Bermuda Banish Blanketweed 500ml

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Apart from looking unsightly, blanketweed can lead to the deoxygenation of water with a detrimental effect on your pond life. This Bermuda Banish Blanketweed is a very effective method of removing this problem. Blanketweed, or silkweed, are very common pond algae and have dense growths of hair-like green strands that float under or on the surface, or cling to plants at the side of the pond.

It thrives where pools have been created in a sunny position, with very little planting to provide shade across the surface. It also forms when there are too many nutrients in the water. This could be due to a build up of organic matter (sludge) on the bottom, fertilisers leaching into the pond or common pond debris such as fish faeces, fallen leaves and invasive pond weeds.

This easy to use Bermuda Banish Blanketweed is a fast, effective and safe resolution that does not affect the natural balance of your pond and is safe for your fish and pond plants too.

  • Wildlife safe
  • Pet safe

    Capacity: 500ml
    Coverage: 22730 Litres

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