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Slim Cat Sport Ball from Multivet

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Keep your kitty in shape with the Slim Cat Sport Ball from Multivet! Overweight cats will particularly benefit from the Slim Cat ball as the idea is this ball distributes an adjustable amount of food whilst your cat plays with it. Fill the treat ball with your own choice of dry food or treats and let your car work off some energy by rolling the ball around! Designed with a cat's natural playful and hunting instinct in mind, the Slim Cat provides fun and exercise and alleviates boredom.

Customer Ratings & Reviews
posted on 20/11/2014 by
brilliant posted on 10/05/2009 by
I have 4 cats one which is very overweight! All 4 have taken to these balls and now eat all their dried food from them. 1 cat isn't so bright but she just waits 4 the others to roll them and gets hers that way. Not sure if they actually help them lose weight but they certainly have to work a bit for their food.
Fantastic product posted on 25/02/2009 by
Great value and dispatched quickly. My two cats love them and ignore dry food in bowls as these are much more fun.
Not for slimming posted on 02/10/2010 by
Our 12 year old Maine Coon immediately learned to use this - she does not need to slim down but on the contrary, due to her kidney failure, it is a struggle to make her eat. She prefers the ball (we fill it with renal biscuits) to a bowl and I think it might even make her eat a bit more.
Very Interesting posted on 01/05/2010 by
That's what my cat thinks of this, she could watch me play with it for hours. Seriously, I got this as my cat's currently an indoor cat and I'm always looking for new interests for her. She quite likes this and has patted it around a bit, but actually still prefers her smaller play balls. I've taken to just throwing her treats across the room to make her run for them! The product itelf is well made and good value.
Excellent! posted on 04/01/2010 by
My cat has an old one of these which just rocks to and fro so this one is better because she can roll it all over the house and keep herself exercised. Beware though! You will often find it in the most unusual places after your cat has eaten all of the treats inside!
Cat loves it posted on 26/03/2009 by
I actually broke this immediately I took it out of the box - puzzlingly the instructions were sealed inside the ball and I couldn't figure out how to open it except by brute force. Eventually after googling it I discovered that the bottom simply twists off. It is to the item's credit that even though I broke the locking mechanism in my efforts to liberate the instructions, it works perfectly well. It took my cat a couple of days to figure this one out but now he's all over it.
It works posted on 08/09/2014 by
Having been told by the vet that our ginger mogs were overweight we thought that wed try out these balls They have proved quite effective with Trevor losing 200g in the first week x28doesnt sound much but believe me it is for a fat ladx29 Both Trev and Phil are enjoying the game of finding the food and it gives them some exercise whilst were out all day as well as stopping them gulping down the food in one go All good from my point of view I would recommend the product
Great posted on 26/04/2010 by
Great way to make them work for the reward, helping us slim on of our tubby kittens!
Good Idea posted on 17/08/2009 by
My one cat got it straight away she happily pawed and nudged it about but she doesn't use it all the time. My other cat well she thinks it's beneith her she knows theres stuff in it but she just sniffs it and waits for the my other cat to move it about for her. Try starting off with a cat nip treat or somehting that smells really strong that they like. Very easy to use.

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