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Liberta UK Hamster Cages

Our range of Liberta UK small animal cages include cages suitable for Hamsters and other Small Rodents.

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Liberta Palmaria Hamster Cage with Tubes

A great cage for your active hamster or mouse! This Liberta Palmaria Hamster Cage comes complete with a tubing tunnel, stairs, igloo house, hamster wheel, feeding dish and a platform. Your furry friend will not know what to explore first! So many exciting things to check out - from the platform, to see if the feeding dish has any succulent nibbles like tasty sunflower seeds (that obviously have to be shoved into hamster pouches until they are bulging) before heading to the igloo house to store them in the bedding for those handy bedtime snacks, to shooting around the amazing tube tunnel and running up and down the stairs.

Of course, should your small furry be super-active, there is always the trusty hamster wheel to relentlessly pound away on but the best fun may be when your furry friend checks out the tunnel and makes it to the top thinking it is an escape route, only to find it shoots back down to the cage floor! Check out the surprised look! When your pet has had enough of exploring, exercising and playing then it is time to snooze happily away in that cute igloo house and dream of the next snack surprise. Well, in hamster/mouse hours it is a really long time before the food dish is filled up again!

Apart from the fun you will get watching your hamster's antics, you will like this cage because it is easy to remove the clips to access the bottom tray and it features a top, hamster-proof door hatch.

  • Does not include water bottle.

Approximate dimensions: L56 x W38.5 x H25.5cm

Suitable for Hamsters and Mice

Click here for Hamster information. This file requires Adobe Reader.

BUY NOW: £27.99

Liberta Savona Hamster Cage with Tubes

Itís important your small animal lives in an enclosure where there is lots to do. This Liberta Savona Hamster Cage with Tubes has certainly that and more. Built with an exercise wheel, spacious interior and upper platform containing a feeder, the winding tubes that come up and above the cage, gives the Savona an edge over similar products on the market.

Made with durable materials and easy to clean, the design features a stylish combination of mocha and cream so it has a modern appearance that wonít stand out in a similarly decorated home. Take a look at the image; you can see that the top cage clips to the tray and the door at the front provides complete access to your at all times.

In terms of whatís inside, the top level provides a nice spot for your pet to rest, sleep and watch the world go by. The long, transparent tube is a cool addition and provides ample opportunity for lots of antics and messing around! Every cool hamster deserves an equally cool cage!

Remember to maintain high standards by cleaning it regularly and add plenty of soft bedding.

Approximate dimensions: L50.5 x W28 x H32cm.

Click here for Hamster information. This file requires Adobe Reader.

BUY NOW: £23.99

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