Kong Kickeroo Animal
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Kong Kickeroo Animal

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Kong Kickeroo by name and Kickeroo by nature! The Kong Kickeroo Animal is an innovative product to help develop skills in your cat in the fact that it promotes wrestling and hind paw kicking.

It is made from ultra-soft fabric and contains catnip to further entice play.

Approximate size: W10 x D7 x H44cm

Please note this toy is not indestructible. All cats should be supervised when playing. Replace toy once worn. Choose from three characters.

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Customer Reviews:
My cat loves it on a as and when basis posted on 12/02/2014 by saiedlubna1
When Dixie met her new toy she treated it so gently but did take it to bed with her. As days went by she used the toy as it should be by excited young cats. I am so pleased Dixie is so happy with her new toy keeps her out of my hair. Thanks to all the reviews I bought this item.
The Best posted on 03/02/2014 by juliewalker6
I read the reviews and I have to admit this toy is the best My cat loves it and it really is played with more than any other toy Thank you
Loved by my cats posted on 27/12/2013 by NekoZombie
Both my cats love this item so much that they did not want to share and I had to buy another
Absolutely fantastic posted on 02/05/2013 by dafyddhughes
Logan is Bengal and he destroys cuddly toys but he hasnt managed to destroy this at all He hugs it and kicks it rolls around biting it hes even taken to playing fetch with it Its been a long time since weve managed to get a toy that survives Logan good work
Brilliant cat present posted on 27/12/2012 by eastbrake
Reuben absolutely loved this toy Usually he maintains an aloof air around toys but he really got stuck into this He hugged it and kicked with his back legs at the same time Quite the lion king Thoroughly recommend robust and the catnip seals the deal
Cat Loves It posted on 05/12/2012 by Rick
Our cat loves the kickeroo weve got one on every floor
Great toy posted on 15/11/2012 by Happy Kitties
I bought one of these for my cats to play with as it has great reviews They loved it so much i felt bad that there was only one toy between the two of them so i bought another one the next day x29
x29 posted on 15/11/2012
My cat is lazy and does not really play much any more But this is a good toy and every now and again he will have a good wrestle with it Or use it as a pillow haha
Kicktastic posted on 14/11/2012 by nickyj
I got this amongst other things for my 7 year old cat Coco to keep her occupied whilst we were on holiday No sooner was it out of the packaging when she pounced on it and spent a good 20 minutes kicking and biting the living daylights out of it going back to it throughout the day I was surprised to find that by the time we got back from our holiday the toy was still in tact and she still loves playing with it so would definitley recommend this item
Fantastic toy posted on 13/11/2012 by Kate
I mainly bought this because I liked the way it looked but its fast becoming a favourite toy Our kitten cuddles it wrestles with it and attempts to rip it to shreds with all four sets of claws at every opportunity It mostly stops her shredding our hands too which is a bonus

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