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The Interpet Aquarium Range of Fish Pods are an exciting range of Fish Tank set ups that will grace any room in your home whether you are a novice or an experienced Aquarist.

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Interpet Fish Pod

The Interpet Fish Pod Aquarium contains all you need to start up your own coldwater aquarium. It also contains a tropical upgrade kit, allowing flexibility for beginners and experienced fish keepers alike. The Fish Pods panoramic curved glass design and high specification equipment creates a beautiful underwater world for fish keepers to enjoy.

It comes complete with an Easy Start Aquarium Kit that includes Bioactive Tapsafe and Filter Start to mature the aquarium in half the time normally required.

The Easy Care Filtration system, Interpet's award winning PF Filter provides clear and healthy water. This filter comes with foams, carbon and biomedia.

This “Plug and Play” Fish Pod Aquarium features the following:


  • PF filter with foams, carbon and biomedia.
  • Easy starter kit including Bioactive Tapsafe and Filter Start which help to mature the aquarium quickly
  • Tropical upgrade kit provides central heating for colourful tropical fish with a Deltatherm heater and thermometer.

    Water quality and water changes are of utmost importance for the livelihood of your fish, please ensure your pet has enough space for living and exercising by taking a look at Pet Planet's important Fish Tank Sizing advice.


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Click here for advice on keeping fish. This is the BVA's Animal Welfare Foundation guide to Ornamental Fish Keeping. Requires Adobe Reader. If you have difficulty opening this document, right-click the link and select ‘Save Target As…’ to download to your computer

The manufacturer of this fish tank highly recommends purchasing the tank alongside an appropriate, purpose-built fish tank stand/cabinet, with a top surface of equal or larger size to the bottom of the fish tank. The tank should not overhang the edge of the stand/ cabinet. In the event of damage occurring as a result of placing this tank on a surface other than an appropriate fish tank stand/ cabinet, the warranty on the fish tank will be invalid.

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Interpet Fish Pod Cabinet

Choose this swish and stylish cabinet to house your Interpet Fish Pod Aquarium.

Available in 48, 64 and 120 litre size.

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Fish Pod Moon Cabinet for 19 or 39 Litre Tanks

A stylish, compact Fish Pod Moon Cabinet will support and beautifully display your Fish Pod Moon Aquarium.

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Fish Pod Moon Aquarium - 19 or 39 Litres

Get a panoramic view with this fabulous Fish Pod Moon Aquarium that features curved glass and create your own stunning underwater world!

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