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Ancol Small Bite Softweave Collar & Lead Set 8-12in

Designed especially for puppies and small dogs, this Ancol Small Bite Softweave Collar and Lead Set is not only practical but also comfortable for your pet. It is a lovely matching collar set that is gentle on your puppy, or small dog, and feels great to touch. The D ring and buckle add the finishing touch to this stylish set.

Soft and fully adjustable, this quality, strong collar and lead set is a perfect choice for your pups first collar and ideal for small dog breeds too.

Size 0-1 Adjustable Collar: from 20 to 30cm
Lead length: 1m

BUY NOW: £5.49

Adaptil DAP Collar for Dogs

The DAP Collar is an ideal way to apply the synthetic version of the Dog Appeasing Pheromone both inside and outside of your own home. Formerly known as DAP collar, the Adaptil Dog Appeasing Pheromone Collar offers a natural, convenient and unique solution to canine stress, helping comfort and reassure puppies and adult dogs in challenging situations and prevent or reduce stress-related inappropriate behaviours.

From £16.49
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Trixie USB Flash Light Ring for Dogs

Keep your dog safe and visible at night with this brilliant Trixie USB Flash Light Ring. Fully adjustable, it is made from PVC and high quality nylon sewn around highly-efficient LED bulbs, your dog will look good during the day and, with the push of a button, be easily seen at night. The lights are only visible when turned on, either in steady glow or blinking mode

From £8.99
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Envy Phantom Collar

The Envy Phantom Collar looks scary by day, but even more scary by night! It lights up in the dark to produce a stunning ghostly design, ideal for scaring away cats! The Envy range of collars offer a distinct style, a robust quality and allow your four legged friend to make a bold fashion statement. Featuring an attractive silver buckle to keep the collar firmly in place, your dog will find the collar is comfortable to wear due to padding close to the neck. You can accessorize with the matching range of leads / harnesses. One thing is to be sure, you will receive some enviable glances from your neighbours!

From £2.24
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Soft Weave Puppy Collar & Lead Set

The Soft Weave Puppy Collar & Lead Set is a perfect collar and lead set for puppies. This set is made from braided nylon and is both strong and durable with a fully adjustable buckle collar enabling you to alter as your puppy grows. Available in pink or blue. Approximate size of collar: up to 31cm (12). Approximate length of lead: 122cm (48), approximate width of both collar and lead is: 10mm.
BUY NOW: £3.99

Ancol Padded Dog Lead

This Ancol Padded Dog Lead is a major benefit when exercising your dog as the neoprene padding acts as a cosseting cushion in the palm of your hand.

From £6.99
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Lishinu Hand-Free Retractable Dog Lead

This fabulous Lishinu Dog Lead is the worlds smartest, coolest and most enjoyable, auto-retractable and hands-free dog lead! Small, strong and extremely effective, you have the option of using it in your hand or on your wrist, with 3 metres of lead at your disposal. It is perfect for joggers, hikers and walkers, or anyone who wants both hands free when out and about with their dog.

This lead lets you set the maximum length to anything between 50 and 300 centimetres, letting your dog roam free within that range until you pull back your arm quickly to auto-lock - no buttons required! Also, should you need to keep your pet on a short leash through crowded areas, its collar provides a handle-like extension to grab onto.

Autolock Mechanism: because of this your dog cannot develop the speed or power to pull an adult. The sound that it makes can also be used to train your dog to stop pulling.
Safety Release: in case of danger the safety pull provides an effective way to free yourself from the lead.
High Density Cord: specially made to ensure maximum strength tested up to 30kg.
Adjustable Wrist Belt: will fit all sizes of wrists and allows hand-free use whilst completely releasing any tension from your hand or wrist to ensure maximum control and freedom of movement.
Soft Padding: beneath the wrist belt provides comfort for you and protects against bruising.

Dimensions: 7.5 cm diameter
Maximum Cord length: 3m
Maximum dog weight: 30kg

BUY NOW: £17.49

Ancol Padded Dog Collar 18in

Strong, lightweight and weatherproof, this Ancol Padded Dog Collar provides maximum comfort for your dog. Made from nylon and filled with neoprene padding, commonly used in wetsuits, it features advanced breathability and moisture performance.

From £3.49
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Ancol Padded Harness Black

The Ancol Padded Harness is designed to distribute your dogs pull evenly making it easier to control your pet when out walking.

