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Corner Kitty Litter Box with Door

Ideal for corners, this Corner Kitty Litter Box will not only provide your cat with privacy but also help to catch flyaway cat litter. It has a lower front to allow for easy access and the swinging door allows your feline friend to enter and exit. This covered litter box is manufactured from high-impact, durable plastic, making it very robust and easy to clean and the handle on the hood allows for easy moving.

Dimensions: approx. 56 x 43 x 42cm high
From floor to entrance: approx. 10cm

BUY NOW: £12.99

Kitty Litter Box

Manufactured from high-impact, durable plastic, this Kitty Litter Box is very robust and easy to clean.

It has a lower front to allow for easy access and includes deodorant filters. It will not only provide your cat with privacy but also help to catch flyaway cat litter and it has vents for increased air flow and a handle on the hood to allow for easy moving.

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From £9.99
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Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan Large

Convenience and hygiene with Catit Hooded Cat Pan Large. This hooded cat pan is manufactured from durable, hard wearing plastic and is easy to assemble with large, locking sliders on each side. Easy access is gained through the large, hinged lid. Also has a bag anchor at front to secure your waste bag for easy scooping out of litter. Included is a carbon-impregnated cartridge helping to eliminate odours. Removeable clear door in a two-way, cat-flap style. Please choose from pink, blue or grey lids. The hood is to provide privacy for your cat, please do not use handle on hood to lift tray. Lift tray from bottom. Replacement filters available separately.

Approximate Dimensions:
Overall: L57 x W40 x D46.5cm
Top part: L57 x W39 x D28cm (including overhang)
Base part: L56 x W40 x D19.5-24cm (rising towards rear)

BUY NOW: £15.49

Hooded Litter Tray by PetPlanet

This Hooded Cat Litter Tray by PetPlanet features a swinging door that allows your feline friend to safely enter and exit. It will afford your cat privacy although you can easily remove the door should kitty not like it. Manufactured from high-impact, durable plastic, it is easy to disassemble for cleaning purposes.

This is a very robust cat toilet that will help to prevent flyaway cat litter and also has vents for increased air flow. An economical product that is well worth the purchase and comes with a top handle to allow for easy moving.

Dimensions: approx. L48 x W38 x H43cm

BUY NOW: £10.99

Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box Large

Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box is quick, easy and clean - this amazing cat loo solves all your litter handling problems.

This revolutionary cat loo is what cat owners have been waiting for. Simply roll the tray and then empty the waste from the specially designed grill. There are no parts to remove or store. You have no need of scoops, liners or filters thus saving you money and, best of all from a hygiene point of view, you need never come into contact with the litter.

Your cat will enjoy the privacy of an enclosed cat loo and will also enjoy having a clean litter tray to use.

  • Works best with clumping cat litter

    Dimensions: approx. L58.5 x W52 x H53.5cm

    Approximate door measurements: H17.8cm x W21.5cm. Please note colour may vary and, unfortunately, we cannot allow a choice of colour on this product.

    BUY NOW: £29.99

    Purrshire Luxury Cat Litter Box with Filter - XX Large

    Ideal for large cats, the Purrshire Luxury Cat Litter Box is an impressive two feet long by 18 inches high. This extra, extra large tray ensures that a large cat has plenty of room to turn around and, most importantly, it is large enough so that your feline friend does not wind up with his or her back end hanging over the edge of the box. The reassuring translucent sides also help to prevent your pet from feeling hemmed in or trapped, whilst still providing privacy.

    Made from high quality resin composite material making it soft, tough and durable, it features a small, perforated shelf at the entrance that handily helps to clean off your cat’s paws when exiting to help prevent litter tracking. To protect your floors or carpets, it also has non-skid pads on the bottom four corners. The cover is tightly affixed to the tray with side fasteners and there is a door flap which can easily be removed should your kitty not like it.

    A great, spacious cat litter box that is large enough so your cat can turn around, dig and stand up without feeling constrained. It has a nice smooth finish with rounded corners which are less likely to get litter stuck to them. It is easy to clean and has been treated with Ag+ - which is an anti-germ technology providing superior antimicrobial performance that kills stain and odour-causing bacteria.

  • Includes deodorant filter
  • Includes litter scoop

    The semi-solid deodorant filter is made from a mixture of natural plant extracts that inhibit bacteria reproduction and rapidly decompose putrefaction and decayed protein to produce a clean smelling box. It is fitted inside the top lid beneath the handle area, you need to push the button in the middle part to release it; it is a silver package that you then need to perforate with a pin or nib, 4-6 small holes will be sufficient, and a small amount of liquid will release which is normal. You then replace it in the holder and it lasts approximately 2-3 months. Unfortunately, we cannot get the original filters from the supplier - however, we can offer an alternative deodorant filter on 51362, which is equally as effective.

