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Comfort Kitty Cat Cave by PetPlanet

A purrfect, cosy home for your cat! This Comfort Kitty Cat Cave with its coffee and beige plush covering, fleecy fringe and comfy, padded interior offers your feline friend a warm, secure cat igloo to sleep or rest in.

From £9.99
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Plastic Pet Sleeper Chair by Petplanet

This brilliant Plastic Pet Sleeper Chair by PetPlanet offers a personal sanctuary for your pet but with way more style!  It has been designed to provide a fabulous place for your four-legged friend to curl up and relax or snooze. The raised chair, on its strong and sturdy stand, offers your pet a great view and you will love how it complements your home decor.

From £9.99
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Pet Pod House by PetPlanet

For the other trend setter in your house, this Pet Pod House by PetPlanet with its sci-fi appeal is a stylish, sturdy home to keep your favourite pet safe, snug and secure. It imitates a cave-like sanctuary that your small animal will instinctively want to be in for protection and relaxation and features cute paw prints on the outside.

The Pet Pod House is the purrfect hidey hole for your cat or small dog looking to snooze in peace, and is also suitable for other small animals. It is an adorable and durable pet house manufactured from high density polypropylene that is easy to clean. All you need do is add a cushion or some bedding for your pet to snuggle into.

  • Comes with 4 pre-drilled holes in the base
  • Dimensions: W55 x D43 x H40cm
    Entrance: W38 x H27cm
    Base (flat footprint): 27 x 33cm

    BUY NOW: £24.99

    Bronte Glen Senior Gold 7+ Vet Bedding

    Hailed as the best quality vet bedding in Europe, Bronte Glenís Senior Gold 7+ vet bedding is a hygienic, non-irritant and non-allergenic veterinary drybed, made from luxuriously thick pre-steamed pile for extra comfort and to provide a high level of heat retention while helping to ease arthritis in older dogs. With a double-woven, non-slip backing that makes it harder to chew, Bronte Glen Senior Gold 7+ vet bedding is made from super wash wool impregnated with Permafresh Fibre, which stops the breakdown of bacteria and fungi and, in turn, starves dust mites, meaning they cannot live on or in the bed, helping to prevent skin problems and allergies. Senior Gold 7+ vet bedding is machine washable, and can be either tumble or drip-dried, while the Permafresh Fibre cannot be washed out and continues to give protection throughout the bedís life (up to 1000 washes). Made in Yorkshire, Bronte Glen Senior Gold 7+ vet bedding is the professionalís choice, recommended and used by vets throughout Europe.

    From £14.99
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    Purrshire Banana Leaf Cat Bed

    A fabulous bed for your cat or kitten, the Purrshire Banana Leaf Cat Bed features a comfy, padded cushion and raised sides that will keep your kitty secure, snug and warm. It is a fabulous basket bed for your feline friend that will complement any home decor, and it comes at a great price too.

    Manufactured from banana leaf making it safe to chew, it is highly robust as well as feeling soft, and its organic texture gives it a simple, natural appearance. It is woven so that your cat or kitten can get their claws or teeth right into the material and yet it will stand up to the test of time.

    • Cushion cover machine washable at 30 degrees

    External Dimensions: 50cm diameter x H11cm

    BUY NOW: £7.49

    Ancol Sleepy Paws Dog & Cat Comfort Blanket

    A soft and cosy Ancol Sleep Paws Dog & Cat Comfort Blanket can be easily rolled up to take with you when travelling with your pet. Now you can be reassured that your favourite pet is not cold in the back of the car during the colder months, or overnight at home when the heating is off.

    Made of super soft comfortable fleece and featuring a cute paw print motif, this Comfort Blanket will provide your pet with an insulating layer of warmth and something snuggly to cuddle up to. A durable, easily cleaned blanket that can be used anywhere and comes at a great price.

  • Machine washable

    Dimensions: approx. L74 x W74cm

    BUY NOW: £3.99

    Mr Snugs Cat Shelter

    Keep you cat warm and snug in the Mr Snugs Cat Shelter. This cosy hideaway is the perfect place for your cat to curl up and snooze when it is not in the house.

    • Seamless mould
    • Roof overhang and recessed door for environmental protection
    • Waterproof and windproof
    • No assembly required

    Perfect for cats who like to spend time outside, the Mr Snugs Cat Shelter is made from moulded plastic which ensures that it will not leak but rather keep your cat warm, dry and comfortable in any weather!

    Unlike its wooden counterparts, the Mr Snugs Cat Shelter will not rot, splinter, leak or split at the seams ensuring that your cat will have years of use out of its new home away from home.

    Suitable for cats up to approximately 7kgs.

    • L55 x W40 x H41cm
    • Entrance: Dia18cm

    Keep your cat warm and dry with the Mr Snugs Cat Shelter!

