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Barkshire Elevated Pet Cots

Keep your four-legged friend safely off the ground, comfortable and free from draughts with this sturdy Barkshire Elevated Pet Cot.  Featuring a durable steel frame with strong Teslin mesh, it is easily wiped clean and provides your pet with a supportive sleeping and resting area that allows air to flow freely below.

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Dog Sleeping Bag by PetPlanet

A great, stylish Dog Sleeping Bag by PetPlanet with a variety of uses!

You can zip it up and it works as a terrier tunnel giving your pampered pooch a cosy haven to sleep. Open it out and you have the choice of a plain covered bed or a patterned bed. It can also handily be rolled up for easy transport to doggy sleepovers! Ideal for taking with you when going on holiday or camping with your dog. Great for cats too!

  • Machine wash at low temperature
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Dries quickly

    Approximate dimensions open 79 x 89 x 1.5cm

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    Danish Design Waterproof Duvet - Thick

    Fed up washing your pet's bedding? This extra thick duvet will give your best friend pleasant dreams night after night with no need to wash!

    From £23.49
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    Barkshire Raised Bed

    Keep your pet up to 7 times warmer than on the floor with this fabulous raised pet bed that keeps your pet free from drafts. Conventional floor pet beds can be potential breeding grounds for parasites and insects, leading to infections!

    This raised bed is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and provides your pet with a comfortable and supportive sleeping space.

    From £9.99
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    Danish Design Waterproof Spare Duvet Cover

    The easy alternative to keep your pet's bed clean.

    From £10.49
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    Danish Design Pet Lounger Mattress Large

    Danish Design Pet Lounger Mattresses are designed to fit Pet Loungers to give your dog extra comfort. They are available in Royal Stewart Tartan and Grey Sherpa Fleece. Pet Lounger Mattresses are filled with deep, Supersoft Thermal Polyester Fibre. Each Mattress is fully washable and quick to dry, as the Fibre does not absorb water. The Fibre contained in this product is Fire Retardant and complies to the Furniture & Furnishings Fire & Safety Regulations 1988 BS No 5852 Ignition Source 2. To fit “Large” Pet Lounger, measures 60cm x 80cm.
    BUY NOW: £13.99

    Danish Design Pet Lounger Large

    Made from strong, durable faux leather, the Danish Design Pet Lounger is tough and versatile, and requires no washing - simply wipe down with a damp cloth. Drying is a cinch too, as the fibre filling does not absorb water. And it's comfy! The foam is fire retardant and complies to British Standard 5852. Available in grey or black. Measures 80cm x 100cm. N.B. Interior mattress available separately.
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    BUY NOW: £42.49

    Gen7Pets Casual Cot

    This stylish, quality Gen7Pets Casual Cot is the perfect indoor or outdoor bed for your pet. It is made from a rust-resistant, powder coated frame with a waterproof, padded floorboard that does not dip or stretch and the exterior fabric is nylon with polyurethane coating for colour-fastness and water resistance. This Casual Cot withstands all types of weather to provide a sturdy sleeping area for your four-legged friend

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    From £41.24
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