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Juwel Rio Aquariums

The Classic design of the Rio range of aquariums, together with Juwel’s exceptional quality can only enhance the living picture and the exceptional quality of Juwel aquariums means that your unit will go on performing year after year.

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Juwel Vision Aquariums

Experience the fascination of aquariums from a different perspective. The Juwel Vision Aquarium brings a new dimension to fish keeping. The stunning curved front glass will offer unrivalled views of the underwater world.

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Aquael Reef Master Aquarium 105L- Black

Aquarium only

The Aquael Reef Master Aquarium is a complete set for setting up a marine reef aquarium. It is ideal for setting up a coral reef and for keeping smaller fish and marine invertebrates. The tank has a capacity of 105 litres and a profiled front wall.

The unique lighting cover is equipped with tree T5 fluorescent lamps of 24W as well as blue LEDs and this produces excellent tank lighting. A system of fans integrated into the cover guarantee efficient removal of excess heat eliminating the effect of raising the water temperature in the tank even during heat waves. The Comfort Zone heater comes with 2 suction cups to enable easy attachment within the filter system.


  • Ideal for setting up a nano reef
  • Provides excellent conditions for corals, crustaceans and small fish
  • Aesthetical technical solutions (all of the equipment concealed in the panel and the cover)
  • Exceptionally strong lighting (3x24w T5 plus led)
  • Time controller of the lighting
  • Fan system channeling excess heat
  • Efficient protein skimmer
  • Comfort Zone 100W easy heater

Dimensions: W60 x D40 x H45 cm

Water quality and water changes are of utmost importance for the livelihood of your fish, please ensure your pet has enough space for living and exercising by taking a look at Pet Planets important Fish Tank Sizing advice.

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  • Click here for advice on keeping fish. This is the BVAs Animal Welfare Foundation guide to Ornamental Fish Keeping. Requires Adobe Reader.

    The manufacturer of this fish tank highly recommends purchasing the tank alongside an appropriate, purpose-built fish tank stand/cabinet, with a top surface of equal or larger size to the bottom of the fish tank. The tank should not overhang the edge of the stand/ cabinet. In the event of damage occurring as a result of placing this tank on a surface other than an appropriate fish tank stand/ cabinet, the warranty on the fish tank will be invalid.

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