    FREE Standard UK Delivery!
    BUY NOW: £45.99

    Vetbed Gold - White

    Pets love Vetbed Gold because it is so warm, comfortable and inviting! It incorporates Permafresh which migrates into the fibres, ensuring a longer, fresher life for your pet's bedding. The anti-fungal action eliminates odours and stops the development of fungi at the same time being non-toxic and totally safe for all pets including newly-born puppies and kittens.

    From £11.99
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    Purrshire Self-Warming Cat Bed

    This fabulous Purrshire Self-Warming Cat Bed is warm and snuggly has a reflective silver foil lining that captures your feline friendís body heat and radiates the warmth back to its source. With a super soft faux fur inside surrounded by deep fibre filled polyester, your pet will be comfy and cosy, especially if it is draughty or cold.

    It is a great quality bed for your cat to burrow into for a snooze and you will love that you can simply throw it in the wash for easy cleaning and care.

  • Machine wash at 30 degrees
  • Dimensions: approx. L57 x W39cm

    BUY NOW: £9.99

    Ancol Small Self Heating Pet Pad

    Let your dogís heat energy rebound back towards them and keep them warm with this Self Heating Pet Bed. The thermal super soft sheepskin style covered pad generates a terrific amount of heat to keep your pet comfortable and snug and gives you peace of mind. Place in your pet crate or leave on the floor. Simply ideal for puppies, kittens and older pets. Keep your cover clean, it is easily removed for washing.

    From £8.99
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    Purrshire 3-in-1 Cat Cave

    This is a brilliant Purrshire 3-in-1 Cat Cave for your cat or kitten! It can convert from a cat cave to a cat bed, or a cat sofa, simply by pressing it either on the top or at the front. Your kitty will just adore this versatile, snug igloo hideout as it offers your feline friend a warm, secure place to rest or sleep in.

    With a plush outer cover, a polyester inner cover and a super-soft and comfy foam filling, it is a cute cream bed sporting a pawprint motif that will not look out of place in your lounge or bedroom, and does not take up a great deal of space either.

    • Machine washable at 30 degrees

    Dimensions: W41 xD29 x H33cm

    BUY NOW: £12.99

    Purrshire Play 'n Snooze Cat Scratcher

    This is a brilliant combination for your cat or kitten! The Purrshire Playín Snooze Cat Scratcher provides your feline friend with a scratching board and a cosy sleeping area. So when your cat has had enough scratching, there is that interesting tunnel to explore and curl up in for a snooze, or peek out of for a possible stealth attack.

    Made from plush material with a sisal covered mat area, it features a cute paw motif. A great, durable design that is sure to become a firm favourite!

    Dimensions: approx. L62 x W35 x H26

    BUY NOW: £7.99

    YAP Giraffe Cat Oval Bed 18in

    Featuring imitation giraffe fur, this YAP Giraffe Oval Cat Bed is a luxurious, blissfully warm and cosy bed for your cat or kitten. It provides your feline friend with the most sumptuous sleeping quarters, lined with luxury, soft, fluffy faux fur for ultimate warmth and comfort.

    With thick padding in the sides for maximum support and drop fronted to allow easy access, your feline friend will just adore this fabulous bed. Handmade from the finest materials, the outside is faux suede and features the adorable YAP cat logo; it is a truly elegant cat bed that will complement any home dťcor.

  • Removable cushion
  • Washable at 30 degrees

    Dimensions: approx. L46 x W40 x D21cm

    BUY NOW: £19.99

    Cat Windowsill Bed by Petplanet

    Cats love to sit on window sills because it allows them a view of the outdoors. The Windowsill Cat Bed by PetPlanet is the perfect way to give your pet a snuggly place to lie on in its favourite spot.

    The Windowsill Cat Bed is made of sturdy wood and lined with soft, faux fleece. Your cat will love the soft material and the extra space for sleeping on. The bed includes two adjustable steel brackets with wingnuts that will fit most windowsills. Cats usually like to sit at a window where they can see the walkway that leads to the front door, so thatís an ideal place to put the bed.

    • Sturdy wood construction
    • Soft fleece covering
    • Two adjustable brackets fit most windowsills
    • Great way to expand on your catís favourite spot

    With the Windowsill Bed in place youíll know just where your cat will be when you get home. Nothing is more fun that playing at the window with your pet before you come inside the house. Your best friend will be waiting for your return and greet you when you arrive. Meow!

    Dimensions: W40 x D29 x H2cm

    Clamp Depth: up to 5.5cm

    Customer Note: The fleece covering isnít removable and it isnít recommended you use water to clean it. However you can brush away any cat hair that may have collected there with a felt brush. Use a mild spray-on fabric or carpet deodorizer to keep your bed smelling fresh and clean.

    BUY NOW: £4.99

    Barkshire Comfort Dog Paw Blanket

    This Barkshire Comfort Dog Paw Blanket has a cute paw print design so there will no mistaking who it belongs to! A lovely, cosy blanket for your pet to snuggle up in.

