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Pet Sleep Pillow

Enhance your dog's sleep comfort with a curved design Pet Sleep Pillow. It has been anatomically shaped for your dog to choose its own ideal head and neck position. A really versatile pillow that has many uses such as long journeys in a car or within a crate, or for use as a bolster to create warmth for smaller dogs. It is even ideal for newly weaned puppies requiring a soothing comforter to mimic the warmth of other puppies that may be missed.

A supremely, comfortable, warm and soft pillow made from high quality fibres that is also washable. Your four-legged friend will really appreciate one of these in his or her bed; it is also ideal for dog beds with no sides for support.

Dimensions vary slightly depending upon the character:
Giraffe: approx. L40 x W17 x H16.5cm
Doggy: approx. L50 x W17 x H16cm
Chihuahua, Dachshund & Poodle: approx. L40 x W20 x H15cm

BUY NOW: £3.99

Easy Folding Pet Crate by PetPlanet

This Petplanet Easy Folding Pet Crate is perfect for keeping your furry friend safe and secure when you are on the move.

Please click on the links below for further information and dimensions.

From £14.99
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SnuggleSafe Pet Heat Pad with Cover

The SnuggleSafe Pet Heat Pad heats up in minutes to provide your four-legged friend with up to 10 hours of heat and comes with a cosy, fleecy cover! Simply place in the microwave and heat up for approximately 5 minutes (depending on the power of your microwave). It is the ideal way to give your pet instant and long lasting warmth whenever it is needed.

Perfect for keeping your pet snug and warm during cold spells and great for newborns, convalescing pets or elderly pets,or trips to the vet.

  • No wires
  • No scalding water
  • Velcro pocket
  • Washable cover
  • Bite and scratch resistant

    Dimensions: approx. 22cm diameter

    Please note: Cover design may vary from image shown.

    BUY NOW: £14.89

    Ancol Car Harness

    This Ancol Car Harness is strong, lightweight and features a padded chest to make it comfortable to wear. It also helps to prevent your dog from distracting you while you drive.

    A great in-car accessory that is well worth the investment.

    Available in a range of sizes to suit most breeds.

    From £9.99
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    Memory Foam Pet Cushions

    Pamper your cat or dog with these superb Memory Foam Cushions! They are brilliant for providing extra comfort and warmth to your pets bed and perfect for adding to cages, carriers or crates, especially during the cold months. Terrific for taking with you when travelling with your pet too!

    There are two large cushions, sporting cute paw print motifs, that can be used separately, or you can join them up in the middle if you prefer. Please see the extra images. There is even a small bone-shaped cushion to play with or cuddle into.

    Made from high quality, shredded memory foam, these cushions are able to contour with great accuracy to your pets body at rest for maximum comfort and orthopaedic support. They also resistant to bacteria, mould, mildew and dust mites.

    • Removable and washable covers

    Joined up cushions: approx. L55 x W38 x H16cm
    Single cushion: L20 x W13 x H4.5cm

    BUY NOW: £4.99

    SnuggleSafe Micro Fibre Towel

    Great for muddy paws or dripping dogs

    From £6.99
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    SnuggleSafe Micro Fibre Towels

    Great for muddy paws or dripping dogs, the  SnuggleSafe Micro Fibre Towel features special micro fibres that dramatically reduce split ends and frizziness. The time taken to dry your pet can be reduced by up to 4 times than if using a normal towel. 

    From £6.99
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    Car Seat Cover by PetPlanet

    This Car Seat Cover by PetPlanet is a terrific rear seat cover that spans the entire back seat and also prevents your pet from falling into the footwell. Perfect for protecting your upholstery from mud, dirt and hair! Manufactured from strong, waterproof 600D Oxford fabric, this cover is easy to clean and washable and features a handy middle zip to separate it in case you have an extra passenger. It is designed to fit any car with four headrests, or you could just use two headrests and place it in your boot area.

    Ideal for pets that are trained to sit or lie down and not for pets that jump around or try to get into the front of the car.

  • Easy to install and remove

    Dimensions: L147 x W145cm

    Available in two colours, dark green or navy blue. Please choose below:

    BUY NOW: £12.99

    Front Pet Carrier by PetPlanet

    This comfy Front Pet Carrier by PetPlanet allows you to keep an eye on your pet whilst walking about. It features padded shoulders and back straps to provide comfort for you and padded inner and bottom panels to provide comfort for your pet. There is a short lead that clips onto your petís collar to prevent any escapes and there is also a drawstring to keep your pet snug. Manufactured from durable and sturdy 600 denier nylon, the sides are ventilated with nylon mesh and there are small pockets in the front to hold your essentials.

  • Safe and snug
  • Well ventilated
  • Great pet visibility
  • Suitable for small animals weighing up to 5kg

    Dimensions: 27 x 19 x 31cm high

    Available in black, red or blue. Please choose below:

    BUY NOW: £9.99

    Budget Folding Pet Crate by PetPlanet

    The Budget Folding Pet Crate by PetPlanet offers your pet a comfortable travelling place when you need one for your car, or a resting place.

    Please click on the links below for further information and dimensions.

    From £12.99
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    3-in-1 Budget Pet Stroller and Carrier by PetPlanet

    This excellent 3-in-1 Budget Pet Stroller and Carrier by PetPlanet can be pulled along behind you, used as a backpack carrier, or used as a mobile home for your four-legged friend on overnight stays. You can also put any personal items into either of the two zipped side panels.

    Now both you and your pet can travel in comfort as well as style. Made from quality, waterproof 600D Oxford fabric with a steel frame, it is ideal for taking your small companion with you everywhere you go and its mesh window design ensures good ventilation and visibility.

