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Bob Martin Spring Ear & Eye Wipes

These Bob Martin Spring Ear & Eye Wipes are effortless to use, and contain a mild cleansing lotion to make sure your pet's eyes and ears are kept healthy and clean.

With neutral pH these wipes can be used around your petís eyes and ears keeping them clean and well cared for. Just like humans, dogs can get weepy eyes, or suffer from a range of germs that cause redness and discomfort. These wipes can be used to clean up these effects, and make them more comfortable.

  • For sensitive areas
  • Pack of 30 wipes
  • Use as required

Use one of these wipes as required to clean up your cat or dog, relieving their discomfort, and once you have done this dispose of the wipe to remove the germs and help clear up any unwanted conditions.

BUY NOW: £1.99

CarPET Pet Hair Remover

Remove pet hairs quickly and easily with this amazing CarPET Pet Hair Remover! It is instantly effective at lifting and removing even the trickiest pet hairs, fluff or fuzz. You simply brush over the surface affected to lift, gather and remove the hairs. No more searching for sellotape or your vacuum!

Manufactured from a plastic inner tube with an outer rubber coating, this CarPET Pet Hair Remover is both durable and washable. It is a brilliant product designed for use on furniture, clothes, carpets and even car upholstery. Small and lightweight, it is ideal to take with you when on your travels with your pet.

  • Hygienic
  • No odour or stickiness

Dimensions: L12 x W4 x D4cm

BUY NOW: £4.49

Easy2Clean Pet Grooming Brush

With quick-flip fur removal, this Easy2Clean Grooming Brush means no more messing around poking away between bristles trying to remove fur!

Available in Small and Large sizes.

From £3.99
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Johnsons Diamond Eyes

The Johnson's Diamond Eyes is a unique tear stain remover and facial cleanser.

The liquid safely cleans beneath and around the eyes, while also helping to prevent tear stains, leaving their faces looking cute and fresh. Suitable for dogs, cats and small animals.

Please note; This product may cause irritation if contact is made with the eye itself.

From £2.49
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Dog Booster Bath

No more dogs in the shower or bath tub Ė now bath time will be fun and easy! Transform dog washing and bathing from a dreaded chore to a quick and simple task!

FREE Standard UK Delivery!
From £112.49
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Dri Dog Bag

Does your dog love water and mud? If you’re sick of your car getting covered in mud, and want to keep your dog warm and dry after a wet walk then the Dri Dog Bag is the answer. Just zip him or her into the towel bag and he’ll soon be dry. The dry dog bag is available in blue or red top-quality towelling with heavy-duty zip fastening.

From £24.99
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Ancol 100ml Dog Cologne BB

Pongy pooch? No more! with Ancol 100ml Dog Cologne BB. This doggy fragrance has been formulated from high quality oils and ingredients and has been designed to use following a wash. Suitable for dogs or bitches, this variety has a comforting baby powder fragrance. 100ml
BUY NOW: £4.89

Shaws Paw Wax 50g

No more worrying about your dog slipping or suffering from sore paw pads! Shaws Paw Wax is a brilliant product designed to protect your dog's paws all year round. It is really easy to apply and it not only prevents damage to paws but also provides your canine friend with extra grip control. You simply open the tin and either place your pet's paw directly in it or use your fingers to smear some on the pads.

The wax increases the grip on smooth or slippery surfaces allowing your dog to feel more secure when encountering these areas. You can also be assured that your dog's paws will be protected from pad damage when walking through gravel, ice, snow and harder surfaces.

Quantity: 50g

BUY NOW: £2.79

Dog Booster Step - Multi-use

This high quality Dog Booster Step is perfect for helping your dog reach high places with minimum effort! No more lifting and struggling! Now you can give your canine friend a secure and comfortable path into cars or onto couches and beds. Made from 0.6cm thick, UV stabilised, virgin polyethylene for long life and durability, it features no-slip, rubberised step mats that are also recessed to ensure that your pet maintains a secure footing. In addition, there are four large rubber bumpers located on each corner that make sure the Dog Booster Step stays in place when your dog enters, or exits.

This lightweight and easily portable dog booster step is very easily stored when not in use and it is also a great solution for elderly or infirm pets. It is also ideal for accessing SUVs and the Dog Booster Bath, which is sold separately by PetPlanet.

  • Weight capacity: 68.2kg

    Actual Dimensions: L48.25 x W48.25cm

    FREE Standard UK Delivery!
    BUY NOW: £69.98

    Wahl Electric Nail Grinder

    This Wahl Electric Nail Grinder will let you trim your petís nails quickly, giving you professional results every time.

    This ergonomic grinder sits well in your hand to give you total control as you get your petís nails back under control. The powerful motor, in conjunction with the multiple bits, will allow you to trim, shape and smooth rough nails, getting your pet ready for even the most high class events.

    • Files nails quickly
    • Eliminates the need for nail clippers
    • Trims, shapes and smooths
    • For small and large pets
    • Grinding and polishing accessories included
    • Bits stored in a back compartment on the grinder

    Pets paws and nails put up with a lot, and this handy set will make sure that their nails at least are kept in the best of condition, making your dog look and feel their best.

    The kit contains:

    • Nail grinder with cord
    • Grinding drum
    • 60 grit sanding bits x 3
    • 100 grit grinding bits x 3
    • Small grinding stone
    • Large grinding stone
    • Felt polisher
    BUY NOW: £27.99

    Pet Hair Remover Block

    No more searching for sellotape or your vacuum with this superb Pet Hair Remover Block. You simply brush over any hair-covered surface to lift, gather and remove pet hairs instantly and effectively.

