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Zoo Zone Small Animal Cage

This excellent Zoo Zone Small Animal Cage is suitable for dwarf rabbits and guinea pigs. It features a water bottle holder, flip-up grill which provides increased ventilation, locking clips to easily secure the top into place and an elevated hay guard to separate food from the waste while also establishing a natural feeding position. It also benefits from breakaway hinges and a compartment feeding dish.

From £30.99
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Rotastak Adventure Zone Hamster Cage

For the ultimate in hamster housing, the Rotastak Adventure Zone creates a whole world of fun for your pet! It is a really exciting fun home for any energetic small animal and has a brilliant curving explorer tube to whizz though from one pod to another, and for the really intrepid explorer there is a cosy attic room, or high watch tower, to check out! The large housing unit features a wire cage area for easy access and ventilation, a rainbow exercise wheel for your pet to charge around and around and a platform to access the curvy tube that also doubles as an anti-gnaw ring, so do not be alarmed if your pet starts chewing away at it! There are also anti-gnaw rings to place at the ends of the curvy tube, just in case of escape bids! But with so many areas to explore there will be little chance of that happening.

Then there are the pods to investigate and one could be turned into a sleeping area to stash away any goodies for snacking on Ė so nice to wake up for a quick nosh on a sunflower seed and then drop off to sleep again! So many areas to check out, your pet will be amused for hours on end.

To liven things up a little, why not change the units around? You also have the option of adding extra tubing or accessories to the adventure zone. Best of all, the entire adventure zone is see-through so you can enjoy watching your pet exploring and racing around.

With a water bottle and feeding dish included, all you need to do is to remember to add food, water and bedding!

Dimensions: W65 x D53 x H53cm

BUY NOW: £34.99

Habitrail Ovo Suite Hamster Cage

The Habitrail Ovo Suite is the hamster burrow of the future, allowing you to create the coolest and most advanced hamster habitat ever! Fully expandable and ready to grow, the Ovo Suite provides possibilities limited only by your imagination.

It consists of a cage with an opaque white bottom, an orange retractable roof, an opaque orange wheel, stairs, a feeding bowl, a turquoise water bottle, a lime green den with white bottom and a transport unit with white bottom and blue top.

The stylish retractable dome roof which is perforated for ventilation, allows a great view of your hamster, whilst high moulded walls help to keep your hamsterís bedding inside his home (rather than on the table or the floor!) and the raised food dish also helps to keep your pet's food separate from the less savoury contents of his home!

The eye-catchingly clever water bottle design makes it easy for you to refill your hamsterís water supply, as well as being easy for him to drink from, and, as always, Habitrailís lock connectors easily twist and lock tunnels, tubes and nesting areas together so that you can build any creation you can imagine.

  • Compatible with ALL other Habitrail systems
  • Easy to assemble and clean

    The Ovo Suite pack includes:
    Main habitat
    Cosy hideaway
    Water bottle
    Food dish
    Exercise wheel
    Transport unit
    2 x 10 inch trails
    3 windows
    3 elbows
    1 tee
    1 cube
    11 lock connectors

    Dimensions: approx W35 x D18 x H35cm

    BUY NOW: £23.99

    Rotastak Space Command Hamster Cage

    The Rotastak Space Command is a complete home designed for hamsters, gerbils and mice. The unit provides the complete living environment including a wide variety of tubes, tunnels, extension units and accessories that help to stimulate natural living conditions - and provide you with hours of entertainment.

    Fully compatible with the rest of the Rotastak range.

    Assembled dimensions approximately: L47 x W51 x H55cm

    Please note: the rings are now silver. We are awaiting a new image to add to our website.

    BUY NOW: £32.99

    Habitrail Ovo Dwarf Hamster Cage

    Revolutionary! This Habitrail OVO Dwaft Hamster Cage gives high pet visibility and an exciting collection of chambers and tunnels for your mouse or dwarf hamster to find and explore. The design has been focused to appeal to the hamstersí natural burrowing instincts.

    There is ample space with the deep based design to do all the fun rodenty things such as to travel, exercise, discover, burrow, hoard or sleep. As with all Habitrail sets, you can add onto any of the others simply and make a mansion if so desired!

    It is the ideal home and play environment specifically designed for the needs of dwarf hamsters and mice. The extensive combination of tubing, connectors and accessories provides many access points and increased opportunities to interact with your pet. Its clear glass components provide increased pet visibility.

