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Atom Pond Pump - 650

Suitable for small decorative garden ponds, this Atom 650 Pond Pump with its adjustable flow rate will give you years of watering pleasure. It is a great value pond pump that is built to last and its durable construction makes it capable of running 24 hours a day and it also has an integral handle for easy lifting. You can use it to operate a filter system, to maintain clean and clear water; to aerate the water, maintaining adequate oxygen levels; or operate a feature such as a waterfall or fountain.

It comes supplied with two fountain options of a spray jet or a bell jet so that you can easily create your own water feature effect. The sight and sound of moving water enhances any pond and is wonderfully soothing for you as well - simply position the pump off the bottom of the pond with the telescopic fountain head above the water level to create a lovely fountain effect.

  • 2 year guarantee

    Bell jet
    Spray jet
    Adjustable flow adapter
    Connector for T-piece and pump
    Telescopic extension pipe
    10m cable

    Wattage: 8W
    Maximum flow: 650 lph
    Flow @ 0.5m - 416 lph
    Flow @ 1.0m - 284 lph
    Max. head: 1.5m
    Pipe size accepted: 12mm and 19mm

    BUY NOW: £19.99

    Bermuda Submersible Pool Pump

    Why not create a beautiful fountain or waterfall with this Bermuda Submersible Pool Pump. It has a durable construction that allows it to run 24 hours a day, making it ideal for powering a biological filter.

    Available in three sizes: 750, 100 and 1500. Please click on the links below for further information:

    From £38.24
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