Incline Cat Scratcher
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Incline Cat Scratcher

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This Incline Cat Scratcher is at just the right angle for ultimate cat scratching and there is a hidden mouse for extra fun! Have you ever noticed how cats love cardboard boxes? This cat scratcher is made entirely from thick, durable, eco-friendly, corrugated cardboard that will satisfy your catís natural scratching urges. Scratching gives cats the opportunity to rid themselves of the dead outer layer of their claws and it also enables them to flex their joints and exercise their paws.

Add the enclosed catnip to the scratching pad and it will irresistibly attract your feline friend to use it and keep on using it. There is also an added inducement of a paper ball hidden in the cubby hole to provide extra cat fun! Now, hopefully, scratching your furniture will be a thing of the past!

  • Reversible pad
  • Recyclable
  • Veterinarian approved
  • Not suitable for kittens due to size of hole

    Dimensions: 50 x 20 x 25cm high

    In stock now!
  • Customer Reviews:
    Excellent Product posted on 25/01/2014 by Becky
    It amazes me something so simple could be so affective Looks good not cheap and my cat loves it and my carpets are now left alone
    My cat is in love posted on 10/01/2014 by rosaleenmm
    My Birman now sleeps next to the scratcher She loves it
    Great and recyclable posted on 24/10/2013 by themorecambewilkies
    Excellent value lasts a long time and recyclable
    All 3 cats love this posted on 18/09/2013 by phil108
    All 3 of our cats love this item this one is a replacement ready to take over from the same existing scratcher they have been getting stuck into for a year now Will no doubt buy again
    cat loves it posted on 21/11/2012 by catalot
    For reasons that I cant really explain the cat really loves this Maybe its the card maybe its the catmint either way she rolls herself all over this1
    Fantastic Value posted on 09/10/2012 by Sue
    Cat loves this item she likes to lay on it play with the ball on elastic and great shape for her to scratch even though she still likes the end of the bed
    Very popular posted on 05/10/2012 by LJ
    This is proving a big hit with my 7year old house cat He loves the scratch pad no surprise as he loves the flat version and has been playing with the ball inside Even though he has had it for a couple of weeks he hasnt destroyed it and it is more robust than I thought it would be
    great customer service posted on 04/09/2012 by warmdoggies
    When I recieved this I was really disapointed because it looked like it would have been great except it was crushed as it had not been well packed I informed customer service and they said theyd send me a new one I didnt expect that I dont think you could ask for any better service than that Ive ordered quite a bit on here and Id like to say this is the only problem Ive ever had and it was delt with promptly I highly recommend the site
    Brilliant posted on 21/08/2012 by Sammy
    My kitten is going bonkers over this and has been happily scratching and chewing away at it She even seems to prefer it to my furniture thank goodness lol She manages to get the paper ball out after a lot of poking away but we just screw it up and pop it back in if only to watch her look of surprise to find it in there again
    She loved it posted on 05/11/2013 by Gemini
    Our cat Moonshine absolutely fell in love with this as she straight away rubbed herself all over it to make it hersand she is fascinated with the ball inside

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