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Baskerville Muzzle Size-8

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Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.
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Even the best-behaved dog sometimes needs the protection of a muzzle. Baskerville Muzzles are made from soft, plastic mesh, with a nylon strap, which is lightweight and washable. Humane, comfortable and safe, they allow for panting and drinking. Suitable for most breeds. Size 8 is designed for large dogs.
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Customer Ratings & Reviews
Fabulous posted on 16/03/2014 by Julia
My dog has to wear a muzzle as he has the habit of eating things he shouldn't eg socks stones I tried a different muzzle first made of black plastic and it really irritated him and he was always rubbing it up against my legs and he got a sore on the top of his nose. Based on the other reviews on this site I thought I would give this one a go and it is perfect. It is a lighter plastic and it has a soft leather strap which rests on the top of his nose. Once it is on with its easy clip he happily gets on with walks etc without rubbing against legs and getting sores. Plus it gives him excellent ball control when playing football.
Could not fault posted on 14/09/2012 by jakeknutton
Excellent product.Took a couple of days for him to get use to it (german shepherd dog) but now comes to me and sits and waits for me to fit it before he goes out. The quick release catch on the strap for easy fitting and releasing is great.
dog took to it straight away posted on 26/02/2012 by farahmajid
I needed a muzzle which allowed my labrador to drink pant but not be able to scavange given her health problems which mean she is on a very resticted diet. She did not like the previous soft style muzzle which was not designed for lengthy excerise. She took to this straight away it fits perfectly and she is not at all relectant for it to be put on. Would definately reommend it.
perfect fit posted on 28/09/2011 by Daisydog
I have an English Bull Terrior and the size 8 was a perfect fit. It looks to be quite big on her but it just gives her a lot of room to pant and bark and drink water. So very happy with this product. Thank you.
Just what we needed. posted on 19/08/2009 by kim-berry
My chocolate lab has a thing about other female dogs, I got her this muzzle just in case. Delivered quickly in perfect condition, I used the size chart which was spot on. My lab took to it quite quickly she soon forgot she was wearing it. Walks are more relaxed for both of us. Really pleased a good decision.
Thank you for such a good service posted on 23/02/2009 by breedal77
Many thanks for sending on the Baskerville Muzzle so quickly. It has been a great help as now I feel more at easy taking my dog for a walk.
Excellent Service and Good Value for Money posted on 17/02/2009 by
The product is good quality at a very reasonable price and the delivery service was excellent. I would certainly consider using PetPlanet again.
very prompt delivery posted on 15/02/2009 by sam-moscrop
The delivery was very prompt. Great service.
Good value for money posted on 23/10/2008 by
I have a rescued German Shepherd who gets very nervous when he goes to the vets. Unfortunately he has a tendency to snap when he is under stress. Due to his epilesy it necessitates regular visits for check ups, blood tests etc. Having his own muzzle means I can put it on before we go into the vets. This ensures that Taffy is secure before he goes in. He also appears less stressed as I don't have to struggle to put on of the vets muzzles on him in a busy reception area. It also means that other clients and the practice staff are safe.
Yes Very Good Quality and Good Value too:- posted on 20/08/2008 by barrie46
Still trying to get him used to wearing it:-
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