  • Easily constructed and easily cleaned!

    The set includes:
    Habitrail OVO Pad
    Water bottle
    Cosy hideaway
    Food dish
    Transportation unit
    2 Habitrail mini elbows
    2 Habitrail mini 8 inch tubes
    4 Habitrail mini tees
    3 Habitrail OVO Windows
    12 Habitrail OVO Lock Connectors

    Dimensions: approx. W76 x D28 x H55cm

    BUY NOW: £29.99

    Liberta Palmaria Hamster Cage with Tubes

    A great cage for your active hamster or mouse! This Liberta Palmaria Hamster Cage comes complete with a tubing tunnel, stairs, igloo house, hamster wheel, feeding dish and a platform. Your furry friend will not know what to explore first! So many exciting things to check out - from the platform, to see if the feeding dish has any succulent nibbles like tasty sunflower seeds (that obviously have to be shoved into hamster pouches until they are bulging) before heading to the igloo house to store them in the bedding for those handy bedtime snacks, to shooting around the amazing tube tunnel and running up and down the stairs.

    Of course, should your small furry be super-active, there is always the trusty hamster wheel to relentlessly pound away on but the best fun may be when your furry friend checks out the tunnel and makes it to the top thinking it is an escape route, only to find it shoots back down to the cage floor! Check out the surprised look! When your pet has had enough of exploring, exercising and playing then it is time to snooze happily away in that cute igloo house and dream of the next snack surprise. Well, in hamster/mouse hours it is a really long time before the food dish is filled up again!

    Apart from the fun you will get watching your hamster's antics, you will like this cage because it is easy to remove the clips to access the bottom tray and it features a top, hamster-proof door hatch.

    Approximate dimensions: L56 x W38.5 x H25.5cm

    Suitable for Hamsters and Mice

    Click here for Hamster information. This file requires Adobe Reader.

    BUY NOW: £27.99

    Harrisons Westminster Hamster Cage

    This Harrisons Westminster Hamster Cage is really spacious and gives your small furry plenty of room to stretch out.

    Spread across three tiers, the enclosure is fitted with all the usual suspects; there are a number of tubes for shifting between levels, a designated sleeping/ hiding quarters and an exercise wheel.

    A great all-round home made of durable construction, the whole piece benefits from pretty bright colouring. A smart choice if youíre looking for a new cage for your pet, the Harrisons Westminster has all you need and more and itís also super easy to clean. Hassle-free assembly required.

    Measures approximately L55 x W38 x H62cm.

    FREE Standard UK Delivery!
    BUY NOW: £39.99

    Liberta Savona Hamster Cage with Tubes

    Itís important your small animal lives in an enclosure where there is lots to do. This Liberta Savona Hamster Cage with Tubes has certainly that and more. Built with an exercise wheel, spacious interior and upper platform containing a feeder, the winding tubes that come up and above the cage, gives the Savona an edge over similar products on the market.

    Made with durable materials and easy to clean, the design features a stylish combination of mocha and cream so it has a modern appearance that wonít stand out in a similarly decorated home. Take a look at the image; you can see that the top cage clips to the tray and the door at the front provides complete access to your at all times.

    In terms of whatís inside, the top level provides a nice spot for your pet to rest, sleep and watch the world go by. The long, transparent tube is a cool addition and provides ample opportunity for lots of antics and messing around! Every cool hamster deserves an equally cool cage!

    Remember to maintain high standards by cleaning it regularly and add plenty of soft bedding.

    Approximate dimensions: L50.5 x W28 x H32cm.

    Click here for Hamster information. This file requires Adobe Reader.

    BUY NOW: £23.99

    Rosewood Pico Hamster Cage

    Fun and funky, this high quality Rosewood Pico Hamster Cage not looks great but also is packed full of extra levels, ladders, a tunnel, a solid wheel and even a unique loft hide with easy, but secure, access.

    • No chewable, plastic clips 
    • Suitable for Syrian and dwarf hamsters and mice from 6-8 weeks of age


    From £24.99
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    Habitrail Ovo Mini Maze

    The Habitrail Ovo Mini Maze is an add-on unit that increases living space and enhances your hamsterís living and playing experiences. Featuring a large retractable door for easy access to your pet, the Ovo Mini Maze contains a chewable cardboard maze to help exercise and stimulate your hamster, as well as satisfying his natural need to chew!

