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Interpet Internal Power Filter PF1

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The Interpet Internal Power Filter PF1 is one of the most versatile, comprehensive and easy to use range of filters available. It offers you and your fish a cleaner, healthier aquarium with triple action filtration.

Benefits include

  • Better aeration-rocker switch controlled powerful venturi
  • Full adjustability – easy flow rate and direction adjustment
  • Easy fitting – unique easy locate cradle
  • Better maintenance – easy clean filter cartridge
  • Patented Aqua Valve

The aqua valve allows waste materials to pass into the filter, but prevents them from dumping back into the aquarium. This is different to virtually every other filter on the market, as you would simply turn the filter off at cleaning time and remove the body, without seeing all the removed waste drop back into the clean aquarium. A really useful benefit!

The PF1 contains 2 foams for biological and mechanical filtration and a carbon foam for removal of toxins, discolouration, odour, metals and pesticides. It also comes complete with:

  • a foam carrier for easy removal of foams,
  • flow control,
  • head rotation for water directional control,
  • venturi with on/off switch
  • the Interpet unique, patented Aqua Valve that prevents waste being dumped back in to the aquarium when the filter has been removed.

Here are some useful statistics:

  • Max Flow Rate:380L/hr
  • Watts:7
  • Aquarium Length: Up to approx 45cm (18”)
  • Aquarium Volume: 45-68Litres

Easy to use, highly effective, versatile, quiet and will keep your aquarium gleaming! Filters don’t get much more reliable.

  • Suitable for Fish Pod and Fish Box products
  • Customer Ratings & Reviews
    really good posted on 26/11/2014 by naomi
    i like this product it creates a nice amount of bubbles in the tank the fish seem happy with it keeps water clear fairly loud but u can make it quiet by changing the settings very good
    Very good product posted on 25/09/2013 by Sassy
    This is perfect for my tank and the seem to be enjoying playing the bubbles it makes Easy to assemble and more effective than my old filter small too so more room for the fish
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