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We have the widest range of Kitten Care Products available online in the UK. With everything from Kitten Food to Kitten Toys and Kitten Health and Grooming Products. If you're looking for Kitten Food, please go to our Kitten Food department.


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Kitty City Mouse Hunt

Drive kitty crazy with this fabulous Kitty City Mouse Hunt! It comes with a jingle ball and a plush toy to stimulate your feline friendís natural instinct to hunt and play. Watch the fun antics as your cat or kitten scrabbles about trying to catch the toys through the holes. Hours of fun for your pet and great amusement for you!

Manufactured from wired polyester, this mouse hunt will keep your feline friend busy hunting, stalking and pouncing for ages.

Dimensions: W30.48 x D11.43 x H30.48

Please note: this toy is not indestructible, all play must be supervised. Replace toy once worn.

BUY NOW: £4.49

Cats Best OkoPlus Cat Litter

Voted "Best Buy Litter 2006" and "Highly Commended Litter 2007/08" by Your Cat magazine, Cat's Best OkoPlus is the only wood based clump-forming, biodegradable eco cat litter on the market. Made from 100% pure organic fibre, it binds liquid and odour effectively inside the fibre and boasts up to 3 times higher yield than mineral-based cat litters. It is compostable and 100% biodegradable, and, depending on local disposal laws, can be disposed of safely via your toilet in small quantities..

From £4.49
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Automatic Pet Feeder by PetPlanet

This strong, sturdy, portable Automatic Pet Feeder has separate large trays for food and is programmable for up to either four or 6 different feeding times.

From £23.99
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Breeder Celect

Breeder Celect is the litter choice for many cat breeders and there are many good reasons!

Available in 20 and 30 litre sizes.

From £8.49
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Kitty Boink Cat Toy

Make your cat go wild with a Kitty Boink cat toy! This clever, flexible tube toy can be tucked in at the ends to make a rolling toy for your furry friend or you can simply compress it in your hand, then release to make it shoot across the room.

From £0.39
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Budget Pet Carrier by PetPlanet

A great Budget Pet Carrier by PetPlanet that will allow you to safely transport and monitor your pet at the same time. It is suitable for cats and dogs and other small animals and has a side-covered lid which helps give your pet a sense of security and privacy whilst still allowing you to keep an eye on your beloved pet. Manufactured from polypropylene making it both strong and durable, this pet carrier also has a handy carry handle and there is a wire door at the front for access.

  • Lightweight
  • Well ventilated
  • Easy to clean

    Dimensions: approx. L50 x W35 x H32cm

    BUY NOW: £9.49

    Catsan Hygiene Litter

    The revolutionary new hygiene litter. Non Clumping Litter.

    Available in 10 and 20 litre sizes.

    From £5.59
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    Petkin Pet Wipes Pack of 100

    Petkin Pet Wipes provide a convenient way for you to keep your pet clean and healthy every day with no water or rinsing required. Each wipe is moistened with a gentle cleansing formula that helps maintain a clean and healthy pet coat while restoring skin moisture and softness. You can use them daily for quick cleanings, controlling pet odours and wiping dirty paws and you can also use additional wipes as necessary, especially on larger pets.

    Veterinary approved, these wipes can play a key role in maintaining a clean pet; a great alternative if bathing is too much of a hassle. Containing aloe and vitamin E, for a healthy skin and coat, they can be used to clean your petís face, ears, body and eye area.

  • Deodorises and conditions
  • Will not remove spot flea treatments
  • Safe for use on petís face
  • Safe for use on pets that lick or teethe

    BUY NOW: £5.99

    Purrshire Anti-bacterial Cat Litter Tray with Scoop - XLarge

    A fabulous, high-sided, two feet long Purrshire Anti-bacterial Cat Litter Tray is ideal for felines that tend to kick out their cat litter. This extra large tray is also great for cats that do not like covered litter boxes and has enough room for your pet to turn around, dig and stand up without feeling constrained. It holds more litter than the average tray, making it an economical choice for you as you will not need to change the litter as often as usual, and it comes with a litter scoop that can handily be attached in the corner so you do not need to hunt for it.

    Made from high quality resin composite material making it soft, tough and durable, it features non-skid pads on the bottom four corners to protect your floors or carpets. It has a nice smooth finish with rounded corners which are less likely to get litter stuck to them and is easy to clean. It has also been treated with Ag+ which is an anti-germ technology providing superior antimicrobial performance that kills stain and odour-causing bacteria.

    Dimensions: approx. L62 x W46 x H25cm
    Entrance step height: approx. 18cm

    BUY NOW: £12.99

    Luxury Pet Carrier/Car Booster Seat by PetPlanet

    This Luxury Pet Carrier by PetPlanet can also be used as a Car Booster Seat. The carry straps come together in a padded part for your shoulder allowing you to comfortably carry your pet around, or you can secure the carrier in your car for travelling using the car safety belt and the leash attachment inside. Access is via the side zipped panel and there is a soft luxury cushion base on the inside to keep your pet comfy, snug and warm plus you can also zip open the top window/ventilation panel to allow your pet to peek out. There are three handy external side pockets for storing treats or other items your pet might need. All in all, everything you could need or want from a pet carrier!

