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Kitty City Cat Litter Mat

Specially designed to trap cat litter, this Kitty City Litter Mat has a cat-friendly, comfortable, soft surface that opens up your cat's paws to dislodge any litter that is trapped without doing any harm to your petís paws.

Made from PVC rubber, it features a non-slip backing that keeps the mat firmly in place and prevents moisture and particles from reaching your floor. The mat is suitable for use with any size litter box and can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water.

  • Tray not included

Dimensions: L50 x W40cm< /p>

BUY NOW: £3.99

Johnsons Clean n Safe Cat Litter Tray Spray 500ml

Johnson's Clean n Safe Cat Litter Tray Spray is a thorough and effective cleaner.

A disinfectant, cleaner, and deodorant all in one, the spray will not only kill germs, but it will also eliminate bacteria and other nasty viruses. Applicable with litter trays, feeding bowls and pet bedding, donít let your catís business disturb the cleanliness of your home.

BUY NOW: £2.69

Van Ness Regular Litter Scoop LS1

The Van Ness Regular Litter Scoop is manufactured from high-impact plastic. This litter scoop is ideal for clumping litter and has an easy-grip handle.

Approximate size: L28cm x W10cm x H5cm (11" x 4" x 2").

Please note this item comes in a different colours and, unfortunately, we cannot allow a choice of colour on this product.

See what our customers made of it by reading some of their reviews below

BUY NOW: £0.99

Pet Brands Cat Litter Tray Liners

Pet Brands Cat Litter Tray Liners with drawstrings. Suitable for use with Van Ness and other cat litter trays.

From £1.99
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Litter Mat by PetPlanet

This Litter Mat will really make your cats litter box area a cleaner place.

Made from hard wearing textured PVC, the design is not only attractive, but also is effective in trapping and hiding litter from view. Simply put, this product reduces the amount of litter tracking on your floor and carpets. It is soft to the touch, so is kind to kitties paws, and has a non-skid surface.

  • Easy clean

Not only can this mat be used in conjunction with a litter tray, it can also be used as a welcome mat at your cat flap, preventing dirt from being tracked through your house when your cat comes home.

Dimensions: L60 x D36 x H1cm

BUY NOW: £2.99

Bob Martin Spring Fresh Litter Freshener 400g

Bob Martin Spring Fresh Litter Freshener will reduce odours quickly.

Just sprinkle a layer of this freshener on your litter with every change and you cat's litter tray will stay spring fresh. Great value for money as well

BUY NOW: £0.99

Barkshire Puppy Pad Holder / Kitty Litter Tracking Tray

This well designed, non-skid Barkshire Puppy Pad Holder can be used with or without training pads, or you could also use it as a Kitty Litter Tracking Tray to reduce cat litter tracking. Easy to assemble, it is made from a high quality resin composite material that is not only tough and resilient but also soft and comfortable for your puppy or cat to stand on.

For puppy training purposes, the tray has a super large capacity of more than 1500ml so urine will not spill out and patented inducer particles in the grill attract your puppy to it, thus increasing the chances of training success. When nature calls you do not want the outcome to be spread around your house! The Puppy Pad Holder holds the training pad down securely in place so that your pup cannot run off with it. Just snap the top over the training pad onto the bottom section, or, better still, do not use pads at all!

It is an excellent product that can also be used as a Kitty Litter Tracking Tray placed in front of a cat tray. It will protect floors and reduce litter tracking throughout your home as the grill in the tray will aid in pulling the cat litter from your petís paws. Your feline friend will also love the soft, comfortable grill.

Best of all, it has been treated with Ag+ which is an anti-germ technology providing superior antimicrobial performance that kills stain and odour-causing bacteria. It features non-skid pads on the bottom four corners to protect your floors or carpets and it is easy to clean.

Dimensions: approx. L48.5 x W37cm
Training pad size: approx. L45 x W33cm (not included)

BUY NOW: £6.99

Litter Locker II Refill Cartridge

This Refill Cartridge is for the Litter Locker II. It is made of a plastic multi-layer barrier film that uses the Air-Seal technology, thus making the system completely air-tight.

One cartridge saves up to 60 grocery bags; based on the estimated use of 1 grocery bag per day for 60 days.

This Cat Litter Locker II Refill Cartridge lasts, on average, for 2 months for 1 cat.

Dimensions: approx 15cm diameter

BUY NOW: £6.99

Cat Igloo Disposable Tray Liners Pack of 5

Cat Igloo liners are specifically moulded for the unit and are eco-friendly and designed to hold your catís preferred choice of litter. Cat Igloo liners couldnít be easier to use: in swift manoeuvres the Igloo base is clean and ready for the new liner to be attached and refilled with clean litter. The liners are sold in packs of five. It is recommended that the eco-friendly liner is replaced every 1-2 weeks.
BUY NOW: £5.29

Savic Jumbo Bag it Up Litter Liners 12 Bags

No more mess with Savic Jumbo Bag it Up Litter Tray Bags. (12 Bags) The idea is that they fit over your litter tray and you secure them by affixing your litter trayís lid. Fill with litter as usual and when your cat has finished using the tray, simply lift the lid and curl up the corners of the bag to form a parcel for the waste bin. This size will fit a tray of maximum size 55x43cm
BUY NOW: £3.99

ScoopFree Replacement Litter Tray Cartridge 3 Pack

ScoopFree Replacement Litter Tray Cartridges are designed for use in the ScoopFree and ScoopFree Ultra. They are filled with litter crystals which lock away odours and absorb liquids. Each cartridge will last a 1 cat household up to around 20 Ė 30 days.

