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Blagdon 6x5m Clearview Black Fine Pond Cover Net

Protect your pond fish from predators with this Blagdon 6x5m Clearview Black Fine Pond Cover Net. It is an excellent value woven black pond net featuring a knot to knot size of 2.5cm. It provides protection from predators such as heron or cats getting into the pond and stops fish jumping out of the pond.

It is also very effective at preventing leaves falling into the pond which can cause water quality problems.

This Pond Cover Net can provide a cost-effective heron-proof solution if carefully maintained. A heron can put its neck through mesh that is 5 cm knot to knot, and it has a reach of 60 cm. The netting must therefore either have a small enough mesh size (2.5 cm to make sure it is small enough not to trap the bird), or be at least 60 cm above the water. The net also needs to be kept taut to prevent herons weighing it down.

  • Fixing pegs included

    Dimensions: 6x5m

    BUY NOW: £17.99

    Heron Pond Ornament

    The Heron Pond Ornament not only looks incredibly effective, but also has another function when placed next to your garden pond. It makes the ideal heron deterrent when placed in the pond. Herons are a territorial bird and will not visit the territory of another. Using this ornament means that you are not in rsik of losing your precious expensive fish. 1m tall.
    BUY NOW: £15.99
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