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Bakers Complete Adult 14kg

Bakers Complete Food for Adult dogs contains fresh moist meaty morsels and a variety of crunchy shapes, for a nutritionally balanced food for your adult dog. Available in Beef and vegetable, Lamb and vegetable, Chicken and vegetable, or Rabbit and Duck.
BUY NOW: £26.99

Bakers As Good As It Looks Mixed Pack 4x280g

Bakers As Good As It Looks is a complete and tasty wet feed made with delicious ingredients and mouthwatering meaty combinations.

Bakers contains essential vitamins and minerals and this multipack represents excellent value for money.

Variety Menus

  • Tasty Casserole with Chicken, Carrots and Green Beans
  • Succulent Stew with Beef, Potato and Peas
  • Savoury Stew with Duck, Pasta and Green Beans
  • Hearty Casserole with Beef, Potato and Carrots
Assorted Menus
  • Tender Stew with Rice, Lamb and Carrots
  • Delicious Casserole with Turkey, Carrots and Peas
  • Succulent Stew with Beef, Potatoes and Peas
  • Tasty Casserole with Chicken, Carrots and Green Beans
BUY NOW: £4.99

Bakers Complete Meaty Meals 2.7kg

Bakers Complete Meaty Meals can add variety and meatiness in so many tasty ways: as a meaty reward when your dog deserves something special; as a tasty topping on its his favourite main meal; or as an irresistible complete main meal on its own. Even on their own the moist meaty chunks in Bakers Complete Meaty Meals, made with fresh meat, guarantees a wholesome, balanced meal every day.
BUY NOW: £7.77

Bakers Small Dog 2.7kg

Smaller dogs may have little tummies to fill, but they also have super-fast metabolisms often burning twice the calories their larger cousins do. Bakers Complete Small Dog will fuel his metabolism and keep him bursting with energy and on the go. A great big taste in small mouthfuls!
BUY NOW: £7.44

Bakers As Good As It Looks 6x280g

This Bakers As Good As It Looks is a complete wet food made with delicious meats and vegetables and best yet, comes in a transparent tub and re-closable lid.

Made with essential vitamins and minerals, this is a yummy complete feed and comes available in a range of meaty combinations. As Good As It Looks lives up to its name. Easy on the eye, the meaty chunks look irresistible and the taste is what you'd expect from Bakers.

BUY NOW: £6.99
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