    Overall Dimensions: approx. L63 x W46 x H46cm
    Base tray: L62 x W46 x D15cm
    Opening: approx. W22.5 x H25.5cm
    Entrance step height: approx. H18cm
    Shelf depth: 12cm
    Internal step down: approx. H16cm
    Please note: the shelf depth will take 12cm off the length of this litter box.

    BUY NOW: £25.99

    Iris 2-in-1 Cat Litter Box

    This incredibly versatile Iris 2-in-1 Cat Litter Box has it all! It is a great choice for any discerning cat owner. It features a pull-out tray at the bottom for tray liners to help keep odours reduced, making it easier for you to change and also save on the cat litter. Inside there is a paw cleaning grid and a handy scoop, which sits in the holder at the side. The door part lifts up to give you easy access and the entrance door is also removable if required.

    It is an antibacterial litter box making it healthy and clean for your feline friend to use and features a handle on the top to allow for easy manoeuvrability as well as a filter and an air vent to help minimise any nasty odours. The extra wide entrance allows your cat to come and go freely, although you can always remove the top part if your feline friend prefers an open cat litter tray and replace it once your cat gets used to using it.

  • Pellet litter is recommended for use with this tray

    Dimensions: approx. L52 x W37.5 x H42.25cm
    Entrance: approx W20cm(bottom), W16cm (top)x H19.4cm
    Entrance height from floor: approx. 10cm
    Tray liner: 30 x 45cm

    Replacement filters are available from PetPlanet on 51362

    Please click here for assembly instructions.

    BUY NOW: £22.99

    Anti-Bacterial Cat Litter Box with Scoop

    The Anti-Bacterial Cat Litter Box with Scoop has every convenience for your feline friend and for you too! It features a hood with a compartment under the handle to hold a filter to minimise odours, a hidden removable paw cleaning grid and a special waste tray that collects pellets from your kitty’s claw to prevent litter being scattered all over the floor. For your pet’s privacy, there is also a removable swing door.

    For your convenience, the hood and tray fasten together easily with secure buckles; the lid is hinged for easy access; there is a handle for easy carrying and the waste tray is easily removed for cleaning plus you get a free litter scoop.

    Manufactured from high quality, rigid polypropylene and ABS resin, it has been treated with Ag+ - which is an anti-germ technology providing superior antimicrobial performance that kills stain and odour-causing bacteria. This is a lightweight, durable litter box that you will find very easy to clean and maintain.

  • Includes deodorant filter

    Overall Dimensions: W44 x D53 x H42cm
    Floor to step: 37cm

    Please note: the filter lasts approx 2 months and you can purchase a pack of 2 replacement filters from PetPlanet.

    IMPORTANT: The handle is for moving the tray around when empty, do not try lifting it when full of cat litter.

    BUY NOW: £19.99

    Catit Jumbo White Tiger Cat Litter Tray 50696

    The Catit Jumbo White Tiger Cat Litter Tray is the fashionable choice for all respectable pussy cats. Modern, practical and with its animal print elegance, this litter pan has all the features that you need to keep a sanitary environment in your home. The white design looks clean and that is just what it is!

    Features include:

    • A large hood that lifts for easy access
    • A built-in bag anchor for easy scooping
    • An easy locking slider for quick assembly
    • Carbon filter to eliminate odour.

    Dimensions: W57 x D43 x H46cm (22.5x17x18”)

    BUY NOW: £18.99

    Catit Design Smartsift Cat Pan

    The Catit Design SmartSift Cat Pan is a simple, automatic litter sifting system that takes the chore out of litter maintenance.

    To refresh the cat litter pan, all you have to do is pull the lever – easy and mess-free. The lever activates an automated noiseless pull and refresh process that quickly and efficiently refreshes the litter pan, while collecting waste in one simple operation.

    Your cat enters and exits through the large swinging door. Clean litter is recycled back into the pan and waste clumps are deposited in a lined collection bin for easy disposal. Refilling the litter is easy – just open the maintenance door and pour.

    Eco-friendly, SmartSift is a safe and manual system with no mechanical pieces that can heat up or fail over time and no bits that might need replacing. The design prevents litter tracking and controls dust and there is an integrated carbon filter which absorbs odours inside the pan.

    • Includes one biodegradable liner for the cat pan and one for the pull-out waste bin
    • Suitable for cats of all sizes and clumping litters
    • The amount of cat litter should not be more than 5kg or 5 litres

    Overall dimensions: L66 x W48 x H63cm
    Internal: L48 x W33 x H43cm

    Please click here to view really helpful FAQs.

