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Grannicks Bitter Apple 236ml
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Grannicks Bitter Apple 236ml

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Does your four legged friend bite more of their own fur than anything else? What you need is Grannicks Bitter Apple, a powerful taste deterrent that should be applied as necessary to your dogs coat to discourage biting and chewing. Invented by a pharmacist in 1960, this product is the best investment for a dog that needs to learn to stop this behaviour. (236ml)

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Customer Reviews:
Fantastic Product posted on 21/08/2014 by Andrew
This product is so good A little spray of it instantly deters unwanted chewing I have a little puppy Cocker Spaniel x28Hattiex29 and I spray a little on my feet and trouser leg when she gets too playful with her sharp teeth I would strongly recommend this product as a safe and non violent method for controlling and preventing unwanted chewing
Worth Every Penny posted on 22/07/2014 by deb
My puppy was driving me mad chewing on the skirting board, I sprayed this on as soon as it arrived and she definitely stayed away, but only for 2 or 3 days. As soon as she went back I sprayed it again along with all the other areas she'd shown an interest in. She hasn't chewed the sprayed areas since and I am extremely happy. I do recommend reapplying quite frequently at first though. Great product
Worked Well posted on 24/03/2014 by Lucy
This spray stopped our puppy chewing our nice oak furniture. She didnt even try to chew it after it was sprayed on.
interesting posted on 18/02/2014 by lilbec
Havent had a chance to try it properly to stop chewing thank goodness as the ferrets we adopted dont chew inappropriately. But my daughter thought it might stop them pooping in a corner they had chosen and oddly enough seemed to work at least until we could cover the area.
best on market posted on 18/05/2011 by Vallewis
This is the best on the market Its the only product that stop our Beegle from chewing We tried everythingI mean everything Sure she is part goat dont they eat everthing

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