From £5.99
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Ruffwear Webmaster Harness

A brilliant multi-use harness, this Ruffwear Webmaster Harness is supportive and intended not only for outdoor adventures with your dog but also for rehabilitation and mobility assistance. Its anatomical design provides controlled, comfortable and balanced lifting with good load dispersion; allowing you to manoeuvre and assist your dog up and over obstacles. It also has five adjustment points to allow for a full range of motion and is a really secure design for even the best “Houdini” dog!

FREE Standard UK Delivery!
From £46.99
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Bobby Bones Extra Supple Leather Dog Collar - Red

If you really want your canine friend to look a million dollars, then this Bobby Bones Extra Supple Leather Dog Collar will really fit the bill.

All dogs like to look their best, so why not treat them with this leather collar with intricate silver finished dog bones? Now you can bring your dog right up to date with this stunning French made collar.

This collar comes with matching finished metal work, and a D-ring so that a lead can be attached. This all adds up to a wonderful collar that will really turn heads when you are both out and about town.

  • Extra supple leather
  • Made in France
  • Bone Design
  • Silver Finish

Colour: Red

From £9.49
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Red Dingo Dog Harness

Available in a stunning array of colours, the Red Dingo Dog Harness has a range of features making it a great purchase if your dog has a tendency to pull when walking.

From £10.42
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Rosewood Luxury Leather Collar

Combining quality materials with a timeless design, this Rosewood Luxury Leather Collar is a comfortable and practical fit for your dog. Made from fine leather and suedette material for snugness, it is stylishly embellished with neat details including hand stitching in a vibrant colour as well as a decorative pawprint button.

From £5.49
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Happy Pet Little Rascals Puppy Collar & Lead Set 9-14in

A great starter set for your pup! The Little Rascals Collar & Lead Set is soft and adjustable to accommodate your growing puppy, and is also ideal for small dog breeds. It is a lovely matching collar and lead set that is not only practical but also comfortable for your pet.

This is a strong, quality set that is gentle on your puppy, and the D ring and buckle add that stylish, finishing touch. It is a great choice for your pup or small dog that comes at a great price.

Adjustable collar: from 22.5 to 36cm diameter
Lead: L103cm

BUY NOW: £6.49

Johnsons Dog Flea and Tick Collar

Protect your pet from onerous insects with the Johnson's Dog Flea and Tick Collar.

Killing fleas and ticks for up to 5 months, this waterproof plastic collar is suitable for dogs and young pups over 12 weeks of age. Fits up to 24 in/60 cm.

BUY NOW: £3.99

Ruffwear Front Range Harness Twilight Grey

This quality Ruffwear Front Range Harness is an everyday harness that is easy to fit and put on, and comfortable for dogs to wear. The harness features two dog lead attachment points: an aluminum V-ring centred on the dog’s back for everyday walks, and reinforced webbing at the dog’s chest for training, or additional control.

From £31.99
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Ancol Vintage Polka Adjustable Dog Collar Red

Distinctive and stylish with polka dots, this Ancol Vintage Polka Adjustable Dog Collar is not only practical but also comfortable for your pet.

From £2.57
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Canny Puppy Lead 15mm

This Canny Puppy Lead is a high quality lead, that will make walks for both you and your puppy, or small dog, a pleasurable and comfortable affair.

Made from quality polypropylene, this lead comes with a padded handle, to protect and cosset your hand, as well as a padded grip on the lead itself to indicate the optimum position for your hand when walking your puppy using a Canny collar.

  • Padded handle
  • Chromed snap clip

Keeping boisterous pets under control can be a stressful situation, but using quality equipment can reduce the stress, both for yourself and your canine companion. Using this Canny lead will increase your confidence and control, making your daily walk more relaxing and fun.

Dimensions: W1.5 x L120cm

BUY NOW: £3.47

Gentle Leader

Traditional collars put pressure on the front of the throat, causing dogs to keep pulling even while choking but  the <b>Gentle Leader</b> stops your dog pulling on the lead and <b>does not choke</b> your dog.  The nose loop goes around the dog’s nose and jaw and acts in the same way as a pack-leader’s mouth – this is a clear signal to the dog that you are the leader.  It has been scientifically designed to direct the dog’s entire body by controlling the head and nose – and wherever the nose goes, the body will follow.</p><p>

From £7.99
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Reflect a Harness

This lightweight Reflect a Harness is made from strong, bright orange nylon material along with reflective threads which allows fantastic visibility on dark nights.

From £6.99
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