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Otodex Ear Drops 14ml

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Otodex Ear Drops contain a fast acting formula to clear wax, relieve scratching and kill ear mites in dogs and cats. Contains a wax solvent to remove wax, fungicides and bactericides, including an anti-bacterial which is particularly useful against common and difficult-to-treat bacterium in chronic ear cases; a mild analgesic to relieve pain and an emollient to moisturise the skin. Squeeze 3 or 4 drops into the affected ear once a day holding the animals head still for a few moments to ensure thorough penetration of the solution. Repeat daily until condition clears usually 4 to 5 days. If necessary, continue use to clear any waxy debris. After healing has taken place, check ears at regular intervals for any signs of reinfection and treat as necessary. Supplied in a bottle dropper.

Customer Ratings & Reviews
Really helped would recommend posted on 25/04/2015 by HappyDogOwner
These ear drops really helped my dogs sore ears and they saved me a fortune on vets bill. I paid over the odds at vet last year for ear drops when I could have bought these instead. Great product and effective treatment.
Does the job posted on 03/11/2014 by JANETANSLEY
Having kept spaniels for years I experience ear problems as all spaniel types seem prone My current dog a 2 year old cocker has been treated at the vets but the cost of treatment was so high I decided to look on your site I have treated the dog for a few days as per instructions the ear is now clear and the dog has ceased to scratch i would recommend the product for minor infections with the proviso that more serious problems should still be treated at your vets
good product posted on 27/03/2014 by Traceywall1970
Quick relief posted on 13/09/2012 by pdeblasio
I have 2 dogs and 2 cats One of my dogs is a MiniSchnauzers so his ears need frequent care One of my cats is a persian and due to the fur tuffs that are inside her ears she too needs frequent attention These ear drop work great With just a few drops they get relief It also helps that they smell pleasent which helps to keep the animal calm I will use nothing else on my gang
Did what it said. posted on 26/10/2009 by
Successfully stopped itchy ears - thankyou
OK posted on 24/06/2014 by grumpyelephant
Only just started using these on my cat and he doesnt like me doing it which does on occasions mean it ends up on me Very heavy medicated smell which my cat hates But it has relieved itching and Iam hoping to see some reduction in wax soon
Seems ok posted on 21/12/2012 by valfinch1
Have only just started using Otodex drops but they seem to be doing the trick My dog doesnt scratch so much and the waxdebris in his ears is loosening making it easier for me to clean Will continue using
posted on 27/03/2015 by rickettlm1
There are no active ingredients in this product to kill mites. It has now turned into a vet job.
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