this is a great way to spend some quality time together whilst making your cat look beautiful and ready to impress. The well designed brush has been designed for a great ergonomic experience and the funky design means you are dealing with only the best. There are a few grooming tips on the back to inform how to use the brush to maximum potential, treat your cat to an especially useful new brush.
BUY NOW: £3.49

SnuggleSafe Pet Heat Pad with Cover

The SnuggleSafe Pet Heat Pad heats up in minutes to provide your four-legged friend with up to 10 hours of heat and comes with a cosy, fleecy cover! Simply place in the microwave and heat up for approximately 5 minutes (depending on the power of your microwave). It is the ideal way to give your pet instant and long lasting warmth whenever it is needed.

Perfect for keeping your pet snug and warm during cold spells and great for newborns, convalescing pets or elderly pets,or trips to the vet.

  • No wires
  • No scalding water
  • Velcro pocket
  • Washable cover
  • Bite and scratch resistant

    Dimensions: approx. 22cm diameter

    Please note: Cover design may vary from image shown.

    BUY NOW: £14.89

    Oxbow Western Timothy Hay

    Oxbow Western Timothy Grass Hay helps keep the gastrointestinal tract of rabbits and small herbivores functioning correctly with it’s high-fibre, low-protein and low-calcium content. It will help prevent obesity, maintain a healthy urinary system and improve overall health. Feeding your guinea pigs, rabbits and chinchillas on Timothy Hay can also help to lower the incidence of soft stools, intestinal gas and bloating.

    Timothy hay is most widely recommended by veterinarians and can be fed unlimited to rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and other herbivores.

    From £5.99
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    Advantage 40mg Spot-On Solution for Rabbits

    The Advantage 40mg Spot-On Solution for Rabbits kills fleas within one day following treatment. This dose will provide protection against flea infestation for up to one week on rabbits. 

    For Rabbits - part the hair on their necks at the base of the skull until the skin is visible. Place the tip of the tube on the skin and squeeze firmly several times to empty the contents directly onto the skin. 

    From £13.29
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    Double-Sided Massage Glove

    Massage your pet with this Double-Sided Massage Glove and stroke away the dirt and hair at the same time. It not only cleans the coat by removing loose hairs but also massages your four-legged friend. Your pet will just love it and you will love how easy it is to use.

    Made of durable soft, viscous rubber, you can use it as a bath brush for a thorough cleansing when bathing your pet too. It is great for stimulating the skin and will help to maintain a shiny, healthy coat.

  • Fits either hand

    Dimensions: L23.5 x W14.7 x D4cm

    BUY NOW: £3.99

    Rosewood Mini Bristle Brush

    This cute Rosewood Mini Bristle Brush not only looks great, but is also supremely practical.

    Give your small pet a treat and spend some quality time with them, as you groom their fur with this soft bristled brush, making them look their very best.

    • Ergonomic, sure-grip handle
    • Soft bristles

    This grooming product is suitable to use with all small pets like guinea pigs, hamsters and rabbits, and will keep them looking clean, well-cared for and healthy.

    Dimensions: L13cm x W4 x D2.5cm

    BUY NOW: £2.69

    Beaphar Dental Easy Treats for Small Animals 60g

    Fix up their ugly gnashers with these Beaphar Dental Easy Treats for Small Animals.

    The treats help to prevent teeth from overgrowing by naturally wearing them down so they stay at a manageable and comfortable size. Hard nuggets of extruded food rich in fibre, these dental bites also contain Yucca, which works to eliminate faecal odour and vitamin C.

    BUY NOW: £1.19

    Johnsons Clean n Safe Small Animal Disinfectant Spray 500ml

    An all purpose cleaner, the Johnson's Clean n Safe Small Animal Disinfectant Spray effectively destroys bacteria, germs and viruses.

    A disinfectant, cleaner and deodorant all in one, the spray can be used for where your pets live, sleep and feed, such as hutches, cages, bedding and drinkers. Suitable for small animals.

    BUY NOW: £2.99

    Cascade Bactericidal Disinfectant for Small Animals 500ml

    Unlike many household detergents, Cascade does not contain phenols which are harmful to small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, mice and gerbils.