    There is a safety leash inside that snaps onto your petís collar to prevent any escape bids and the zipped front panels handily roll either up or down for easy access. It is particularly beneficial to small dogs that are recovering from an injury or unable to walk far.

    For short trips you can pop your pet in the backpack carrier with its comfy padded straps, whilst for longer trips, just attach the carrier to the trolley stand, and roll it along behind you, allowing your pet to view the surroundings as you walk.

  • Suitable for pets weighing up to 8kg
  • Please see the extra image showing where to place the metal rod for extra support

    Dimensions: W35 x D27 x H49cm
    With handle extended: H99cm

    Please note: when using as a trolley, please ensure that you undo the shoulder straps and re-attach them around the trolley handle bars to keep them up off the ground and away from the wheels.

    BUY NOW: £24.99

    Barkshire Dog Pen 8 panels

    Keep your puppy or small dog safe in the totally enclosed Barkshire Dog Pen.

    Please note: the Fold Away instructions that are sent from the manufacturer are not very clear. Please click this link below and print out updated instructions:

    Barkshire Dog Pen Updated Instructions

    From £19.99
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    Collapsible Pet Carrier - Grey

    A super lightweight Collapsible Pet Carrier with 360ļ ventilation and visibility for you and your pet. Manufactured from EVA foam material with stress‐crack resistance and waterproof properties, this pet carrier not only folds up for easy storage but also has a comfy cushion for your pet. Perfect for trips away from home or to the vet. Access is via a front zipped panel and there is also a carry handle on the top. Now your pet can travel in comfort as well as style. When not in use, simply fold together and zip it up.

  • Maximum loading weight: 6kg
  • Easy to clean

    Dimensions: 46 x 36 x 30cm high

    BUY NOW: £24.99

    Portable Pet Gravity Food and Water Dispenser

    This Portable Pet Gravity Food and Water Dispenser is ideal for feeding and watering your cat or dog if you are running late at work or need to be away overnight, or for taking with you on camping trips. No need for you to worry about best friendís needs.

    Manufactured from durable ABS Plastic, the dry food is kept fresh and tasty in the stay-fresh bin and the portion size can also be regulated. As your pet eats the food from the bowl, food from the dispenser will continually replace it. The water dispenser takes a standard size water bottle, you simply insert it into the holder, and the water level always remains constant for your cat or dog.

  • Removable lid makes it easy to refill
  • For use with dry food only
  • Bottle shown is not included

    It fits all standard types of drinking bottles from 500ml to 2 litre.

    Dimensions: W34 x D26 x H36cm
    Bottle mouth inner diameter: 21mm
    Bottle mouth external diameter: 24mm
    Dry food capacity: 5 litres

    BUY NOW: £9.99

    Happy Pet Small Animal Carrier - Medium

    This safe and hygienic pet carrier is the ideal way to transport your precious pet. Also useful for holding your pet whilst you clean their cage.

    Available in Purple and Green.

    From £8.99
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    Dog Booster Step - Multi-use

    This high quality Dog Booster Step is perfect for helping your dog reach high places with minimum effort! No more lifting and struggling! Now you can give your canine friend a secure and comfortable path into cars or onto couches and beds. Made from 0.6cm thick, UV stabilised, virgin polyethylene for long life and durability, it features no-slip, rubberised step mats that are also recessed to ensure that your pet maintains a secure footing. In addition, there are four large rubber bumpers located on each corner that make sure the Dog Booster Step stays in place when your dog enters, or exits.

    This lightweight and easily portable dog booster step is very easily stored when not in use and it is also a great solution for elderly or infirm pets. It is also ideal for accessing SUVs and the Dog Booster Bath, which is sold separately by PetPlanet.

  • Weight capacity: 68.2kg

    Dimensions: 48w x 18 x 86.5cm high

    FREE Standard UK Delivery!
    BUY NOW: £59.99

    Barkshire Pet Tent & Shelter

    This Barkshire Pet Tent & Shelter quickly pops up to provide you with a portable pet shelter, car containment system or an outdoor pet tent. It is an ultra-light tent featuring 600D Oxford fabric, mesh windows and a front opening with a roll up mesh window, so your four-legged friend will always feel right at home wherever you go together.

    It is a really great product to take with you when hiking, camping, visiting a friend or days out in the summer with your pet, as it is well ventilated and provides excellent sun protection. The mechanical design of the pop-up feature is solid and durable and folding for storage or transport is so easy!

    Dimensions: L88 x W72 x H115cm

    BUY NOW: £12.99

    Collapsible Shoulder Pet Carrier by PetPlanet

    This stylish Collapsible Shoulder Pet Carrier by PetPlanet is ideal for carrying your favourite pet with you when out and about.

    From £19.99
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    Kirkenes Cosy Pet Carry Bag by PetPlanet

    Keep your pet cosy and close to you with this Kirkenes Cosy Pet Carry Bag by PetPlanet. It is a fabulous, stylish pet carrier in brown suede with shoulder straps featuring leopard print edging and a cute paw motif.

    From £9.99
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    Ancol Car Seat Cover and Protector

    This Ancol Car Seat Cover and Protector is a great in-car accessory that means you can take your dog with you on all your travels.

    Made out of heavy duty waterproof material, the cover can lay over the back seat of your vehicle and fits most family sized cars.

    These products exist to let your dog travel safely in a vehicle. Making sure they donít distract the driver and are positioned comfortably, this is a wise investment to make sure your upholstery isnít at risk when the family dog hops on board.

    The Ancol Car Seat Cover has been designed to work in conjunction with the Ancol Car Harness (as indicated in the picture).

    BUY NOW: £16.99
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