Good Girl Cat To Nature Card Cat Scratcher
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Good Girl Cat To Nature Card Cat Scratcher

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This Good Girl Cat to Nature scratcher with catnip provides natural entertainment for your kitty and helps to keep their claws trim which in turn, helps to protect your furniture.

The Cat to Nature range has been developed to encourage fun, exercise and to stimulate a cat's natural instincts and behaviour. Using only high quality, natural materials, this product from the Cat to Nature range is designed to help you entertain your feline friend whilst reducing their carbon paw print!

Product specifications:

  • 39cm W x 14cm D x 8cm H
  • Includes catnip

Please note: All sizes are approximate

Directions: As with any pet toy, always supervise your pet while playing. Remove toy if damaged, worn or if parts become separated as injury could result.

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Customer Reviews:
Fab posted on 02/02/2014 by elaekay
Great value my cat loves cardboard scratchers and this one was no exception It is quite small and light so my cat tips it over easily but she likes to wrestle with it so its not a problem
My cats love it posted on 12/12/2013 by helenaharve
Good value cardboard scratcher my cats went for it straight away after I had treated it with the catnip sachet which comes with it Great for scratching and sitting or lying on
Brilliant cheap posted on 08/12/2013 by Allie
We have an awkward cat that wont use scratching posts only furniture carpets This was my last last hope for an alternative andit is great He loves it licks bites and claws it He also likes to sit and lie on it D
good fun posted on 05/12/2013 by cazzyalsorts
My cat goes crazy for thishe asks us to put it on and chases the light like hes on a live kill frenzeyThe light does get some what boring just going round and round but its good fun and gives my cat lots of exercise especially as hes reluctant to go out in the cold
My kitten loved it posted on 24/11/2013 by Ms Majic
I think my kitten thinks it is a mini sofa He seems to lounge on in all the time He scratches it regularly and I think he enjoys it and its so cheap
ABSOLUTELY posted on 14/11/2013 by nrknrk47
Its been a month since I got this thing for him If only I knew earlier about this product hes enjoying it day and night and dosent seem to get bored with it The texture feels good the shape is perfect size is good and it weights nothing plus is Recyclable
Great posted on 06/11/2013 by admirallangford
My kittens love this and couldnt wait to use it
She loved it posted on 05/11/2013 by Gemini
Our cat really gives this some welly when she comes to scratch it and really enjoys lounging over it
great item posted on 16/10/2013 by debedding
All my cats love it and it has also been used as a bed
great little product posted on 15/09/2012 by Stacey
Bought this for my kittens and was quite impressed that they started using it pretty much straight away. The catnip I felt was a little pointless as it just falls through the holes and out the bottom if you sprinkle too much on. Apart from that its great. Kittens use it daily so more than happy with it.

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