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Nina Ottosson Plastic Dog Tornado

Interactive fun for both dog and owner with the Dog Tornado! The idea behind the Dog Tornado is for the dog to dislodge the removeable bones, then turn the revolving sections to reveal hidden treats. The Tornado has many variables to increase the level of difficulty as the dog's skill improves. With a little practice he will soon learn to dislodge the bones and turn the Tornado to access the rewards. The concept is for the dog to work out how to move the pieces with it's nose, paws or tongue so this product is suitable for dogs of all sizes. Manufactured from high quality plastic.
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Nina Ottosson Dog Mix Max Range

The Nina Ottosson Dog Mix Max range of dog toys are unique and challenging interactive pet activities that stimulate their brains while giving them tasty treats! Youll be amazed and proud of how clever your dog actually is!


  • Fun and challenging dog toy
  • Durable high quality plastic design
  • Highly entertaining for onlookers as well

Gone are the days when all a dog wanted was a simple stick to fetch. The modern pooch needs to be intellectually stimulated and entertained to keep it happiest. The Nina Ottosson Dog Mix Max is the ideal series of toys that will push your pooch to learn and reward its curiosity!

Just watch the videos in our gallery and youll see for yourself just how smart your dog can be!

You can either use one game by itself or connect several to create even more challenging games for your dog. As you dog masters one level of difficulty, you can add more to ensure that your pet is always learning and enjoying the challenge.

If your dog doesnt get its treats immediately dont worry! These products are definitely not easy! Your dog will need to learn and challenge itself to get a treat ensuring that this is a great pet toy that will give your pooch years of fun and entertainment.

Tips and tricks: When setting up your Nina Ottosson Dog Mix Max let your dog watch where you put the treats and then place all the blocks. This will help them to figure out what to do next. Play together with your dog to ensure that it doesnt cheat and try to eat or dig its way through the plastic. With your supervision and guidance it will learn very quickly how to play this game.

Please note that this product includes one puzzle block. Images may show how this product fits in with additional Nina Ottosson puzzle blocks of varying difficulties to create even more challenging puzzles.

This product is dishwasher safe.


  • L18 x W18 x H4

Please note: As with most pet toys, this product is not indestructible and all play should be supervised. Replace toy once worn.

From £4.99
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Nina Ottosson Plastic Dog Brick

Fun and frolics for your dog with the Dog Brick! This well-built, ingenious puzzle requires a dog to first dislodge the removable bones, then to push the sliding covers and access hidden treats. The level of difficulty for the Brick can be varied, depending upon the dog's experience and his enthuisiasm for the game. This game alleviates boredom and encourages mental and physical stimulation. Manufactured from high quality plastic.
BUY NOW: £19.99

Nina Ottosson Dog Treat Maze Large

The Nina Ottosson Dog Treat Maze is a funtastic interactive dispenser for any fun loving canine.

Showcasing eye-catching colours, this toy is amazing when it comes to stimulating dogs of all ages and sizes. They are also great for slowing down the eating process, avoiding any potential eating related issues. Go ahead and fill it with their favourite treats using the hole in the middle and watch them as they very carefully and strategically unlock the snacks. Made from a tough and durable plastic, Nina Ottosson is a big name when it comes to pet toys, and this treat dispenser is sure to please both you and your pet.

The Treat Maze measures approximately 24.5 x 24.5 x 8cm

Why not go ahead and fill it with some of these perfectly sized treats below

BUY NOW: £9.99

Nina Ottosson Plastic Dog Magic

The magic is in the secret compartments! Your dog will love discovering treats with Dog Magic! This is a relatively easy puzzle game for dogs to play, where they have to dislodge bones to access hidden treats. You may choose to put treats under one, several or all of the bones to vary the difficulty of the game. By switching the location of the treat, you can encourage him to really focus and use his nose to seek out the treasure! A challenge to stimulate the brain and alleviates boredom with interactive fun for you! Manufactured from high quality plastic.
BUY NOW: £14.99

Nina Ottosson Dog Puzzle Game

Nina Ottoson Dog Puzzle Games are especially designed to occupy and stimulate dogs, whilst encouraging them to use their brains. They also encourage interaction between owners and dogs.

From £13.99
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