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This Incline Cat Scratcher is at just the right angle for ultimate cat scratching and there is a hidden mouse for extra fun! Have you ever noticed how cats love cardboard boxes? This cat scratcher is made entirely from thick, durable, eco-friendly, corrugated cardboard that will satisfy your catís natural scratching urges. Scratching gives cats the opportunity to rid themselves of the dead outer layer of their claws and it also enables them to flex their joints and exercise their paws.

Add the enclosed catnip to the scratching pad and it will irresistibly attract your feline friend to use it and keep on using it. For an added inducement, why not pop a toy or paper ball in the cubby hole to provide extra cat fun! Now, hopefully, scratching your furniture will be a thing of the past!

  • Reversible pad
  • Recyclable
  • Veterinarian approved
  • Not suitable for kittens due to size of hole

    Dimensions: W58 x D20 x H25cm high

    Please note: packaging colour may vary.

  • Customer Ratings & Reviews
    brilliant posted on 09/12/2014 by di235918
    I bought this to try and stop my cats scratching new furniture Didnt really think it would work but this scratcher has surpassed everything They both love it I didnt put much catnip on it and its just as well as they went mad with the little i did put on They and i adore it Money so well spent x29
    Better than scratch posts posted on 24/10/2014 by Mandy
    This is second card cat scratcher we have bought her she likes the slope on this one even better than the sofa shape we bought last time She does scratch at them so much I get fed up with hoovering bits of cardboard but at least it stops her scratching furniture Good value every few months to save the bed and sofa getting wrecked
    Cat scratcher posted on 10/09/2014 by Gillian
    Ollie has never used a purpose made scratcherand this is no exception Ill have to give up buying and trying He prefers the furniture the carpet and especially the spiral stair carpet Its a great product well made eco friendly but Ollie is only interested in it when we play hide and seek He hides behind it and peeps through the opening where the paper pom pom is
    posted on 27/08/2014 by Bernie
    Great posted on 10/04/2014 by Daxter The Bengal
    I love the scratch pad I use it every day and I have not managed to wreck it yet by jumping about on it I dont play with the toy inside the hole but I will poke my head in for a look and I can still get my head out without any trouble.
    A winner posted on 09/04/2014 by Jo Buddy and Holly
    My 2 cats are big fans of scratching pads and this is their favourite. They have great fun playing with the hidden ball and love to climb on the incline and have a good scratch. Highly recommended especially when it is on offer.
    Saved my couch posted on 31/03/2014 by shaz1981
    My kitty took to this immediately and uses it all the time. Great value for money.
    Excellent Product posted on 25/01/2014 by Becky
    It amazes me something so simple could be so affective Looks good not cheap and my cat loves it and my carpets are now left alone
    My cat is in love posted on 10/01/2014 by rosaleenmm
    My Birman now sleeps next to the scratcher She loves it
    Great and recyclable posted on 24/10/2013 by themorecambewilkies
    Excellent value lasts a long time and recyclable
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