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Blagdon Force-hybrid Pump

The Force-hybrid has been designed to power filters and waterfalls following 4 years of testing and development. It has been designed to be powerful in water garden use, performance emphasis placed on pumping power. It uses the highest quality components that provide durability and reliability combined with efficiency and economy. The unique patent pending design of the Force-hybrid gives the pond keeper two pumps in one – the Force-hybrid dual intake option allowing either a ‘Sludge Removal’ or ‘Multipurpose’ mode to be engaged at the turn of a switch.

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Blagdon Midipond Pump 6500

The Midipond Pump 6500 has endured 4 years of intensive testing of all aspects of the pump design to produce a range of pumps ideally suited to today’s water garden. With the varied range of fittings, the pump is highly flexible and can be attached to power filters or waterfalls and it comes complete with 5 fountain options. With the low maintenance cage design, pump maintenance is kept to a minimum. The low velocity that the pump has to intake the water prevents the pump from clogging. You can control the output speed with adjustable fountain control. Simple to use, economical, powerful and controllable in one! This great value for money is backed up with Blagdon’s commitment to quality with a 3 year guarantee.

  • The Pump 6500 will run a fountain / feature, filter and waterfall with the maximum volume of 5400 litres (1188 gallons).
  • It flows at 6350lph and has a head of 3.75m.
  • 135w
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Blagdon Minipond 2000 Pond Pump

The Blagdon Minipond 2000 is a new addition to the successful Minipond range of value for money garden pumps. Ideal to run fountains, waterfalls, filters and water features, it is low maintenance yet has high performance . This is partly due to the low velocity intake that prevents the pump from clogging. The debris barrier also prevents the pump from picking up any sludge. The pump allows the flow rate to be adjusted when used with a filter and the fully adjustable fountain control adjusts fountain height and width. This pump comes complete with:

  • Separate 1” control valve,
  • 1”, ¾” and ½” T-piece hose tails

  • Valved fountain T-piece, 20cm extension pipe, bell jet, daisy jet, foam jet and double daisy jet fountain heads

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Blagdon Minipond 900 Pump

The Blagdon Minipond 900 pump is ideal for pebble pools, small pond fountains and water features. It is supplied with sectional rise pipes, a flow control and 3 fountain jet options. With a flow rate of 900lph and a max fountain head of 2m, it uses 18w. Highly flexible and really reliable.

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