    Click here for spare Waste Bin Liners

    Click here for spare Cat Pan Liners

    FREE Standard UK Delivery!
    BUY NOW: £49.99

    Ferplast Prima Cat Toilet

    This portable hooded Prima Cat Toilet is simple for your cat to use by entering and exiting through the front flap and keeps the contents safely hidden away until cleaning.

    It comes complete with active carbon filter that is installed into the roof of the toilet and will lock away bad smells and odours. Your cat will have some privacy and you can forget it is there.

    Dimensions: approx. W39.5 x D52.5 xH38cm
    Opening: approx. W19 x H19cm
    Step height: approx.12cm

    Unfortunately, we cannot allow a choice of colour on this product.

    BUY NOW: £16.99

    Van Ness Enclosed Cat Litter Tray

    Lightweight plastic enclosed cat tray which has a handy clip mechanism to split the top and bottom halves for easy emptying. The Van Ness enclosed tray also has a top filter to reduce odours escaping inside whilst still allowing circulation. Comes with integral carry handle.

    From £14.99
    Products in this Group

    Savic Sphinx Hygienic Cat Toilet

    The Sphinx Hygienic Cat Toilet is an extra large covered receptacle that your cat can use whenever they need to. The swing door means that your cat can maintain their privacy and the covered casing keeps all the debris out of view. This toilet comes complete with a scoop and filter all ready for use. Plastic construction. Dimensions 56x44x42cm (22x17.5x16.5")
    BUY NOW: £19.99

    Oster Bionaire Odour Removing Litter Box

    This Oster Bionaire Odour Removing Litter Box is the must have litter box for cat owners who do not want the embarrassment of traditional litter tray smells in their homes.

    The unit removes cat litter smells by gently, and silently, fanning odours into a specially designed filter that uses activated carbon and zeolite to remove up to 99% of odours, before returning the fresh air back into the room. There is also a clever pre-filter to prevent litter dust, fur and dander from blocking the efficiency of the filter.

    The unit comes with a 2 meter lead, so you can position this wherever it is most convenient, and the whisper-quiet fan has a low electrical consumption of 3W. It has an LED control panel at the top where you can turn off the fan if required, and there is also an easy-to-read count down indicator, and reset button, to help you gauge when the carbon filter needs replaced.

    The litter box comes with a roll top cover that retracts, giving you easy access to clean the tray. The cover also provides some privacy for your feline friend. Included with the litter tray is a litter scoop, which has been designed so that it can efficiently deal with litter at the curved sides, and it is kept in a dedicated housing at the back of the unit. This housing is vented to allow litter to fall back into the box.

    • Whisper quiet operation, will not disturb your cat
    • Lid allows access, as well as reducing scatter
    • Filters last aprox. 8 weeks
    • 1 set of carbon filters included
    • Can be manually turned off
    • Curved litter scoop included
    • Antibacterial Litter Mat with anti-microbial additives
    • Removes up to 99% of odours removed

    Keep your house smelling fresh and clean with this great Bionaire Odour Removing Litter Box.

    Dimensions: L58 x W46 x H49cm

    Please refer to the User Manual for more information.

    FREE Standard UK Delivery!
    BUY NOW: £89.99

    Cat Litter Spinner

    This brilliant Cat Litter Spinner is so easy to clean and far more sanitary than a standard litter box or tray. Better still, it looks good, has no open mess and reduces cat litter mess on the floor. It is probably the last cat litter box you will ever need to purchase! Made from recycled polypropylene, this attractive Cat Litter Spinner is durable, strong and long lasting. It uses premium clumping litter and all you do is spin it once a day and the waste is collected in an easy to remove drawer. The litter is sifted and clean and you just remove the drawer and empty the waste into a rubbish bag; the whole process takes around 20 seconds and is so simple that even a child can do it. That’s it!

    Providing private comfort for your cat or kitten, this Cat Litter Spinner requires no batteries, plugs or cords. You will love it and so will your feline friend! Other automatic cleaning cat litter boxes require that you plug them in and use special trays or litter. They can also break easily and then you have to rush out and get a replacement which costs as much, or more than your last one. Also, if your automatic cleaning cat litter box has to be plugged in, you are limited as to where you can have it in your home and if it runs on batteries, you have to spend money every time the batteries need to be replaced.

  • Suitable for cats and kittens up to 9kg
  • Saves times and money
  • Uses premium clumping litter
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Reduces odour, controls dust and litter mess
  • 3 year warranty

    Dimensions: 46 x 37 x 51cm high
    19cm opening

    Please note: Effective sifting is dependent upon using small litter. Litter Spinner will work with all natural and clay based litters but "pellet" shaped litters will not work as they will not freely sift through the litter drawer.

    Please watch the video below.

    FREE Standard UK Delivery!
    BUY NOW: £79.99
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