    Measures approx L20cm

    Pack includes:
    1 x Mini Maze
    2 x Lock Connectors
    1 x Elbow
    1 x Chewable Cardboard Mini-Maze

    BUY NOW: £6.99

    Rotastak Pink Palace Hamster Cage

    The Rotastak Pink Palace is a complete home designed for hamsters, gerbils and mice. The unit provides the complete living environment including a wide variety of tubes, tunnels, extension units, water bottle and accessories that help to stimulate natural living conditions - and provide you with hours of entertainment. Fully compatible with the rest of the Rotastak range. Assembled dimensions approximately: 53cm (21 inch) High, 48cm (19 inch) Wide and 58cm (23 inch) Deep

    BUY NOW: £29.99

    Habitrail Ovo Adventure Pack

    The Habitrail Ovo Adventure Pack allows you to expand your hamster's Habitrail home beyond his wildest dreams. It is an elaborate add-on that features a combination of climbing trails, a cosy den for exploration, and a transport unit that provides extra living space or can be used as a safe hamster carrier.

    Connecting to the Habitrail Ovo, or any other Habitrail system, the Adventure pack fits together in virtually any way that you can imagine. The tunnels, cubes and tees lead from the main hamster cage to a cosy hideaway den and a transport unit, where your little friend can ride along wherever you go in complete safety.

  • Easy to assemble and clean

    The Ovo Adventure Pack includes:
    Transport Unit
    2 trails
    1 tee
    1 cube
    3 elbows
    5 windows
    10 lock connectors

    BUY NOW: £14.99

    Rotastak Magic Maze Hamster Cage

    The fantastic Magic Maze from Rotastak is presented in stunning pink, with features including amazing curvy tubing and a sphere section, a mezzanine floor level and wheel plus a water bottle.

    Hours of interesting and stimulating fun for your pet. Please note that the mezzanine floor is unsuitable for mice and dwarf hamsters. Approximate assembled size: H38cm x W61cm x D53cm (15" x 24" x 21"). Compatible with all other Rotastak units.

    BUY NOW: £28.99

    Habitrail Twist Hamster Cage

    This Habitrail Twist Hamster Cage is sure to make your hamster feel right at home! Unique in design, this hamster cage provides a 360ļ view of your hamster; the transparent components enable a clear view of your pet from all angles.

    This cage features an oversized transparent door, providing you with an aerial view of your pet and their habitat while the door fully opens for easy access to your pet and their feeding area.

    The feeding area is elevated to encourage your hamster to search for their meal, as well as helping keep the litter and waste away from their food.

    Easy to assemble, this hamster habitat has rounded corners to prevent gnawing, and also make cleaning a little easier. Escape proof, this cage has 360ļ air circulation for optimal ventilation and a deep base for no mess.

    The Habitrail Twist hamster cage includes:

  • Innovative feeding / sleeping area

  • Exercise wheel

  • Water bottle

  • 1 x Lock connector
  • Approximate dimensions: L47cm x W22cm x H26cm.

    BUY NOW: £19.99

    Rotastak Genus Starter 300 Cage

    Ideal for small animals, the Rotastak Genus Starter 300 cage contains a standard exercise wheel and a water bottle. It is a sturdy starter cage for your small furry friend with secure access via the top. The wire cage clips onto the tray which makes it easily removed for cleaning purposes.

    If you want to make life a bit more exciting for your small animal, there are also port holes should you wish to add Rotastak accessories.

    • Not suitable for small mice, Dwarf or Russian hamsters

    Dimensions: approx. L54 x W 45.3 x H30cm

    Click here for Hamster information. This file requires Adobe Reader.

    BUY NOW: £19.99

    Rotastak Mission Pod Hamster Cage

    The Rotastak Mission Pod is a space-themed unit that provides a complete living environment which simulates natural living conditions for your hamster, gerbil or mouse. It is a fabulous, fun cage for your small furry with plenty of things to do! With all of the transporter tubes to explore and shoot through, seeking that ever elusive escape route, to scampering about on the flight deck (shelf) and clambering into the exciting spinning vortex (that old favourite the exercise wheel), your small friend will be spoiled for choice.

    Of course, should your small furry be super-active then there are always the wire rungs on the deflector shield to climb up and practice daredevil hanging actions from! The best fun could actually be before going back through the tubing as no doubt your furry friend will have a go at chewing away on the end parts Ė all to no avail because they have anti-gnaw rings!

