Boomer Ball 4in
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Boomer Ball 4in

The Boomer Ball is practically indestructable and, because it is made of high density plastic, it bounces on and on and on. A great way to exercise your dog. Choose a size slightly larger than your dog can hold in his mouth.
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Customer Reviews:
A great game posted on 06/11/2013 by chris
Jimmy loves this ball its too big to pick up so he has to dribble it But its easily tough enough for me to bounce it across the patio which causes even more fun Ive bought 3 of these because he keeps losing them but they are worth every penny
Great fun posted on 07/07/2013 by CatsAndLab
Our 3 yo lab absolutely loves his 10 in boomer ball a bit large for his size but he uses his paws and head to dribble it around the garden with us
Brilliant posted on 15/10/2012 by Gen
My lab loves this product he has three different sizes yes he is a little spoiled it is pretty indestructable and I like the improved version with the dog pattern on it Watch out for your furniture though it crashes into everything
Brilliant posted on 23/09/2012 by brbayliss
I am the fourth owner of a rescue Staffie x Collie when I had him his nose had a hole from constancely licking before he started playing with the ball I put suda crem on he absolutely loves his 8 Boomer Ball it only lasted 3 weeks before it was covered in holes got another it was 10 days when holes appeared he dribbles it then picks up on his nose x28no sign of any sores now or redness dont put cream on nowx29 and runs with it x28looks like a seal with a ball on his nosex29 Had 1st prize at a local dog show for best trick When he has enough he just picks it up and carries the ball back to car or house It is best to use in a large area with the barking through the excitement of playing with the ball
Great idea posted on 15/07/2012 by elainedevlin57
This 8 boomer was great my Staffie Peggy loves it too much unfortunately As a Staffie she wants to destroy it and has managed to rough it up with her teeth When she runs around with it using her snout and shoulder her snout ends up raw and bleeding on either side of her nose I think I will have to sand it down somehow but then she will do it again I suppose Have thought about covering it in denim or similar Its not a manufacturing fault its Peggys Great product if only she didnt bite it
Lab LOVES it posted on 29/03/2012 by pbirss
This is the best toy I could have bought my lively lab He kicks it and noses it like its a football but it wont burst Fantastic Hours of fun in all weathers Only disadvantage had been that he loves it so much he gets a sore nose from too much playing
No interest to a springer at all posted on 13/09/2011
Had read all the reviews but our 10 month old springer showed no interest in this from the start will be passing it on to a friend with a lab
Brilliant posted on 17/06/2011 by karenp
I Have a British BulldogStaffie Crossgave up hope of finding a toy to last more than 10 seconds this is fantastic she loves it and cant destroy it best toy ever
fantastic posted on 22/04/2011 by shirleyhowse
at long last a ball my terrier cross cant breakshe destroys every ball she had in secondsonly thing is she cant get her teeth into it to pick upbut loves it rolling around can be noisy but a great product thank you
Great fun posted on 08/03/2011 by janet reeves
My 10 year old Lurcher has fallen in love with it, even has to go to bed with him.

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