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Royal Canin Indoor Long Hair 35 2Kg

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Long-haired cats living indoors are particularly susceptible to the risk of hairballs, since the long fur that is swallowed during grooming is more likely to become entangled, forming hairballs. The specially developed formula of Royal Canin Indoor Long Hair 35 helps to eliminate swallowed hair, while its high digestibility helps to reduce faecal smells, and its balanced levels of protein, vitamins and essential fatty acids maintain a healthy, glossy coat and healthy skin, while maintaining the health of the catís urinary system (pH 6 Ė 6.5). Serve dry, and always keep fresh water available.

Please refer to our Royal Canin Indoor Long Hair 35 data sheet for more information. Requires Adobe Reader.

Customer Ratings & Reviews
Oscar loves this posted on 27/03/2012 by cath
Product Reviewed: 35 4kg
My Ragdoll Oscar really loves this so it was great to find it at Pet Planet at such a resonable price and with free delivery
All my cats love it posted on 08/03/2011 by PetHeaven
Product Reviewed: 35 10kg
I have one long haired indoor cat, so I bought this food for him. It keeps him healthy and he suffers less with hairballs. I also have three other cats and they all prefer this dried food to any other that I buy (to give them variety). They all have great shiny coats and I find it very useful when they are in moult and swallowing a lot of fur. For me the 10kg is the best value and PetPlanet has the best price.
Disagreed with my cats posted on 21/03/2010 by maryanne-richardson
Product Reviewed: 400g
I'm sure this is a great product and i always use Royal Canin but this food made my cats ill, i was using outdoor 30 and Mane Coon so i dont think it is a reflection on the product
Great value posted on 15/12/2009 by blackpanther112
Product Reviewed: 400g
Great product. My cat suffered badly with furballs, but since giving her these she has improved a lot. Would highly recommend.
my cats love it posted on 29/07/2009 by nickyevans
Product Reviewed: 35 2Kg
cat likes it posted on 12/06/2009 by supeace
Product Reviewed: 35 2Kg
eats every bit as with all royal canin food hope it is good with hairballs as stated as my ragdoll has just started molting
Excellent service and great value posted on 21/04/2009 by smitten1969
Product Reviewed: 400g
Excellent service and great value
good quality posted on 30/03/2009 by gf4vfny
Product Reviewed: 35 2Kg
My Ragdoll cat loves Royal Canine food. I first tried this as a free sample from the local pet store. My cat ate it out oof my hands, as if it were treats. It doesn't have the strong smell of other dry foods I've used and the 'hairball reduction' seems to work, as litter changing duties demonstrated!
Good value posted on 14/07/2008 by Ayesha
Product Reviewed: 400g
Good though this product is, my cats think the Hills hairball control is more appetising. That's cats for you!
Very prompt delivery posted on 03/08/2009 by Hyacinth's Husband
Product Reviewed: 35 2Kg
We decided to give this indoor cat one a go as opposed to the ordinary one for long haired cats. One of the cats all three Ragdolls seems to be having more difficulty with this one and has been bringing upwhole meals. It's early days though and may be just the adjustment to the new food or even that it's working better than the last one and helping her to clear hair from her system 9although little evidence of this. We will watch and see! They had been on the long-haired one for a couple of months previously and that seemed fine so we may revert to that next time.
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