    Still, when your pet has had enough of chewing, hanging and playing then it is time to snooze happily away with bedtime snacks hidden amongst the bedding. Well, in small animal hours it is a long time before the food dish is filled up again! Your pet will love it and you will love being able to view all of the antics.

    • Compatible with Rotastak range
    • Please note: the shelf unit is unsuitable for mice or dwarf hamsters

    2 hydration units (water bottles)
    1 spinning vortex (exercise wheel)
    1 food bowl

    Dimensions: approx. W51 x D63 x H46cm

    Click here for Hamster information.

    PLEASE NOTE! colours may vary from the image shown as Rotastak reserve the right to improve and amend specification and colours without prior notice.

    BUY NOW: £29.99

    Savic Cambridge Hamster Cage

    This fabulous dual platform Savic Cambridge Hamster Cage is a must-have for your small furry friend! Strong, sturdy and at a great price, it comes with a variety of accessories to keep your hamster fully occupied.

    Pamper your pet with this luxury funhouse! There are two exciting platforms to explore with possibilities of different types of food to be discovered. Your hamster will soon be whizzing up and down the colourful ladders to stash goodies in the bedding; and that will take a few pouch-stuffed trips to complete. But it is so nice to snooze happily and wake up to find a tasty treat beside you!

    Of course, there is the mandatory exercise wheel to race around on and, if that is not enough exercise for one day, there are always the wire rungs to practice dare devil hanging antics on! Oh yes, it is all go in the day of an active hamster! All you need for a happy hamster. Apart from the food, bedding and water - don't forget those!

    Easy to clean and assemble, the Savic Cambridge Hamster Cage includes two ladders, a cute hideaway house, two rectangular platforms, a 150ml drinking bottle, a food bowl and an exercise wheel. As well as two doors for easy access, it also features an extra high tray for spatter-free digging missions!

    • Suitable for hamsters, dwarf hamsters and also gerbils and mice

    Dimensions: L62 x W36 x H43cm
    Wheel: 14cm diameter x D9.5cm
    Tray height: 12cm
    Mesh size: 11mm

    Click here for Hamster information.

    BUY NOW: £34.89

    Critter Universe 3 Wall Unit Cage

    A fantastic wall cage for your small furry! This Critter Universe 3 Wall Unit comes fully assembled to provide a really exciting environment for your pet.

    Made with durable plastic, it consists of interconnecting units that provide you with the perfect way to watch your pet. Cageínítunnel locking caps keep your small friend safe and secure; and to make life more exciting you can always rearrange your smally furryís habitat with the moveable elevators and cubes.

    Easy to clean with a handy pull out tray at the bottom, this well ventilated wall unit also makes a great extension to Critter Universe Cage and Critter Universe Eco Cage.

    It easily connects to the cages and you even have the option to mount it on a wall above your petís cage and perhaps connect it with a Universal Tunnel (not included) for your intrepid explorer to fully investigate. A great way to expand your petís living area.

    • Stain and odour resistant
    • Suitable for mice, gerbils and small hamsters

    The Critter Universe 3 Wall Unit comes complete with the following:

    • Water bottle
    • Food dish
    • Exercise wheel
    • 4 cubicles
    • 2 elevators
    • 2 CageíníTunnel caps
    • Wall attachment hardware

    Measures approximately W47.5 x D14 x H49.5cm

    BUY NOW: £24.99

    Habitrail Ovo Water Bottle

    Designed to provide a water source to the Habitrail system which can be modular, the Ovo Water Bottle's location can be changed and more than one bottle can be added to the Habitrail system.

    Habitrail OVO Water Bottle is an easy-to-access and easy-to-maintain add-on that features a large, overhead 450ml water reservoir and a leak-proof, stainless steel nozzle that provides hamsters with a continuous water supply with no ball for the hamster to push in order to access it.

  • Compatible with all Habitrail systems
  • Easy to clean and refill

    The Ovo water Bottle includes:
    Water Bottle
    1 window
    1 lock connector

    BUY NOW: £3.99

    Rosewood Abode Dwarf Hamster and Mice Cage

    This Rosewood Abode Dwarf Hamster and Mice Cage is a fabby little thing for your favourite amigo.

    From £26.99
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