    From £9.99
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    Kingpets Hamburger Bed (Hessian Style)

    This super snuggly Kingpets Hamburger Bed is a fabulous, hooded, round bed in a hamburger shape for your favourite pet to enjoy. Filled with soft polyfibre and foam, the fabric is a washable, faux hessian with a plush interior and a comfy cushion and it features a laminated, non-skid Oxford base.

    Your pet will love the warmth, comfort and security that this comfy bed offers and will soon be curled up happily snoozing. Go on, spoil your four-legged friend!

    • Washable at 30ºC
    • Suitable for cats or small dogs

    From £14.99
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    Hagen Cat Love Cozy Scratcher Den

    This Cat Love Cozy Scratcher Den provides a safe and secure area for your cat to play, scratch, nap or sleep. Ever noticed how cats really love cardboard boxes? Well, This den is made entirely of recyclable corrugated cardboard! The cosy hideaway has a thick scratching panel located on the top that provides your cat with a safe area for sharpening claws or just relieving pent up energy.

    When your feline friend is done with scratching, he/she can snooze comfortably inside. The den has a uniquely shaped opening at each end for easy access and even comes with catnip to further entice your kitty to use it. Not that much encouragement will be needed!

    This is a great product at a great price for your cat that not only provides a snug area for napping or hiding but also helps sharpen claws to remove dead outer layers.

    • Easy assembly
    • Recyclable
    • Environmentally friendly

    Dimensions: W50 x D38 x H35cm

    BUY NOW: £12.99

    Little Arena Pet Pod

    This Little Arena Pet Pod is a really fantastic, sturdy home to keep your favourite pet safe, snug and secure. It imitates a cave-like sanctuary that your small animal will instinctively want to be in for protection. It is an ideal hidey hole for your cat or small dog looking to snooze in peace, and is also suitable for other small animals. It even comes with its own comfy cushion.

    Super lightweight and easily cleaned, the Little Arena Pet Pod is made from EVA foam material making it waterproof. It has been specially designed with rear ventilation holes and a large entrance for good visibility and, better still, you can unzip the top and remove it when required.

    This is a great home for your pet that is easily flattened to take with you on trips away and it comes at an equally great price.

    Dimensions: W52 x H30cm
    Entrance: W34 x H18cm

    BUY NOW: £29.99

    KatKabin DezRez Cat Kennel

    The purrfect outdoor shelter for your cat! The KatKabin DezRez Cat Kennel gives your cat the freedom to spend more time outdoors while you are at work, or asleep, by providing kitty with comfort, safety and shelter for your peace of mind. The design is adorable with the front of the DezRez designed to look like a cat face complete with whiskers around the door. This luxurious outdoor cat house is an ingenious, wonderful home from home for your fabulous feline!

    Made from high grade, fade-resistant materials and standing above the ground, it provides a warm, cosy and shaded insulated den for napping, stretching and relaxing. Your cat is protected from the weather and is safe and relaxed in this sturdy and purpose-made home. The opening also has a conventional clip-on cat flap that can be attached or removed depending on the season or your cat's preference.

    Number 1 Pet Accessory in The Independent's Top 50 Best Pet Accessories

    This KatKabin is also ideal for use indoors as a stylish addition to your home and comes in a range of colours that can either blend in or stand out, as you require. This is certainly one cat house that will make a stunning design statement! It also comes with a soft and comfy, washable KatKushion.

    ♦ Developed to withstand the widest range of temperature extremes
    ♦ Feet fixing holes enable the KatKabin to be fixed to any surface
    ♦ Rear holes for air ventilation
    ♦ Oval design helps the air to circulate inside rather than being trapped at the top as in other shapes
    ♦ Removable KatFlap door
    ♦ KatKushion is fully machine washable
    ♦ Includes sisal mouse toy

    Overall dimensions: L55 x W40.5 x H32.5cm
    Entrance: W16.5 x H17.8cm

    Please note: For extra security/stability - the KatKabin has holes inside the feet which you can use to screw it to the floor. Also, if you are worried that it may move during strong winds if standing on soft ground, you can use tent pegs (not included) to attach it for extra strength.

    ORDER TODAY TO SAVE £2.61 OFF RRP £57.60
    FREE Standard UK Delivery!
    BUY NOW: £54.99

    Happy Pet Little Rascals Night Night Pet Bed 18 x 16in

    Ideal for pups or kittens, this Little Rascals Night Night Pet Bed offers a sumptuous and comfortable resting place. For those who prefer a more contemporary design in their home, this fabulous, stylish pet bed is just perfect. It is really soft and comfy as well as hard wearing and, better still, it is machine washable.

    With a faux suede outer fabric, super-soft plush interior, contrast piping and a removable base, the enclosed oval design means that your pet can curl up in it and feel cosy and secure. It is perfect for any kitten or puppy to dream the night away in. This is a great quality bed at a great price go on, spoil your four-legged friend!

    • Non-slip base
    • Machine washable at 30 degrees
    • Removable base cushion

    Dimensions: W47 x D42 x H16cm

    BUY NOW: £19.99
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