    Manufactured from strong, waterproof 600D Oxford fabric, this carrier is easy to clean, washable and comes with an adjustable strap for you to attach to your car seat headrest that also allows for height adjustments. Now you can safely satisfy your pet's natural urge to look out the window whilst protecting your upholstery from dirt or hair.

    • Suitable for front passenger or separate back passenger seats
    • Durable, lightweight and functional
    • Collapses for easy storage
    • Suitable for small animals weighing up to 6.75kg

    Dimensions: L41 x W34 x H30cm

    Available in a choice of 4 colours, Dark Green, Navy Blue, Grey or Coffee. Please choose below:

    BUY NOW: £19.99

    Smarter Toys IQ Treat Ball by PetPlanet

    Keep your pet amused for hours with this Smarter Toys IQ Treat Ball by PetPlanet.

    From £3.99
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    Pampuss Wood Cat Litter

    Pampuss Wood Cat Litter keeps your litter tray fresh and clean. It is a great natural product from a sustainable source and consists of highly absorbent, pine fresh wood pellets.

    Available in 2 sizes, 15 litres or 30 litres. Please click on links below:

    From £5.99
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    Mega Cat Paw Toy

    The Cat Paw Toy is a fun plaything for your feline. Your cat will be ready to play when it sees this colourful toy.

    Made of durable polyester and polypropylene, so its safe for your cat. This toy features an animated arm and paw print design with a tail. When your cat plays with the tail, it will make a rustling sound.

    • Polyester and polypropylene
    • Tail makes a sound
    • Fun design

    Throw the toy for your cat to chase or hold the arm to play-fight with your feline friend.

    Dimensions: L31 x W10.5 x H6.5cm

    Please note: this toy is not indestructible, all play must be supervised. Replace toy once worn.

    BUY NOW: £1.24

    Sanicat Cat Litter

    Sanicat Cat Litter is non-clumping and contains key ingredients that help to kill bacteria and stop it from forming.

    From £9.99
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    Stainless Steel Coup Cup & Hooks

    A stainless steel bowl, which can be used for either food or water. It comes complete with a hook on holder, ensuring no spillage in your puppy's new cage. Being stainless steel you can be guaranteed that the bowl will always be easy to clean.

    Still not convinced? Take a look at some of our customer reveiws below.

    From £2.49
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    Incline Cat Scratcher

    This Incline Cat Scratcher is at just the right angle for ultimate cat scratching and there is a hidden mouse for extra fun! Have you ever noticed how cats love cardboard boxes? This cat scratcher is made entirely from thick, durable, eco-friendly, corrugated cardboard that will satisfy your catís natural scratching urges. Scratching gives cats the opportunity to rid themselves of the dead outer layer of their claws and it also enables them to flex their joints and exercise their paws.

    Add the enclosed catnip to the scratching pad and it will irresistibly attract your feline friend to use it and keep on using it. For an added inducement, why not pop a toy or paper ball in the cubby hole to provide extra cat fun! Now, hopefully, scratching your furniture will be a thing of the past!

  • Reversible pad
  • Recyclable
  • Veterinarian approved
  • Not suitable for kittens due to size of hole

    Dimensions: W58 x D20 x H25cm high

    Please note: packaging colour may vary.

    BUY NOW: £5.99

    Comfort Kitty Cat Cave by PetPlanet

    A purrfect, cosy home for your cat! This Comfort Kitty Cat Cave with its coffee and beige plush covering, fleecy fringe and comfy, padded interior offers your feline friend a warm, secure cat igloo to sleep or rest in.

    From £9.99
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    Stainless Steel Coup Cup and Bolt

    The ideal way to keep food and water secure in your puppys new cage. Suitable for puppies and smaller breeds of dogs.

    From £2.49
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    Good Girl Sponge Ball Cat Toy - Pack of 4

    These Good Girl Sponge Balls are so light that your kitten or cat only has to gently bat at them for them to shoot off! Your feline friend will go bananas chasing around after them. They are great, soft and squidgy balls with a good bounce that will keep your pet entertained for hours.

    You will love that they are so light that they do not damage or mark anything in your house and do not make a loud noise. Your kitty will have great fun chasing them around or carrying them about. This is a bargain pack of coloured sponge balls at a great price!

    Ball diameter: 2.5cm

    Please note: these balls are not indestructible, all play must be supervised. Replace toys once worn.

    BUY NOW: £1.49

    Corner Kitty Litter Box with Door

    Ideal for corners, this Corner Kitty Litter Box will not only provide your cat with privacy but also help to catch flyaway cat litter. It has a lower front to allow for easy access and the swinging door allows your feline friend to enter and exit. This covered litter box is manufactured from high-impact, durable plastic, making it very robust and easy to clean and the handle on the hood allows for easy moving.

    Bottom Tray: W54 x D42 x H12cm
    Top with Tray: W54 x D42 x H41cm
    Door Step: D5 x 12cm
    Door: W25.5 x H23.5cm

    BUY NOW: £12.99
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