    Made from durable plastic with an outer rubber coating, the Pet Hair Remover Block is both durable and washable. It is a great product designed for use on furniture, clothes, carpets and even car upholstery. Small and lightweight, it is ideal to take with you when on your travels with your pet.

    • Hygienic.
    • Washable.

    Dimensions: L12 x W4.5 H4.5cm

    BUY NOW: £1.99

    Bob Martin Spring Aloe Vera Rub Downs

    Simply use Bob Martin Spring Aloe Vera Rub Downs as a wipe and dirt and odour will be quickly removed. They are a quick solution to loose hair and dirt on your pets coat and there is no need for water. They also contain Aloe Vera to protect your pets coat. So they are effectively doing 2 great things in 1 and the result? a healthy looking pet!

    Contents: 15pack

    BUY NOW: £3.49

    Wahl Mini Rex Pet Trimmer

    This great looking Wahl Mini Rex Pet Trimmer gives you the ability to give your pet a neat trim, making them look their best and putting an end to those expensive trips to the dog parlour.

    Even if you are new to pet grooming this professional standard set is lightweight and powerful, so that it can tackle all coat types.

    Key features:

    • Mains powered corded trimmer
    • Lightweight, ergonomic design for easy handling
    • Handy clipper for all your home grooming needs
    • Small and quiet for nervous animals
    • Ideal for trimming ears, face and paws
    • Small and compact

    The kit contains:

    • Corded clipper
    • Storage case
    • Adjustable comb for cutting lengths 3mm Ė 6mm
    • Lubricating trimmer oil
    • Cleaning brush
    • Instructions

    This trimmerís performance is down to the stainless steel, German engineered blades, that have been precision ground for superior cutting performance.

    Dimensions: L13.6cm x W4.1cm

    Keep your dogs, or other hirsute pets, neat and well-trimmed with this Wahl Mini Rex Pet Trimmer set.

    BUY NOW: £27.99

    Lint Roller with Refill

    Problem with cat or dog hair everywhere? Now you can remove it effortlessly with this Lint Roller by PetPlanet. It features a roll of one-sided adhesive paper on a barrel that is mounted on a central spindle with an attached handle, which has a handy hanging hole for when it is not needed.

    This enables a fast action to facilitate the easy removal of animal hair from fabrics and carpets. Each roll comes with 48 sheets, and to make sure you have plenty of cleaning power this set also comes with a free refill cartridge.

    • Easy to assemble
    • Easy to use
    • 48 sheets per cartridge
    • Refill cartridge supplied

    Dimensions: L22.5 cm x D5cm

    BUY NOW: £1.49

    Wahl Paw Tidy

    The Wahl Paw Tidy is a battery operated, lightweight trimmer with narrow precision blades to aid easy trimming of small or awkward areas.

    It is ideal for trimming hair between the pads and around the paws, keeping things neat and tidy.

    • Rust resistant, high-carbon steel blade
    • Cutting length: 0.6mm
    • Cutting width: 6.0mm

    Kit contains: trimmer, standard blade set, cleaning brush, clipper oil, instruction booklet. 1 x AA Battery also included.

    BUY NOW: £7.99

    Wahl Pet Hairdryer with Stand

    Drying your pet's hair can be a nightmare, as you have to control the pet, a brush or comb AND the hairdryer. Wahl's Pet Hairdryer takes one of those annoyances away, as it is supplied with a positionable stand, leaving you free to control your pet.

    Simply hold in the button and position the hairdryer to angle upward, downward or straight ahead, release the button and get on with the rest of the job, safe in the knowledge that the hairdryer is pointing where you need it to be.

    The hairdryer itself can be removed from the stand when greater precision is required, and also features a cool-shot button for extra styling hold.

  • Not suitable for use with boisterous dogs who will not sit or stand quietly when being dried.

    Wattage: 1800W

  • ORDER TODAY TO SAVE £1.00 OFF RRP £20.99
    BUY NOW: £19.99

    Wahl Palm Shampoo Brush

    Give your pet a great, therapeutic, bath with this Wahl Palm Shampoo Brush which cleans, massages and lathers all-in-one.

    This innovative brush fits neatly into the palm of your hand, making it a joy to use when you are giving your dog a good bath. The shape and rubberised, textured, surface require little grip, which makes this easy and comfortable to use by everyone, including owners who have limited hand dexterity.

    • Ergonomic design
    • Rubberised handle and bristles
    • Easy to use
    • Shampoo storage

    Shampoo is stored in this great looking brush, and is then evenly dispensed when you massage your pet. This makes sure that their coat gets a thorough clean as they get a relaxing bath, with the rubber bristles being kind to their coat and skin.

    Dimensions: L12 x W12 x H20cm

    BUY NOW: £6.99

    Pet Hair Remover with Handle

    This Pet Hair Remover with Handle is a great cleaning accessory to take with you on travels with your pet as it closes up when not in use to present you with a pocket sized tube. It is extremely easy to use, open it up and simply roll it over your clothes or other surface that you want to clean.

    This re-usable pet hair remover has the power of glue, quickly and easily removes pet hair. It is designed to be gentle on delicate fabrics yet sticky enough to be used on upholstery.

    • Hygienic.
    • Lightweight and portable.

    Dimensions: L10 x W2.9cm

    BUY NOW: £0.99

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