    It has been specially formulated and will destroy bacteria and other micro-organisms, helping to keep your pets and family healthy by preventing cross-infection. Cascade will not stain or corrode and is readily biodegradable.

    Still not sure? Check out some of our customer reviews below

    BUY NOW: £2.99

    Beaphar Cage Fresh Granules 600g

    Beaphar Cage Fresh Granules are a clever idea to neutralise the smell of urine in hutches and cages. Simply place some under the hay in a freshly cleaned hutch or cage, the friendly microbes will work to absorb the nasty smells leaving your pet living in a more sanitised environment. 600g
    BUY NOW: £4.29

    Mikki Ear & Face Care Set - All Coats

    The Mikki Ear & Face Care Set is the perfect grooming tool that is suitable for all coats to keep your pet looking neat and tidy! It is ideal for trimming around your pet's ears, face and even paws and comprises a pair of stainless steel scissors and a special plastic comb.

    The scissors have rounded tips for safety and feature precise cutting blades for really great results. The handy plastic comb can be used for combing long hair away from delicate areas before and after cutting, to avoid cutting any skin.

    Dimensions: L11 x W5 x D3cm

    BUY NOW: £5.49

    Mikki Smooth n Stroke

    The Smooth n Stroke Mitt is a great way to groom your pet.

    You have the choice of the rubber grooved surface to remove dead hair and to massage your pet and then the smooth side to finish the job off by giving a good polish.

    Everyone loves taking care of their pet and this glove can be used by all the family.

    Still not sure? Take a look at some of our customer reviews below

    BUY NOW: £7.99

    Groom n Kit

    This Groom n Kit is a great accessory pack that has everything you need to keep your small animal clean and handsome.

    Includes the following

  • Soft bristle brush

  • Shedding brush

  • Nail clippers

  • Wooden chew
  • This is a useful little pack that really allows you to pamper your furry companion so it’s fun times for both pet and owner.

    Suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and other small animals.

    BUY NOW: £5.29

    SnuggleSafe Micro Fibre Towel

    Great for muddy paws or dripping dogs

    From £6.99
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    Beaphar Fly Guard 3 Month

    Beaphar Fly Guard gives protection against fly strike for 3 months.

    This is a particularly nasty condition that can affect rabbits or guinea pigs with damp or dirty fur. Green Bottles lay their eggs in the fur, where they hatch into larvae and migrate down into the skin. Following their moult the larvae then start to eat their way into the body tissue. Not only does this cause distress and discomfort to the rabbit, it can also cause blood-poisoning, which can in some cases be fatal.

    Beaphar Fly Guard is a Veterinary preparation that contains an insect growth regulator to give protection against fly strike for up to 3 months. One bottle will treat up to 5 rabbits.

  • Contains Ivermectin (parasiticide) 0.05 mg/ml

    BUY NOW: £7.99

    Beaphar Antibacterial Hutch and Cage Cleaner 500ml

    Beaphar Antibacterial Hutch and Cage Cleaner not only cleans but disinfects. Ideal for your pet’s home, it smells really fresh and you can be sure that it will leave your precious furry friend’s home hygienically clean and if their home is clean – your home is clean. 500ml
    BUY NOW: £3.49

    Panacur Paste Rabbit 5g (1 Syringe)

    The Panacur Paste for Rabbits is an oral wormer that helps control Encephalitozoon cuniculi (parasites) and intestinal worms.

    This remedy should be administered orally by squeezing the paste from the syringe into the side of the mouth. 1 syringe graduation per 2.5kg bodyweight should be administered daily for 9 consecutive days. Dosing is recommended 2 – 4 times a year and during periods of higher risk, such as when a new rabbit is introduced to the home, prior to mating and when mixing with others.

    Encephalitozoon cuniculi is a single celled parasite that can contribute to a wide range of symptoms including head tilt, cataracts, hind limb paralysis, urinary incontinence and in some cases death.

    Please refer to the datasheet for further details.

    View data sheet. Requires Adobe Reader.

    BUY NOW: £5.89
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