Quantity: Pack of 3
Tray: W36.8 x D55.9 xH6.35cm


Please note: Kittens may have a softer stool than mature cats, which increases the likelihood that it may stick to the rake. Factors such as size, diet and health can also impact the life span of the litter tray. Cats who consume a diet high in crude fibre, ash and by products may experience a shortened litter tray life span. Cats over 10 years and cats with health problems may also experience a shortened tray life.

FREE Standard UK Delivery!
BUY NOW: £49.99

Rosewood Shaker Scoop

This Rosewood Shaker Scoop is one of the more stylish products on the market.

The whole scoop has a designer look, from its ergonomic handle, hinged lid and easy clean plastic body, to its cool contemporary colours.

The base of the scoop has ridges to allow the excess litter to filter out, saving you from throwing out fresh material, and making sure it is just the used cat litter that is disposed of. The lovely feature of this scoop is that the hinged lid hides the cats offerings, making the whole process just that little bit more civilised.

  • Designer features
  • Hinged cover
  • Hanging hole

Dimensions:L27 x W10 x H4cm

Customer Note: Please note we are unable to allow customers a choice of colour on this product.

BUY NOW: £1.49

SmartCat Scoop and Holder

This SmartCat Litter Scoop and Holder make it easy to clean up after your pet. Made from heavy duty plastic so that virtually nothing sticks to it, the scoop is both durable and easy to clean. It is designed to filter the fine gravel to help reduce litter wastage and the depth helps to provide maximum pick up.

The scoop holder also features a bracket at the back so that you can affix to a wall near to the cat litter tray or box. It is a great product that will last you for years.

Overall Dimensions: approx. W16 x D10 x H29.5cm

BUY NOW: £4.99

Armitage Cat Litter Tray Liners Pack of 6 Large Green

These Armitage Cat Litter Tray Liners are the most hygienic way of disposing smelly and unpleasant cat litter.

Simply place one of the liners in their tray before adding any litter, then just throw it away as and when the litter needs changing. These liners feature twist ties so they can be securely fastened, locking in that odious litter smell.

The Large size approximately fits trays up to 52cm v 40cm

BUY NOW: £1.49

Simple Solution Cat Litter Odour Eliminator Spray 290ml

Your litter tray doesn't have to smell so nasty you know, keep it fresh with the Simple Solution Litter Odour Eliminator.

The pro-bacteria and enzyme formula digests odour-causing residue to totally eliminate execrable litter box odours. This bottle is 100% dust free and can deliver more than 60 treatments.

Just spray 10 to 15 times over the litter lightly, then respray. Reapply as needed and change litter when necessary.

Don't believe us? Check out the reviews below

BUY NOW: £4.99

Litter Scoop

Plastic Litter Scoop. Great price.

Unfortunately, we cannot allow a choice of colour on this product.

BUY NOW: £0.99

Litter Locker II

As a cat owner, you know that soiled cat litter can smell really bad but this Litter Locker II gets rid of those bad smells for good. It is the ultimate cat litter disposal system to help keep your home smelling fresh. It is compact to fit in small spaces and features a unique air-seal system to guarantee freedom from unpleasant odours.

You simply remove soiled litter from your cat's litter box with the handy scoop, drop the clumps inside the litter locker and then pull the handle on the front, dropping the clumps to the bottom of the bag. The bag really locks in odours thanks to its multi-layer film and the handle closing system also ensures that the bag remains airtight once soiled litter is in the bag.

Designed for use with clumping litter, the bin can hold up to 2 weeks of soiled litter (for 1 cat). When the bag is full, just open the Litter Locker, cut the bag and dispose of it. Replacement bags pull from the top-loaded refill cartridge , which is pre-installed in the top section.

  • Quick, clean and easy to use.
  • Odourless.

Scoop holder and scoop
Bag refill cartridge: this is the circular rim at the entrance to the unit.
User guide

Dimensions: approx. W20.5 x D23 x H44.5cm
Capacity: approx. 18 litres

Please see the video for further information.

Litter Locker Refill Cartridges are sold by PetPlanet

Please click here for instructions.

BUY NOW: £19.98

Bob Martin Anti-Bacterial Litter Freshener 400g

This Bob Martin Anti-Bacterial Litter Freshener kills 99% of harmful bacteria and reduces odours.

A hygenic, convenient to use product to maintain freshness in your litter tray.

Don't just take our word for it though, check out some of our customer reviews below

BUY NOW: £1.49

Beaphar Cat Litter Deodoriser 400g

Beaphar Cat Litter Deodoriser traps urine and destroys the smells that arise from used cat litter. It contains a blend of friendly bacteria that eat the urine and the process is so fast that there is only a minimal amount of purfume needed in the product. THis is a great benefit because cats don't like strong smells and thus will be detered from using the product. In fact 1 application will double the life of your cat litter. Simple to use and the product is completely biodegradable, pH neutral and totally safe.
BUY NOW: £3.99

Replacement Filters For Catit Hooded Cat Pan (2 Filters) 50705

Replacement Filters for Catit Hooded Cat Pan. Pack of two replacement carbon filters. Approximate size of filters: L15cm x W15cm (6" x 6"). See link below for suitable Catit Hooded Cat Pan.
BUY NOW: £3.99
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