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Rabbit Home Hygiene

A range of products that can help maintain a healthy and clean cage or hutch.

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Supreme Keep It Clean Cleaner, Deodorant, Disinfectant 500ml

Supreme Keep It Clean Cleaner, Deodorant, Disinfectant 500ml is the ultimate cleaner, deodorant and disinfectant for pets environments. It is an advanced product that can be used in several ways to ensure that pet environments stay hygienically clean.

CLEANING – Can be used on hutches, cages, bedding, carpets and any housing areas.

DEODORISING – Safe to use on animals bedding and any accessories.

DISINFECTANT – Proven to assist in the prevention of bacterial infections such as Canine Distemper, Viral Haemorrhagic Disease and Myxomatosis. Also reduces the risks associated with Flystrike.

Keep It Clean is safe for use on all animals bedding.

BUY NOW: £2.89

PetSafe Wee Care Pet Toilet Cleanser 475ml

Eliminate odours and soiling from pet carriers and indoor or outdoor toileting areas with this fabulous PetSafe Wee Care Pet Toilet Cleanser! The safe, non-toxic enzyme cleanser gets to the source of organic stains and odours and leaves no by-products behind which could attract dirt and bacteria.

It is also ideal for use with the PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Pet Toilet to clean the artificial grass as it will dissolve the organic matter quickly and easily. This biodegradable cleanser will not harm or discolour fabrics or irritate sensitive skin, eyes or noses.

Perfect for use on:

  • Pet Carriers
  • Artificial grass
  • Indoor/outdoor toileting areas
  • PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Pet Toilets

Quantity: 475ml

BUY NOW: £10.99

Beaphar Cage Fresh Granules 600g

Beaphar Cage Fresh Granules are a clever idea to neutralise the smell of urine in hutches and cages. Simply place some under the hay in a freshly cleaned hutch or cage, the friendly microbes will work to absorb the nasty smells leaving your pet living in a more sanitised environment. 600g
BUY NOW: £4.29

Beaphar Deep Clean Disinfectant 500ml

Beaphar Deep Clean Disinfectant is safe for your small pets plastic cages, timber hutches, toys and hard surfaces. It gives a real deep clean and fights bacteria such as Salmonella, MRSA and E-Coli, fungi such as ringworm, and is highly effective against viruses such as Parvovirus, Calicivrus (VHD) and Adenovirus. Remove animals and contents before applying, but once dry it does not need to be rinsed off. A 500ml bottle to be used time and time again.
BUY NOW: £3.99

Cascade Bactericidal Disinfectant for Small Animals 500ml

Unlike many household detergents, Cascade does not contain phenols which are harmful to small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, mice and gerbils.

It has been specially formulated and will destroy bacteria and other micro-organisms, helping to keep your pets and family healthy by preventing cross-infection. Cascade will not stain or corrode and is readily biodegradable.

Still not sure? Check out some of our customer reviews below

BUY NOW: £2.99

Classic 3in1 Bunny Brush

A complete pamper set for your rabbit, the Classic 3in1 Bunny Brush has everything that you’ll need to give your bunny a luxury bunnicure.

  • Three-in-One design
  • Suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and other small animals.

This cute set of bunny care products features a brush, nail clippers and a flea comb – everything you need of pampering your bunny.

Perfect for children: With its cute design, this set is a great way to involve children in the care of their small animals.

Made from hard wearing plastic case with soft bristles for luxurious brushing, your bunny is sure to be excited every time it sees it!

  • L35 x W15 x H5cm

Let the bunny pampering begin with the Classic 3in1 Bunny Brush.

BUY NOW: £3.99

Beaphar Antibacterial Hutch and Cage Cleaner 500ml

Beaphar Antibacterial Hutch and Cage Cleaner not only cleans but disinfects. Ideal for your pet’s home, it smells really fresh and you can be sure that it will leave your precious furry friend’s home hygienically clean and if their home is clean – your home is clean. 500ml
BUY NOW: £3.49

Canovel Home Blitz Plus Spray

Hatchwells Canovel Home Blitz! Plus Spray is a simple and highly effective way of killing fleas, flea larvae, house dust mites and other insects in your home. Each treatment lasts for up to 6 months.

Available in 250ml and 400ml.

From £6.99
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Petsafe Hutch Disinfectant 500ml

Formulated specially for use in wooden hutches this disinfectant effectively kills germs and bacteria, to help prevent potential infections occurring within the hutch environment. Recommended to be used as part of a regular cleaning process. Comes in a handy spray bottle.
BUY NOW: £5.99

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